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Why Are You Seeing Robins in Winter?

February 7, 2018


December 9, 2020

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American Robin (Turdus migratorius). Photo Andy Reago & Chrissy McClarren / Flickr through a CC BY 2.0 license

As winter wears on, the passing of Groundhog Day has many people thinking about the arrival of spring. Even skeptics can’t be faulted for dreading Punxsutawney Phil’s shadow, but I’ve been watching for a different omen. I’ve been awaiting the arrival of the American robin, a traditional harbinger of spring in the United States.

But there’s a hitch. Recently, while gazing out my apartment window, I saw not just one robin but a flock of thirty or more visiting my neighborhood trees. Weirder still, these robins weren’t eating their standard springtime worms, they were noshing on late fruiting berries. Spring has certainly not arrived, so why have the robins?

To learn more about this behavior, I spoke to Elizabeth Howard, Founder and Director of Journey North. Journey North’s American Robin project is tracking robin movements across North America. She pointed out that robins, though they are considered migratory, don’t follow the typical north to south and back migration pattern we tend to associate with other migratory birds.

Robins in Winter

“Robins can withstand very cold temperatures,” Howard explains. “In most places you can see robins in the wintertime. You’ll see them wandering around and yet it’s not considered migration because basically they’re moving in a nomadic way, following the food.”

Many robins, especially those that remain in the northern states and southern Canada, change their diets in winter. Since worms and insects aren’t available, they search out trees that still have fruit.

Flock of robins. Photo © Seabamirum / Flickr through a CC BY 2.0 license

“In the wintertime robins are actually social,” Howard says. “They form flocks — all those eyes and ears are good for watching out for predators. And one of the beauties of flocking is that if one of them finds some food, it can call the rest.”

Even in freezing temperatures, robins can stay warm enough to make staying through the winter worthwhile. Those who remain near their mating grounds will get first dibs on the best nesting territories when spring arrives.

“Sometimes you see them and it’s so cold you think, ‘My goodness they’ll all die.’” Howard says. “It’s amazing, the way they survive winter is they fluff their feathers and get really big. Their internal temperature is 104° F and yet they can be in areas below freezing. That’s how well their feathers insulate them; there can even be a 100-degree difference just through those layers of feathers.”

If you want to observe robins in winter, try putting out water for them. They can survive on their own by eating snow, but birds always welcome a source of unfrozen water for drinking and bathing.

Male robin. Photo © Lisa Feldkamp / The Nature Conservancy

The First Robin of Spring

Robins haven’t been entirely dethroned from their poetic status as spring symbol. Though notions of spring vary by region and temperature. Some robin behaviors take place in step with the warming temperatures that people associate with the arrival of spring.

For instance, as temperatures warm in springtime, the bulk of the robin population follows a more reliable northward spring migration pattern.

“In the spring they migrate with a 36-degree isotherm,” Howard explains. “The ground thaws and that’s when traditional earthworms and some other insect larvae are available. That’s when you see big movements.”

More than anything, the robin’s song remains a reliable indicator that the first wave of spring migration has reached you. This song is one of the first signs that robins are switching from winter behavior to courtship and nesting behavior associated with spring.

Robin with a worm. Photo © John Benson / Flickr through a CC BY 2.0 license

“We see a clear south to north progression in reports of territorial song,” Howard notes. “Across the continent, as males arrive on territory they begin to sing. That true robin song that you hear nonstop all day or certainly through the morning means your local male has arrived.”

Males arrive first to establish their territories – they will fight with their feet to defend them. In spring the males become so territorial that they’ve been known to beat themselves up while trying to fight their own reflection.

“Females arrive a couple of weeks later,” Howard says. “They’re not in a rush. Their job is to have fat stores as plentiful as possible. They don’t want to burn through calories by migrating too early. They need to be in good condition.”

Arriving too early can be bad for reproduction too. A spring freeze can damage the integrity of the nest.

Robin nest. Photo © Plant Image Library / Flickr through a CC BY-SA 2.0 license

Only the females have a brood patch, an area of warm featherless skin that’s used to transfer body heat to the eggs. Females spend about 50 minutes of every hour on the nest during incubation. It’s two weeks from egg laying to hatching and robins will start a new nest within the month. Robins nest as many as four times each summer, depending on how far north they are.

As in winter, water is one of the best ways to attract robins to your yard in spring.

“If you turn on a sprinkler you’ll have robins within minutes,” Howard says. “It makes the soil soft and earthworms and other food easy to collect.”

Juvenile robin. Photo © Ken_from_MD / Flickr through a CC BY-SA 2.0 license

Report Your Robin Observations

You can report robin observations to Journey North all year round. As spring approaches, Journey North has a checklist of robin life cycle events to track and report:

  • Over-wintering robins – watch for flocks.
  • First male robin – you will know it is a male by his bold red breast and his dark head and back.
  • First wave of robins – three or more robins together (but not in the winter) is a sign that migration is peaking.
  • Average temperature reaches 36° F – help Journey North find out whether or not this is truly when robins sing.
  • First earthworm – help Journey North find out if robin arrival is tied to earthworm availability.
  • First robin song – listen for the robin’s true song.
  • First female robin – she will look washed out compared to the male.
  • First males in battle – they will be fighting over territories.
  • Nest building begins – watch for males with a mouthful of nest materials or females with muddy breasts.
  • Incubation underway – if you’re not seeing the female around anymore, she’s probably busy incubating.
  • Young hatch – watch for adults flying with worms.
  • First young fledge – fledglings don’t fly and have a spotted breast. You might see them on the ground or in low branches.
  • First young take wing – within a few days of fledging watch for the juveniles to start their practice flights.
  • Parents start another nest – when you see the male feeding the fledglings, but the female is absent, she has likely disappeared to incubate a new set of eggs.

