50 Fish, 50 States: Refuge

The U.S. National Wildlife Refuge system, in its 120th year, is one of the largest protected area networks in the world. And many refuges are great places to fish.

Matthew L. Miller

50 Fish, 50 States: Bluegill Break

As you travel around the US there are some fish species you encounter again and again. The bluegill is one of them.

Matthew L. Miller

50 Fish, 50 States: Rudd of South Dakota

Many invasive fish are well known and well publicized. But you might not have heard about rudd.

Matthew L. Miller

For the Love of Cutthroat Trout

Why go to the trouble to catch 8-inch trout in remote streams?

Matthew L. Miller

Cool Green Book Review: Fish Edition

Six books about fish, fishing and fish conservation for your summertime reading.

Matthew L. Miller

Big Gulp: Blue Catfish Eats Wood Duck

Blue catfish will eat just about anything. Including a duck.

Matthew L. Miller

10 Writing Awards for Cool Green Science

Cool Green Science staff writers and contributors won 10 awards from the Outdoor Writers Association of America.

The Editors

Moose in the Morning: 20 Years of Silver Creek

Twenty years of conservation writing, and a creek runs through it.

Matthew L. Miller

The End of Trash Fish

It’s time to put the idea of “trash fish” where it belongs—in the trash.

Matthew L. Miller

50 Fish, 50 States: Freaks in the Hot Springs

When the water is not too hot, not too cold, expect fishy weirdness. Exhibit A: Matt Miller catches giraffe cichlids, native to Africa, in the desert. In Utah.

Matthew L. Miller

50 Fish, 50 States: Whitefish & the End of the World as We Know It

You can’t freeze time, even when ice fishing

Matthew L. Miller

Ranger Rick: A Garish Origin Story

A career dedicated to a prehistoric fish begins with Ranger Rick.

Solomon David