Aquanauts Join Forces with The Nature Conservancy to Monitor River Restoration!

In preparation for the removal of the Columbia Lake Dam and restoration of the river, the Aquanauts and The Nature Conservancy team up for a citizen science monitoring project.

Jamie Nash

Recovery: Transition of the Zoo from Jail to Ark

Some still deride zoos as “prisons” – but in reality they have become an important force for conservation.

Ted Williams

Recovery: Saving a Woodpecker Through Research & Ingenuity

The red-cockaded woodpecker was once a symbol of “endangered birds versus people.” But the bad old days are over.

Ted Williams

After 250 Years of Dams, Rhode Island River Restored for Migratory Fish

The last time fish could migrate unimpeded on the Pawcatuck River, George Washington was a surveyor, not a president.

Matthew L. Miller

Field Test-Grenada: Lose the Reef, Lose the Beach

Coral reefs are the coasts’ first line of defense against erosion and flooding in many reef-lined coastlines around the globe.

Borja G. Reguero and Nealla R.S Frederick

Recovery: Evicting Rabbits

When rabbits are introduced to islands, native species suffer.

Ted Williams

The Hidden History of Australian Oyster Reefs

New research draws on historical data — including accounts from early explorers — to map the former extent of Australian shellfish reefs.

Justine E. Hausheer

Bumper-Crop Birds: Pop-Up Wetlands Are a Success in California

By partnering with rice farmers in California, the Conservancy is transforming fields into pop-up wetlands for migrant shorebirds, yielding the largest average shorebird densities ever reported for agriculture in the region.

Justine E. Hausheer

The Secret in the Sand Dunes

Spoiler Alert: It's Christmas Trees

Cara Cannon Byington

Recovery: Why Sea Lampreys Need to Be Restored and Killed

Are sea lampreys a native species to be restored, or an invasive species to be killed? Both.

Ted Williams

Recovery: The Salvation of Desecheo National Wildlife Refuge

Invasive rats, goats and even monkeys had overrun the national wildlife refuge, turning it into an ecological wasteland. But there’s hope.

Ted Williams

Hurricane Sandy and the Flooding That Wasn’t

Most visitors come her for the warblers, but some come for the weirs.

Cara Cannon Byington