“One of the great things about robins is they’re so accessible,” Howard says. “You can look out your window and see them. There’s so much to learn about such an unsung hero.”

Have you noticed unusual robin behavior in your neighborhood or? Share it in the comments and report your sightings to Journey North.

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Lisa loves all things citizen science and enjoys learning about everything that goes on four legs, two wings or fins - she even finds six and eight-legged critters fascinating at a safe distance. She has a PhD in Classical Literature and Languages from the University of Wisconsin - Madison and enjoys reading Greek and Roman literature or talking about mythology in her spare time. More from Lisa

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  1. I quit counting robins as a sign of spring I see them all year round just like great blue herons , I count turkey vulture are ground hogs.

    1. I love the idea of watching for turkey vultures as the new sign of spring 🙂 Thank you Julian!

  2. We live in central Indiana, surprised a couple days ago (Feb 7) to see as many as fifty Robins out back in a couple different trees, flying around the back yard from tree to tree. Have not seen one since that day.

    1. Hi Pat, The flocks in winter are nomadic and follow the food, so it’s common to only see them briefly. Thank you for sharing your observation!

  3. We live in Lubbock,TX. there are trees all around in spite of Lubbock being a semi arid place. Since a few days I have been seeing a whole lot of Robins in our back yard. They do not eat the bird seed I put but by golly they drink water like anything. Almost non stop. This happens a few times a year I have noticed. They poop all seeds and berries of different colors at different seasons. As though they have eaten fermented berries and are dizzy like they make a bee line to the water pan which is a big size one ( I use the drip pan from the oven that I don’t use for baking) Today I watched them fro two hours in spite of having lot of household chores to take care of. I just couldn’t resist. Why do they drink so much water can some one explain please? They are so disciplined. They do not fight but wait for their turn to drink water. Twenty robins or so will be drinking and another twenty birds will be waiting to take their turns. Amazing!! Thank you and have a good week you all.

    1. Hi Ambika, I have heard that robins (and other birds) sometimes do get drunk from eating berries, but I had not heard about this particular drinking behavior – though I’ve seen video of similar behavior with budgies in Australia. I would assume that they don’t get a chance to drink often in the arid environment and so when they do get a chance, they really fill up. I will check with Elizabeth and see if I can find out more. Thank you for sharing a cool observation!

      1. Lisa,
        I sure do appreciate your taking time to reply. Am happy to learn a little bit more about robins. Take care. Stay healthy and warm. Have a good weeknd.

        1. Hi ambika, I shared your question with Elizabeth Howard and she says they have heard of them eating fermented fruit and becoming drunk. She doesn’t know why they are drinking so much water, but it could be because Texas is dry or it could seem like a lot because of a difference in expectations of how much water robins would drink as compared to how much they actually drink. Thank you again for the question and have a great week!

  4. Reading this in Toronto L 43.65. Where do you observe the events in this column from?

    1. I was writing from Corvallis, Oregon. Journey North data suggests the phenomenon is widespread across much of North America – though there are still areas where people usually don’t report robins until the weather warms. Thank you for the question!

  5. We’ve seen them in large flocks twice in the past few weeks here in Charleston, SC! They’re pecking on the ground AND eating Holly berries. Beautiful! I think they were all males.

  6. I love Robins, always have and they were always my harbingers of spring. In the last five years or so, here in Jamaica Estates, Queens, New York, the Robins have not left they are here year round and I love watching them nest.

    Thank you for this great information. I will continue my watch.

    Saula J. Siegel

  7. If you check the Christmas Bird Count for Minneapolis MN, you’ll find robins listed all the way back.

  8. I love the Robin’s song. We had a bad winter in Iowa this year and I never seen any around. It’s Feb.28th and I still haven’t seen any in Council Bluffs yet.

  9. In winter we usually have flocks of robins in our neighborhood in Palo Alto, California, gorging themselves on our toyon berries. The last couple of winters I have seen only on or two. The berries remain on the bushes, uneaten. Is this part of biological change as a result of climate change?

    1. Hi Carol, Thank you for the question! There are so many variables that it’s difficult to attribute a specific event like this to climate change. For instance, it could be that the robins found a more bountiful source of food elsewhere. That is why it’s so important to have many observations over a large area over time – that kind of data reveals long term trends that could be connected to climate change.

  10. Thank you
    Nice review
    But I believe one has to recall the North American robin has the same physical size and feeding habits as The European thrush
    And is quite different from the delicate redbreasted bird that the English call a robin
    Brian T

    1. Hi Brian, Thank you! Yes, this post is about American robins. I don’t know if British robins are considered a harbinger of spring or not, but they are a very different bird.

