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Conservation science can help answer some of the most compelling questions out there — questions that have profound implications for the quality of our lives and for all other life on the planet.

The Nature Conservancy’s scientists are working across conservation’s biggest challenge: the entwined crises of climate change and biodiversity loss.

And we’re here to tell their stories.

Since 2013, Cool Green Science has covered the best of conservation science: innovative solutions to the most pressing conservation problems, field reporting on the latest research, adventures from biologists, opinion and commentary, and plenty of bizarre and cool creatures.

So who are we?

Matt Miller is the editor-in-chief of Cool Green Science. A top-notch naturalist and angler, Matt has bushwhacked across six continents and stayed up countless nights to track down the world’s coolest mammals. He is the author of Fishing Through Apocalypse: an Angler’s Adventures in the 21st Century.

Deputy editor of Cool Green Science Cara Byington has an embarrassing soft spot for coastlines, reefs, and islands — blame her upbringing in Florida. Lately, she’s been spending time learning to bird and watching vultures from her front yard, much to the chagrin of her neighbors.

Cool Green Science managing editor and Floridian Justine E. Hausheer won a pig-wrestling contest at a rodeo at the age of 13. Since then, she’s been trying to top that life accomplishment by battling swarms of mosquitos, steep trails, and the wilds of the Papua New Guinea rainforest — all for a good story. Or a good bird.

Whether it’s tracking turtles, netting trout, or spending time on the prairie with bison, our writers will take you into the field to the latest, cutting-edge science. We’re here to tell stories of The Nature Conservancy.

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