Fisheries Trusts Can Advance Sustainability and Resilience Goals

The first national review of community fisheries trusts in the U.S. shows they can achieve positive outcomes for fishing communities and marine ecosystems.

Serena Lomonico

Story type: TNC Science Brief

Meet the Mysterious Freshwater Eels of New Zealand

Meet the eels of New Zealand… they can climb ladders, live for 100 years, and migrate thousands of miles to an unknown spawning ground.

Justine E. Hausheer

Beach Safety Tips: How To Avoid Being Bitten or Stung This Summer

Know the habits of sea creatures to stay safe at the beach.

Matthew L. Miller and Ann Kaiser

Easy Nature Adventures to Enjoy Near You

Our guide to fun and family-friendly nature activities, no special gear necessary.

Matthew L. Miller

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Meet the World’s Largest Freshwater Crayfish

National Geographic Society & TNC extern Zoe Starke shares her experience studying the 13-pound Tasmanian giant crayfish.

Zoe Starke

Meet the Amazing Giant Rats of Oceania

Justine E. Hausheer

Did You Know Sandhill Cranes Dye Their Feathers?

Matthew L. Miller and Chris Helzer

Utah Nursery Gives Endangered Fish a Place to Grow

Matthew L. Miller

Scientists Re-Discover Giant Rat Not Seen in 30+ Years

Justine E. Hausheer

Conservation Science

Earlier Springs Cause Problems for Birds

A climate change induced mismatch between green up and migration may prove too much for some species. But researchers say there’s still hope

Christine Peterson

Studying Challenges to Cozumel’s Coral Reefs

Sophie Dellinger

From Moose to Marmots, Microclimates Could Provide Climate Buffer

Christine Peterson

Overlooked ‘Albedo’ Effect Should Be Factored into Tree Cover Restoration Decisions for Climate

Ayla Norris Smith

Story type: TNC Science Brief

Want Resilient Coral Reefs? Bring Back Seabirds

Justine E. Hausheer

Story type: TNC Science Brief

The Disturbingly Long Tapeworms of Alaskan Bears

What’s that trailing from the bear? (It's not the cute cub)…It's an overlooked (and gross) creature of salmon ecosystems.

Matthew L. Miller

What’s That Weird Noise in the Night?

Justine E. Hausheer, Cara Cannon Byington, and Matthew L. Miller

A Field Guide to Commonly Misidentified Snakes

David A. Steen

Beaver? Otter? Muskrat? A Field Guide to Freshwater Mammals

Matthew L. Miller

The Real Reason You See Earthworms After Rain

Matthew L. Miller

Science for Policy

Innovative conservation science to meet the challenges of our time.

Ocean Conservation

Strange sea creatures, fisheries science, and a future for coral reefs. 

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