Ken Keffer was born and raised in Wyoming. As a vagabond naturalist, he has done a little bit of everything, from monitoring small mammal populations in Grand Teton National Park to researching flying squirrels in southeast Alaska, and monitoring Bactrian Camels in Mongolia’s Great Gobi Strictly Protected Area. He’s also worked as an environmental educator in Wyoming, northern New Mexico, coastal Maryland, along the shores of Lake Erie in Ohio and Lake Michigan in Wisconsin, and in Des Moines, Iowa. He recently put down roots in Bloomington, Indiana, where he and his wife Heather Ray own the Wild Birds Unlimited nature shop.

Ken’s career has been spent highlighting the importance of nature and encouraging people to explore the outdoors. As an award-winning environmental educator and author, Ken has penned ten books for both youth and adult audiences. Keffer received a National Outdoor Book Award honorable mention for The Kids’ Outdoor AdventureBook: 448 Great Things to Do In Nature Before You Grow Up. To honor the 50th Anniversary of Earth Day, he wrote Earth Almanac: Nature’s Calendar for Year-RoundDiscovery. His latest project, Knowing the Trees: Discovering the Forest From Seed to Snag, is a celebration of the woods. He is a regular contributor to Birds & Blooms magazine and The Nature Conservancy’s Cool Green Science. Ken is currently an officer for the Outdoor Writers Association of America. Visit him online at