  11. Thank you for that article, Lisa!
    We had been wondering the same things for some years, here in Central Missouri. I’m glad to hear that robins are hardier than we thought, because we don’t see them at the feeders. If they eat Japanese Honeysuckle berries, they are well provided for, because it has definitely taken over our woodlands and yard boundaries.

  12. I saw a Robin yesterday fly away, from a tree, here in Woodstock, IL. I have never seen one this early in the year before! I was so excited, as usual, when I see any wildlife. I would like to mention that last Summer, Robins were very scarce at my parent’s house near McHenry, IL. It was almost creepy without them.

  13. I have a question about robins. I live in New York City but across the street from a park and trees.
    In the spring and summer, and part of the fall, there is beautiful bird song almost all night–it seems
    to come from a single bird, but the song varies a little from year to year. It is a very sweet and somewhat
    elaborate trill. It’s so lovely that we often waken at night just to list to it, such a rare beautiful moment
    in a noisy city. Sometimes we can hear another similar bird song from further away.

    I listened to the Audubon Society bird songs several years ago and thought it was a robin. I also read
    that robins [and other city birds] often sing at night because it is so noisy during the day.
    It’s too early for me to record and send it to you.

    Could it be a robin [or a series of robins, given that the song varies somewhat from year to year]
    even though it doesn’t sound quite like your “real robin” song?

    If not, what else could it be? We did have a pair of robins nesting in a tree around the corner–in the
    other direction from our virtuoso. I would very much appreciate your thoughts on this.

  14. After reading this interesting article I now understand why I spotted a Robin in my yard in NJ in early February! I haven’t seen any since but likely will soon. For the past 3 years we’ve had a Robin make its nest on top of our pergola on our deck. We see the adults constantly flying back and forth feeding the babies. Hopefully they’ll come back to their nesting spot this spring!

  15. Thank you Lisa. That was so informative and fun. In Seattle here in the last two months I have seen several flocks of 20-25 robins invading the berry trees big time. I wondered each time what was
    going on with so many of them being here in January.

  16. I have seen large flocks of robins in the winter before. I live in York, ME and have wetlands behind my house, and am fortunate enough to be able to observe all kinds of birds. I remember one time in February 2015 I was out in the woods and saw a flock of at least 50 robins eating berries. That’s when I figured out robins aren’t necessarily a sign of spring. I have found that the Red-Shouldered Blackbirds (who seem to be quite territorial and aggressive; they really like the cat tails out in the swamp) are a far more reliable sign, along with the Goldfinches. I often see robins year round. On a somewhat related note, while I can identify most of the birds I see, I once saw a bird that I have not been able to figure out for quite some time. It was a large bird, about the size of a chicken at least, and it was clinging to the side of a maple tree, kind of like how a woodpecker or Chickadee grips the side of a tree. It had a red “V” on its back. The closest I’ve found in my bird book is Harris’s Hawk, but that doesn’t make sense given my environment. I only saw it that one time and from behind the bird. I went to grab my camera but it was gone when I got back. Any idea what it could have been? Some sort of owl perhaps? Or perhaps a falconer lost track of their bird…?

  17. I live in Sequim, WA and we have robins all year. Robins were the second highest bird reported on our Christmas Bird Count which is in early December….

    Sequim is located about 70 miles west of Seattle on the Olympic Peninsula…

  18. we live n southern new jersey just outside Philadelphia and I observed a flock of at least 100 robins in our yard and in my neighbor’s yard during a snow on January 4, 2018. She has a 30 ft holly tree that was covered in red hollyberries and the robins were feeding in the tree and on the frozen, snow-covered ground. We see them occasionally now but not in those numbers.

  19. I’ve had robins winter in my yard in northern Utah for years, starting with a male whose feathers had somehow had got oil of some kind on them. The parents often drop the babies off in my yard and keep an eye on them for a few days. I’ve had a few male babies who act ‘tame’ and seem to lack fear of humans, animals, or inclement weather. They also stayed fluffed up all the time. I know that at least some of these don’t survive.

  20. Hi, I was wondering why I sometimes hear a Robin in the wintertime singing in a tree very very softly – almost like he’s whispering. I’ve heard this several times.
    Thank you for any insight you can offer.

    1. Hi Jennifer, That is a good question – I haven’t heard of this behavior. I think it would be interesting to report to the Journey North Robin project if you remember the date of the observation. Thank you!

  21. I lived in Wisconsin and Minnesota for many years and found what feeds the robins through the winter are the noxious common buckthorns, (rhamnus cathartica) an exotic (non-native) very invasive small tree from Europe. They were introduced way back in the mid1800’s as hedge plants. They have a survival plan- they leaf out early and lose leaves late so have a competitive edge over any poor native oak trying to germinate. They have those berries that have a purple -blue flesh over a round seed. The birds thrive on them, give the seeds an acid bath and seeds go everywhere and also drop right under the tree, making for a very dense stand of shade. Maples can grow in the shade, not oaks. This is changing the make up of the woods.
    It is hard to control all the buckthorn around but it can be done area by area with cutting and herbiciding large trees and pulling out young ones. Keep after it. They will always be around.

