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We Don’t Need Earth Day. We Need An Earth Generation.

Written by | April 22nd, 2009


Does Earth Day matter as a serious day of environmental action? Yes, in as much as St. Patrick’s Day matters as a serious exploration of Irish culture. There’s nothing wrong with these days, but to consider either of them serious — or something that “matters” — is frankly delusional. On St. Patrick’s Day, school children […]

Cool Green Morning: Tuesday, March 17

Written by | March 17th, 2009


Lucky shamrocks, it’s the greenest day of the year! Get in the spirit by reading our top five picks for the most important green news stories you should read today. Greener Rivers: Eoin O’Carroll explains the tradition of dying the Chicago River green for St. Patrick’s Day – and poses the enviro question of the day: Is the […]

Can Nature’s Value Alone Save Nature?

Written by | January 21st, 2009


You cannot read about conservation these days and not notice the astonishing zeal for ecosystem services as a new conservation strategy. (The February 2009 special issue of the Ecological Society of America’s journal Frontiers of Ecology and the Environment is a good case in point, although it’s not online yet.) The idea behind ecosystem services […]

Innovation From Crisis Will Save the World

Written by | January 13th, 2009


It’s sometimes hard to see it, but these are good times in the course of human history. The economic crisis, climate change and the most rapid technological advancement since the Industrial Revolution are converging — and with that convergence comes the paradoxical potential of saving the world from itself and boosting the economic prospects of […]

Apple Does It Again (and That’s Not a Good Thing)

Written by | January 9th, 2009


First, a bit of full disclosure: I work exclusively on two Apple laptops (an iBook G4 at home and a MacBook Pro here at the office); I carry an iPod with me virtually everywhere I go; and My wife gave me an iPhone for Christmas – a device that is far and away the best […]

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