There’s a Wolverine in My Neighborhood (App)

The peril (and promise?) of wildlife misinformation on social media.

Matthew L. Miller

6 Surprising Tales of Predatory Birds

Pelicans gulping pigeons, herons swallowing alligators and other weird feeding behaviors among our feathered friends.

Matthew L. Miller

There’s a Cicada in My Ear

File this Under: Adventures in Cicadas and the Anatomy of a Human Ear, or Hearing Loss is a Small Price to Pay for Taxonomic Certainty

Cara Cannon Byington

Follow Me Down the Brood X Tunnel: A Reading List

Wondering what all the Brood X Periodic Cicada fuss in the U.S. is about? Have questions? One of the stories here probably has the answers.

Cara Cannon Byington

Move Over, Cicadas: 5 Other Great North American Wildlife Hatchings (and Emergences)

Cicadas are in the news, but here are 5 other natural spectacles to catch.

Robert Annis

Strange and Surprising Facts about Opossums

Death fainting! Walking embryos! And other weird facts about the underrated Virginia opossum.

Matthew L. Miller

Book Picks: Nighthawk’s Wing

A mystery series for nature lovers.

Matthew L. Miller

How Cattle Egrets Took Over the World

In the past 150 years, cattle egrets have self-populated nearly every continent on earth. Just how, and why, remains somewhat of a mystery. 

Justine E. Hausheer

Earth Day Book Review 2021

Six books to celebrate the planet’s biodiversity and conservation.

Matthew L. Miller

Beaver? Otter? Muskrat? A Field Guide to Freshwater Mammals

Think you saw a beaver or a mink? Here’s how to tell for sure.

Matthew L. Miller

The Mountain Beaver That Is Not A Beaver

The mountain beaver is a rodent like no other. Just don’t call it a living fossil.

Matthew L. Miller

Chipmunk Quest

A chipmunk is a chipmunk, right? Nope. There are 22 species in the United States. Here’s how to find them.

Matthew L. Miller