  22. I love robins. About 35 years ago I raised one successfully by feeding him moistened dog kibble. I became his “mom”. If he heard my voice he would starting “cheeping” for food. We were able to let him go but he hung around for a while. Maybe 10 or 15 years ago, one of my sons also raised one successfully by feeding him dog kibble.

  23. We have a Robin that flies & splats into our window. When it hits the window, it then drops to the ground and then jumps up about 8 ” to the window sill. He does this over and over. When he hits the window it seams as though he could not survive the hit, but he does. This goes on for a very long time.

  24. I saw robins today, recent arrivals I’m guessing. Because you can see robins in winter nowdays, I look to red wing blackbirds now as my goto for a sign of spring.

  25. Robins here in the Pacific Northwest seem to nest on the ground (?? under ferns and other bushes) instead of in trees… this possible. When driving by an area when they are, the adults seem to fly briefly in front of car and then off into the distance, but low to the ground. Are they trying to lead a perceived predator away from their nest site? We have several robins in our yard now – in Puget Sound area— digging for worms …. they look like males. We use our ~3/4 acre to consistently provide water, food and habitat for birds of all kinds, as well as other wildlife, and have as many trees growing on our property as possible.)

  26. Hello! I am from England originally and the English Robin is quite different, smaller with a true red breast, therefore called Robin Red Breast. I grew up learning this rhyme and thought you might enjoy it too. “The North wind doth blow, and we shall have snow, and what will the Robin do then? poor thing.
    He’ll sit in the barn, to keep himself warm, and tuck his head under his wing, poor thing.” I love all the British nursery rhymes and neat things like this. I certainly enjoyed reading all about the Robins in these articles and yes, love watching them in my bird baths and the sprinkler when ready. Right now, it is very cold and snowing off and on and no Robins yet. hugs to keep us warm and love for all our animals and feathered friends.

  27. I saw my first two robins today . I live in Manalapan N.J. and we are in the middle of a snowstorm . My robins always return about mid-March and somehow arrive in or around a snowstorm . This is a little early for them. I thought perhaps in another week but they are back. I’m happy!!

  28. Several weeks ago, probably in January, we had Robins in our Robinson crab apple tree here in South Tamworth, NH between the Winnipesaukee Lakes Region and the Mount Washington Valley. I was quite surprised to see them, but they were eagerly eating the little apples during a heavy snow storm. It was a lovely surprise. Plenty of apples remain, but the Robins quickly moved on.

  29. So happy to learn that Journey North is still around. I started using Journey North in my computer classes lab as soon as we had Internet connection in the 90s. We did many different projects for signs of spring. We did tulips, robins, and more. I retired in 1999. I hope many teachers are now involved because it is such a worthwhile opportunity for interaction with classes throughout the country and even the world, integrating many curriculum areas.

  30. Wow this is a great article! We have always called the big fat cardinals we see in the winter CHARLES COUNTY MARYLAND cardinals and the smaller ones that arrive in spring migrating ones. Now I know they are just the same birds just not needing to keep warm so they “deflate” hahah. I live in a densely wooded area with loads of holly trees. Some taller than the house. The robins fill the trees in the early winter feasting on the berries. And then we don’t usually see large groups of them until we get a good snow, which isn’t every year.
    Thank you for the lesson!

  31. Robins have arrived at my house,Wichita,Ks and it’s only March.They sure have been enjoying my bird bath! Was wondering if you knew how to keep Crackels out of the suet I hang out? Got at least five that attack the cage! Now my woodpecker’s won’t come around.Thank you!

  32. Just observed about 15-20 Robins in my Daughter-in-Laws yard. We live in St. Catharines, Ontario Canada just a few miles west of Niagara falls. This is the first time I have seen that many robins together this early in the year.

  33. I’m in SE Michigan and we have one apple tree in our small condo subdivision that I pass every day. I’ve been waiting all winter to see robins in it and a few days ago I finally did! It was a small flock of about 8-10 and they were sharing the apples with a flock of cedar waxwings. I’ve seen flocks of these two species hang out in the winter before. They are fun to watch!

  34. I’ve moved to a town that’s swamped in robins in the spring and started to notice their behaviours all the time due to the sheer numbers of them to watch. The behaviour that I’d like to understand is the “sit by oneself as fatly and grumpily-looking as possible on someone’s lawn, generally close to the road or sidewalk” behaviour. It looks territorial and possibly also the ground is warmer near the pavement, so potentially more food is available. But when I approach robins who are doing this in the park (rather than on lawns where they generally fly off), they tend to bob along just beside/ahead of me, dragging their wingtips but rarely flying off — yesterday, one robin possibly female was making a fuss on the top of a baseball diamond as the other bobbed along and when it eventually took off flew clumsily and not very effectively onto a shrub branch about a 2 feet off the ground. It’s too early for fledglings and these robins aren’t speckly and have very full red breasts anyhow. I just find it odd. Also, their grumpy faces are hilarious.

  35. For two years in a row now, at this same time of year, I’ve driven past a local farm field (outside Montpelier, VT) while on my way home from work (around 6:15PM) and noticed that it was covered with robins, each about 10-15 feet away from any other robin. There were hundreds of robins in this network formation. Another field further down (separated from this one by woods and a few houses) was the same way. This spread along the road for about two miles. I have not read anything that approaches this. I believe the same field was slightly flooded last year. This year it is covered with about 3″ of slush and new snow/sleet accumulation, so it was not bare ground this year.

