There’s a Koala in the Backyard

A koala is the peak of Australian backyard wildlife. But this wildlife sighting is bittersweet.

Justine E. Hausheer

How to See a Red Fox in Winter

Now is the perfect time to see (or smell) a fox. Here’s how.

Matthew L. Miller

When Only a Hippopotamus Will Do

Hippos for the holidays? Some weird stories of human-hippo relations.

Matthew L. Miller

Ranger Rick: A Garish Origin Story

A career dedicated to a prehistoric fish begins with Ranger Rick.

Solomon David

There’s a Python Living in My Rain Gutter

Pythons in the house?! When a birdfeeder attracts more than just birds.

Justine E. Hausheer

Campground Critters: A Natural and Personal History

Outhouse porcupines led me away from camp…and to a naturalist’s life.

Matthew L. Miller

The Crocodile Hunter Was My Childhood Hero

All conservationists have an origin story. For me, it was Steve Irwin.

Justine E. Hausheer

Nature Journal Confidential

You don’t have to be a good artist or writer to reap the many rewards of keeping a nature journal. You just have to be curious.

Cara Cannon Byington

A Lifelong Love of Field Guides

A celebration of field guides, the little books that changed the way we interact with nature.

Matthew L. Miller

The Hidden History in My Backyard

Somewhere was mundane as your own backyard can have a hidden history.

Justine E. Hausheer

Bald Eagles and the Unfortunate Power of Forgetting

Can the bald eagle lead the way to a brighter environmental future?

Matthew L. Miller

Possum Terrors and Rediscovering Urban Wildlife

How a move across the world - and a terrifying possum - helped me rediscover urban wildlife.

Justine E. Hausheer