Recovery: America’s Dwarf Fox Gets a Second Chance

Last week, three subspecies of the Channel Islands fox were delisted – the fastest mammal recovery under the Endangered Species Act. Ted Williams has the most in-depth coverage of this conservation milestone.

Ted Williams

Recovery: The Great Teddy Bear Rescue

The Louisiana black bear is the original Teddy Bear. It’s also an example of how an “endangered species train wreck” can turn into a conservation success.

Ted Williams

Technology to the Rescue for Foresters in the Thick of It

Managing forests to remain resilient through wildfire, drought, and forest pests in a changing climate is complicated. New technology is helping forest managers to restore forests to a healthy mix of spatial diversity.

Lisa Feldkamp

Maintaining Healthy Forests Takes More than Planting Trees

Conservationists should plant more trees, but that’s not the whole story. America’s forests must be resilient to survive wildfires and invading forest pests in a changing climate.

Lisa Feldkamp

Recovery: Saving Grayling With a Carrot and Stick

The stunning native fish known as grayling has struggled in Montana. But a juggernaut of agencies, conservation organizations and ranchers is making a difference.

Ted Williams

Restoring Guadalupe Bass After the Smallmouth Invasion

Guadalupe bass, the Texas state fish, suffered greatly when non-native smallmouth bass were stocked in their river. A new conservation effort is bringing them back.

Matthew L. Miller

Nature Doesn’t Hurt Farmers, It Helps

If removing habitat from farms doesn’t improve food safety, are other practices equally as ineffective, or worse, potentially damaging to farmers? A new study says yes.

Cara Cannon Byington

Restoring an Ancient Nursery for Atlantic Sturgeon

Atlantic sturgeon were once so plentiful that during their spring spawning runs they would upset boats on the Delaware River. Today, scientists are working to bring this ancient fish back from the brink.

Randy Edwards

Recovery: Saving American Burying Beetles, Nature’s Undertakers

American burying beetles once took care of carrion over broad regions of North America. But their numbers have dwindled. What’s going on? And can we save them?

Ted Williams

The Effectiveness, Costs and Coastal Protection Benefits of Natural and Nature-Based Defenses

A global synthesis of field measurements shows that coastal habitats – particularly coral reefs and mangroves, can be physically and economically effective at protecting coastlines.

Siddharth Narayan

Recovery: Saving Timber Rattlesnakes, Why Wildlife Recovery Isn’t a Popularity Contest

You know you’ve arrived as a naturalist when you support saving timber rattlesnakes. Ted Williams reports.

Ted Williams

The Four Biggest Hazards Facing Monarch Butterflies, and How You Can Help

A recent scientific paper argues that monarch butterflies are at risk of “quasi-extinction.” But what does this mean? Our blogger breaks down the issues facing butterflies.

Christine Peterson