  36. I have a robin’s nest near my front door so I’m getting a lot of great information about these guys! I have binacular’s too so I can get even closer.
    It has been so neat watching them. I will try to be as brief as possible but there is SO much! From the beginning with the female building the nest so quickly. After a rainstorm she would bring mouthfuls of mud, grasses, twigs…she was WEAVING the twigs! every so often she would get inside and rock her body back and forth to mold the most perfect home.
    After about 2 weeks the babies hatched on Mother’s Day! I saw what appeared to be the female “jack hammering” inside the nest. 3 days later I saw the tips of little beaks reaching up and both mother and father are continuously feeding them. (I don’t know how many, was afraid to peek in the nest and attract predators….believe it or not, crows watch and know somethings up)
    So cute! The father is VERY gentle taking his time to feed, look, feed look….and the mother is quick and gets it done fast.
    The father has made enough noise at times I run outside to find either a group of grackles or a crow too close to the nest. I scare them away. The male’s warning calls are about 30-40 ft away from the nest which is smart to not bring attention to where the nest is. The male doesn’t fly away. I’ve done this so much I believe they know that I’m helping them. I talk to her softly as I walk to my car (not looking or stopping) or bringing out the trash (about a foot from the nest) and neither fly away or make any sound.
    Today has to be the coolest! We had torrential rains. I was so worried. Well, the mother stayed on the nest with her wing spread outside the nest! The rain ran off her to the ground instead of going into the nest. How smart! The male would fly in and appear to kiss the female. Out came the binacular’s. As the mom protected the babies, the father was bringing in food, transferring the food to the mother’s mouth! This went on the entire storm. Rain has subsided and both of them are muddy and drenched. Mom did all the actual feeding during this time that the father provided. I am in awe! I am keeping a close eye on them and hope the babies can survive the odds. Will keep you posted.
    LOVE my Robin family!

    1. Hi Kathy, That is so cool! I hope that you are sharing these observations on Journey North as well – observations like this are so valuable to improving our knowledge of robin behavior. Thank you for watching out for this robin family!

  37. We travel north each spring from Fl to Pocono Mnts PA. I look forward to seeing the Robins. It is mud July and have only spotted one! Where have they gone? I miss thier chirp!

  38. From Athol,ID

    Oh my goodness what a surprise. Yesterday and today a flock of Robin have been visiting out trees.
    We have no snow, it is chilly though.
    What a gift.
    Merry Christmas.

  39. I live in southwest Washington state. I have noticed large flocks of robins in the field and trees behind my house even in this late December, which surprised me. The beginning of your article was helpful in understanding this behavior. They do all look fat, which must be the fluffing of feathers you mentioned. This is my first winter in this house, so I don’t know if this is a regular occurrence, but I have lived in the general area for quite some time, and this is the first I’ve seen of this.

  40. This is January 2nd 2018 on Orem Utah and I just saw a flock of about 20 robins in the yard. What is going on? They usually do not arrive until March or April.

  41. I saw over 50 at a time all through the afternoon yesterday (Jan 22, 2019) gobbling persimmons that had been left on the ground this past fall as well as the leftovers in the treetops. I live in Indiana about 15 miles north of Indianapolis. I have lived in Indiana all of my life & have always had multiple bird feeders but have never witnessed something like this! There was still a small amount of snow on the ground & they turned the snow orange! It was wonderful to watch! I love watching birds & at the moment have 4 feeders, 2 thistle socks, & 3 suet holders. I am so glad this article was available & I found it so quickly.

  42. My husband and I saw at least 40 male robins today in our back yard, running about on the ground. It is January 27, 2019. I don’t believe we have ever seen robins this early before. We are in Maryland.

    I told my husband that my theory is that perhaps the abundance of rain in our area this winter probably has the ground crawling with earthworms.

  43. I’ve been seeing Robins in the trees this past week in South Portland, ME.
    We have cardinals, juncos, chickadees, and lots of squirrels.
    I see occasional owls, hawks, and turkeys.

  44. Question..a friend has Robin’s that nest up high on her porch. After eggs are laid the mother will kick them out unhatched…why?

  45. We live in Maine and are heading in to the coldest weekend of the winter. Today is January 30th and I was surprised to see one lone robin sitting in a tree. I needed to get out the binoculars because I couldn’t believe my eyes! I have never seen a robin in January before!

  46. In Nashville TN, on January 30th, a large flock of robins gathered for hours in the hackberry tree behind our house. They took turns scouting out my feeder, but didn’t seem to be very interested in the seeds. The temperatures were well below freezing.

  47. January 31, 2019- 50+ robins on lawn and trees-Holiday Island, Arkansas ( just outside of Eureka Springs, AR.

  48. Here is Wechester County, NY, was stunned to see dozens of robins in my tree today. I am so glad I found this article, as it explained so much, including why they were there and the plumped up look. I put out water and berries, some of which may have been consumed. A Blue Jay came and took the bread that I had mistakenly first put out. Fascinating and glad to know this is normal, not specifically a byproduct of climate change.

  49. In west central MN. I haven’t noticed Robin’s until today, 2/3/2019. There was 4 of them out back. They were a little ways away but appeared to be 2 male and 2 female. It’s been very cold but today and yesterday have been above freezing, with highest yesterday about 36°F.

