Why Do We Hate Trash Birds?

Gulls. House sparrows. Starlings. Rock pigeons. Canada geese. These species are often derided as trash birds. But why do birders dismiss them so easily?

Justine E. Hausheer

10 Writing Awards for Cool Green Science

Cool Green Science staff writers and contributors won 10 awards from the Outdoor Writers Association of America.

The Editors

Moose in the Morning: 20 Years of Silver Creek

Twenty years of conservation writing, and a creek runs through it.

Matthew L. Miller

The End of Trash Fish

It’s time to put the idea of “trash fish” where it belongs—in the trash.

Matthew L. Miller

50 Fish, 50 States: Freaks in the Hot Springs

When the water is not too hot, not too cold, expect fishy weirdness. Exhibit A: Matt Miller catches giraffe cichlids, native to Africa, in the desert. In Utah.

Matthew L. Miller

How the Fallow Deer Took Over the World

The fallow deer is rare in its native habitat. But it has spread across the world. Here’s how.

Matthew L. Miller

There’s a Wolverine in My Neighborhood (App)

The peril (and promise?) of wildlife misinformation on social media.

Matthew L. Miller

There’s a Cicada in My Ear

File this Under: Adventures in Cicadas and the Anatomy of a Human Ear, or Hearing Loss is a Small Price to Pay for Taxonomic Certainty

Cara Cannon Byington

50 Fish, 50 States: Whitefish & the End of the World as We Know It

You can’t freeze time, even when ice fishing

Matthew L. Miller

50 Birds: Adventures in Backyard Birding

Birding may be the perfect nature activity. And you can start by looking out your window.

Matthew L. Miller

There’s a Koala in the Backyard

A koala is the peak of Australian backyard wildlife. But this wildlife sighting is bittersweet.

Justine E. Hausheer

How to See a Red Fox in Winter

Now is the perfect time to see (or smell) a fox. Here’s how.

Matthew L. Miller