Recovery: Bats with Your Tequila

The first bat to be delisted by the Endangered Species Act also performs a vital ecosystem service: helping with a vital ingredient in your margarita.

Ted Williams

Bison, Pioneers of the Prairie, Return to Kankakee Sands

In October of 2016, 23 bison from South Dakota were released on the prairie in Kankakee Sands.

Lisa Feldkamp

Recovery: Saving the Lake Erie Watersnake, A Lesson in Outreach

The public perceived the Lake Erie watersnake as repulsive. Could conservation outreach change opinions? Enter the Snake Lady.

Ted Williams

A New Life for Bighorn Sheep in the Land of Laughing Waters

Desert bighorn sheep leap into a new life in Aravaipa Canyon Wilderness, the wildest, most remote area of Arizona outside the Grand Canyon.

Tana Kappel

Recovery: Gila Topminnow, a Desert Native Gets a Second Chance

Once the Gila Basin’s dominant fish, the Gila topminnow has faced hard times from invasive species and water quality issues. But the future is now much brighter, Ted Williams reports.

Ted Williams

Burning for Biodiversity: How Hunting Promotes Healthy Ecosystems in the Australian Desert

Anthropological research shows that Aboriginal hunting actually increases biodiversity in Australia's western deserts.

Justine E. Hausheer

Recovery: Saving Loons from Lead Fishing Tackle

Loons face many hazards. Here’s one we can easily address: lead fishing tackle.

Ted Williams

Recovery: Humpback Chubs, New Values and New Hope for Endangered Native Fish

Once fisheries managers advocated that anglers squeeze and kill any native humpback chub they caught. But attitudes, they are a changing.

Ted Williams

Recovery: Saving the “Rat” That Isn’t

To know the Key Largo woodrat is to love it – and to want to protect it. But invasive predators pose the biggest threat.

Ted Williams

Conserving Bison in Indiana. Yes, Indiana.

Bison are coming back to Indiana. Join land steward Tony Capizzo to learn what factors influence a bison reintroduction.

Matthew L. Miller

Attacking Invasive Cheatgrass at Its Root

Not much can stop cheatgrass from spreading. That's why scientists are turning to a solution in the soil, a microbe that inhibits the growth of cheatgrass roots, giving native plants a chance to return.

Lisa Feldkamp

Gillnets in Lake Yellowstone: Can Conservationists Recover Cutthroat Trout in Our First National Park?

When lake trout arrived in Lake Yellowstone, it devastated a native fish and an ecosystem. On the 100th anniversary of the National Park Service, can a heroic effort set things right?

Matthew L. Miller and Kris Millgate