    We have ground showing but fairly sure too frozen for worms. There may be berries out there but I haven’t seen any for a while.

    It was good to read and find out more about their northern behavior. I thought they were all supposed to fly south in order to survive.


  50. A flock of about 25 male Robins has been seen all winter long in the area of Highcroftcroft Court in Colonie, New York (near Albany, NY)

  51. I’ve got a flock of robins outside my window in Minneapolis where it is 10 below zero!

  52. Seattle – 10-20 robins flying from tree to tree in our snowy yard. Very active. The robins seem very plump too! Never remember seeing so many robins in Feb. before here in Seattle.

  53. For about a week now and for several hours today I see what is I think our first male in backyard tree ! He’s beautiful! I’ve spread steel cut raw oats and blueberries for him, because I have them at hand. I think he likes me ?Now since reading your site, I’ll put some water out too. I’m from NE Ohio and have lived in Phila PA for 3 decades but this is the first time I’ve ever been eye- level with a tree out the window and within feet of me since childhood. I’m amazed my birdsong and bird’s stamina since reading Singing life of Birds (Donald Kriudsma), fighting cancer, and just being ! What else can I offer them to eat ?

  54. I live near Syracuse, New York and I was shocked to see Robins on Valentine’s Day. February 14th, 2019.
    I was told that there was a flock of about 20.
    The earliest I have ever seen them is maybe March 6th.

    Is this a sign of an early spring?


  55. Thank you for wriring about robins. Sitting in my car working, looked up and robins eating fruit berries on tree. Was unaware of wintering over and changing of their diets. 2/16/19 Victor, NY

  56. I rake my leaves over time during the fall and winter, where I do not have grass. Right now, I see a flock of them going through my leaf litter.

  57. Flock of Robin’s arrived this am!!!
    Males, feeding on near by apple tree and northern ash.

  58. Hi! I’m wondering if Robins will use last years’ nest or if they always build a new one…?

  59. We have learned so much about robins in the past four years…every April through July, a male relentlessly attacks our cars (and any guests’ cars that dare park in the driveway). The male will spend hours and hours attacking its reflection in the side view mirrors, and perching on the sills of both front windows of the car, raining rivers (and I mean rivers) of poop down the doors. It is honestly so maddening and absurd that is has just become something we have to laugh about. We’ve tried everything to deter the robin – tin foil hung in long pieces out of the car windows, wrapping the side view mirrors in tin foil, a fake hooting owl, the spider arm things people use on boat docks, hawk-eye appearing moving reflectors hung from the cars, house, and nearby trees…that bird just does not care! Apparently he loves our yard just as much as we do!

  60. I bought some lovely Spanish Moss last spring to drape over branches of a tree in my back yard. One morning I went outside and it was completely gone. Ha! Long story short, a Robin who had already built her nest decided to decorate/camouflage her nest with all of my Spanish moss. It was the most beautiful best I have ever seen!
    That was so much fun, I’m going to do it again this spring!

  61. March 13, 2019 Denver in the midst of the cyclone boom phenomenon. 9:30 a.m. Schools and businesses even government offices shut down in anticipation of what could come. Snowy rainy sleet coming down and a flock of robins is all over the neighbor’s lawn. I had to look it up. Who knew?

  62. I am in Canada near Peterborough Ontario. All winter long I have heard Robin chirps and calls. It is of course interesting to know how they survive and what they are thinking and eating during the winter months.
    Question: do they use a nest in winter or stay in the thick parts of white pine and white cedar?
    I do not know if the male is with its mate? I only see and hear one Robin.

    Thank You.

  63. I have noticed about a week ago that I did not see Robins or any other birds that were here in Western Pa. since spring. Isn’t it early for them to be gone by mid August? When does migration usually occur. I thought is was later in the season, more towards fall,

  64. its November 12, 2019 in New Brunswick Canada and its cold and rainy and I open my window and heard there song I was quiet surprise!

  65. The robins here in east tn Are trying to mate.there were a male and a female jumping from branch to branch.

  66. Huntington Bay LI 12/8/19. I have a flock of robins on my lawn and in the trees. Easily 30 or more

  67. I am sitting in my home office on a December day in Calgary Alberta, It’s now well into winter here. The outside temp is -7c/ or 19f. I have lived here my entrie life and I have never seen a Robyn past the end of October that was until today, I looked out to the brown partly snow covered garden and a large male Robyn caught my eye while he was foraging for berries in the bushes. I thought they all migrated out. He’s gone now but it was a pleasent surprise.

  68. It is the second day of winter and I see 3 robins in my front yard. So exciting.

  69. Hello – First time on this discussion site. I live in Southwestern Pennsylvania and this afternoon I saw about 20 robins in my yard. I do not ever recall seeing robins around here in December. It has been unusually mild the last few days and am wondering if they are migrating to somewhere else or here to stay. I haven’t seen any before today.

  70. Looked out my kitchen window this morning (December 27th) and saw a fat robin in the heated bird bath on my deck, here in central Alberta!

