Possum Terrors and Rediscovering Urban Wildlife

How a move across the world - and a terrifying possum - helped me rediscover urban wildlife.

Justine E. Hausheer

The Mountain Lion in the Window

The subject of the message was: OMG! Mountain Lion Kitten in Window Well!!!! And really, it just got more interesting from there.

Cara Cannon Byington

Reefs Like Zombies?

Coral reefs, parrotfish, climate change, Michigan tourists, and, well, zombies.

Cara Cannon Byington

Give Me Shelter

Our writer is in Cape May during fall migration. She could be birding, so why is she climbing around on a roof without her binoculars instead?

Cara Cannon Byington

The Hidden Hazards of Learning to Bird

The latest in the Zero to Hero: Birding series where -- among other things -- our newbie birder discovers that not everyone automatically assumes she's using those binoculars for birding.

Cara Cannon Byington

Zero to Hero: Birding Edition

Can someone who can't tell a house finch from a song sparrow become an expert birder in four months? Our blogger is about to find out.

Cara Cannon Byington