  71. 12/27/19 A large flock of robins appeared today in Beavercreek, OH. The temperature is near 60 today and the robins appeared to be in pairs as they flew around the yard. They appeared to be hunting for worms. We use to have a lot of holly bushes and they would eat all the berries. Kept wondering if there is something that a person could put out for them to eat. Any ideas?? I have 3 feeders and they didn’t visit and of them.

  72. December 28, 2019. Saw 3 robins today here in McConnelsville Ohio. Was nicely surprised. Don’t know if they stayed or have come back from winter area.

  73. The winter robins have arrived here in York Harbor, Maine (Dec.30/19) They are so much fun to watch , flitting here and there and actually look like they are having a wonderful time!

  74. Jan 1 2020 saw a small flock of robins( 20-30 ) this afternoon in my yard. I live in Amherst, Nova Scotia. Perhaps a good omen for the coming year?

  75. I saw a robin in my ice covered tree while it was snowing on Dec 10, 2020. It was a male robin and this was in Kansas City, Missouri.

  76. Jan 14, 2020: just saw a lovely flock of Robins in my tree in Issaquah, WA. We live on Lake Sammamish and it’s snowing today, which is very unusual, so perhaps they sought water from the lake.

  77. We have robins all winter and they do travel in flocks, sometimes a dozen in Washington State, Bellevue. Carolyn

  78. I just looked out my window there were 25 to 30 robins flocking in my holly tree. Never noticed this before. Always thought they flew South for the winter.

  79. I have 3 holy trees in my yard and I have like lots and lots of robins flying back and forth from trees. My little doggie doesnt want to be outside.I guess they are feasting on the berries. a lot of them look really fat. Ha ha.

  80. It has been so cold in Jacksonville Fl., this week but I have seen the second group of Robins stop at my back yard for water, so I know warmer weather is on the way. Welcome Welcome beautiful Robins.

  81. Today I’ve been watching a flock of male robins in Milwaukee on the grounds of Froedtert Hospital. There are at least 24 birds. The ground is snow covered but they keep flying from the trees down to a grassy area where there is no snow. Weather is about 30 degrees F and it’s snowing lightly. This is the first time I have seen robins in the winter and also the first time I have seen them flock together in numbers like this. They are pecking at the ground as if trying to find worms. This grass is next to a large utility box so the ground may be warmer there.

  82. 2 days ago, 5 robins flew in a few minutes later, 5 more, etc., til there were about 50. We are in gahanna, ohio 43230. Next morning,…their song.

  83. It’s January 23rd and I just had a flock of robins land in our yard. This flock had to be a hundred or more. I could not believe my eyes. Never saw anything like it. They were just like a bunch of kids excited over something. It lasted about 10 minutes and then they left.

  84. I have noticed large groups of Robin’s singing in my trees in the during the time of sunrise wether cloudy or sunny. They are very numerous. I live in a higher elevation than my surrounding areas. 1/29/2020 Kansas City, MO current temperature is 29 degrees.

  85. I live upper South Carolina but beaver see them this time of year . Jan 29 2020

  86. I live in a rural area of Pulaski County Va. I spotted a flock of robins the other day flying about in the trees near the dirt road. I’ve seen other groups of robins in recent days too.

  87. I was amazed at the number of robins on my block yesterday and still some today. When I would see a robin i always thought it was almost spring. Its the beginning of February and I have never seen so many robins together. I live in Manchester NJ.

  88. Today February 9, 2020 there must have been 100plus Robins in the trees and roofs of my neighbors and my house. The feral cats in the back were certainly watching so I let my dog out to chase the cats away. Would love to feed these birds but won’t because the cats would be all over, more than they are already. This was northwest Toledo. I have only seen Robins flock like this one other time, ever.

  89. just saw a flock of robins in the trees near my home, first time ever. had to look in my bird book to make
    sure they were robins. never saw them in february before amazing.

  90. I’m in Neefoundland Canada
    We’re out in the cold Atlantic. This year several people noticed quite a few Robbins around. Flocks really. Strange for us to see because they usually leave us in Aug./Sept. And we don’t see them again until April. We had a lot of snow this year. 70+ cm. In one day. The army had to come from Ont. To help dig us out. We were worried about the Robbins. There were plenty of Dog berries around for a while but we also get some really high winds
    Last week the wind was at 120 km per hour and gusts up to 170 to 180 km. Haven’t seen the Robbins now I a week or so. Brenda Haines

  91. Where I live, we normally only see robins for a short time in the spring and fall as they migrate through. I have never seen them in the summer or winter. Except this year. This winter, there is a large flock, many hundreds of them, that have settled very near my house, along with a flock of those black birds that you see with robins a lot. Every morning they fly towards the east, I assume to feed. Sometimes they spend the day on my property. Hundreds of them. Then in the evening they fly to the woods in the west and nest close enough that I can hear them. Do they eat ticks? I hope so. Maybe I’ll have fewer of them this spring.

  92. My girlfriends and I just had this discussion on Sunday at lunch. Could you send this article to me via e_mail so I can share it with them? Thanks in advance.

  93. I love in Ormond Beach,Florida. This morning we saw over 20 Robins across the pond all in one area. Is that unusual?


  95. We are coming into spring/ summer. I even went to pet store and got a brick of seeds. It was gone quickly. I will put so on patio in back again tomorrow


  97. There are dozens of Robins, male and female, in our yard, but in the morning we only hear one Robin doing his chirping, why is that there in only one male doing this. We hear others way off in the distance.

  98. Easter Sunday, for the first time in 10 years at this residence, Robin’s were thick on our porch and patio. And…they looked so, so big.We had a couple of inches if new snow the night before. They were pecking in the cracks between patio bricks.

  99. Over the past few weeks, there are several robins that are flying into our windows and in the windows of several cars on the street, could you possibly explain this as we have not seen this behaviour before.

  100. In my garden in Benghazi / Libya North Africa; I see the robin throughout the year. The minute I start sprinkling it comes and it is not at all afraid of getting close. It’s always flying low under branches and I see it picking in the compost.
    I just wonder if this robin is the same one I saw previously or there are more of it.
    I was always told that robins only appear in October.

  101. I love Robins, I have had an albino robin (can’t think of the real name) in my yard for 2 years. He looks like a big boy who sprayed bleach on him

  102. We have a white oak tree that is been overgrown with ivy all the way to the top. Today, my husband noticed a flock of what looked like robins (but kind of on the small side) flying in and out of the ivy. It looked like they were eating some ivy shoots or berries maybe? Never seen so many or this behavior? Anybody else?

  103. It is dec9th 2020 and we see a robin, pregnant , scratching around the dead leaves in the snow, nest materials. Will her eggs freeze? We live in Quebec northeast of ottawa.

  104. I live 8 miles south of Pittsburgh PA on 12\27\20 . I have a nearly frozen pond sprinkling water, and noticed a robin bobbing up and down mimicking a human showering, hilarious surprises occur viewing these creatures…

  105. today i saw about 120 robins and one grackle at work . I work in Oakville ON. why are they still here?

  106. We live in Terre Haute, In. & a couple of weeks ago surprisingly saw 4 robbins in our backyard drinking from our birdbaths & eating a new seed mixture we tried that has a lot of fruit in it. They’ve been back every day since! Seeing robbins this time of year was something we’d never experienced before!

  107. I’ve never seen so many Robins!
    Looks like they bed down in our tall natural grass in the valley of our property and then are seen in large flocks in the mornings and early evenings. Thus started around December 15th and as if this evening they are still in abundance here. We are located about 30 minutes from Fredericksburg Texas in the hill country on 15 acres.

  108. I live in coastal South Carolina, Charleston, and there were literally thousands of robins in our neighborhood today! It was almost 60 degrees and a little cloudy, but they were feasting on the palm berries and holly berries. I have never seen this many of any one breed of bird as today. It was an unusual site.

  109. I just took my morning walk and saw at least 6 robin’s on the ground and in the tree’s eating orange bittersweet berries. I live in Griswold, CT next to the Quinebaug River. Was a nice sight in Jan.

  110. I have a huge flock of robins in my yard now, about 50 or so, along with an equally sized flock of starlings. Do they travel together?

  111. We have had over 50 Robins in our back yard – after watering in Jan Central Texas north of Austin

  112. Saw a flock of about 2 dozen robins today out in the yard – Jan 16 2021.
    I live near York, PA.

  113. I live in south Louisiana and my yard has numerous male robins 1-17-21. They seem almost tame and un-afraid. It’s a pleasure to watch them.

  114. Yeahh, there are Robins in Ashcroft I see about 5 of them. Maybe early spring

  115. I have a flock of 20 robins in my driveway drinking melted snow water. Why did they not leave? I live in northwestern IL. I never saw this before. It is January 18, 2021!

  116. I just saw about fifty in small wooded area adjacent to my property. They were in fact going for the red berries. Glorious to see them but I was concerned and you allayed my fears. Great info!

  117. I’m in Ottawa Ontario. I have a robin come to my bird bath on a regular basis. I can set my watch to his visits. He has a red breast with what appears to be tufts of white down. Tried to leave pieces of apple for him but he didn’t take them. Can’t wait for the rest to arrive.

  118. i noticed the robins here in January already. They usually dont show up until the end of feb. We live in the houston, tx area.

  119. January 21, 2021. I work in Seneca, SC and this is the first year since moving here in 2008 that I have seen a flock of thirty plus robins at my work place. They appear to be eating some of the berries in the holly berry trees and have also been in the mulch areas eating from the ground. Fascinating site as I have never seen a flock of robins that size. I enjoyed your article. Thank you

  120. I just looked out my window in Maine. It is January 23 and I saw what I first said was “an invasion of robin-looking birds”, convinced they could not be robins in the middle of winter then I found this article! There must be 40 or 50 on a tree just off my deck that blooms with berries in the spring. There are little buds that stay on the tree year round. That is the tree they are all sitting in and flying around and pecking at the buds on the ground. I will have to put some water out under the tree. Today is the coldest day of the year up here with wind chills in the negatives! This is an amazing discovery, as I love learning about birds. I get many different birds in my back yard in the spring and summer. I am looking out another window in a different part of my house and there are dozens of them on the parts of the ground where there is no snow. Very intriguing!

  121. I live in Arlington, Virginia, where we have robins all winter. In December, I have lots of robins in my holly trees eating the berries, but they always stayed in the trees. Today, in mid January, I had some 15 robins at my feeders and birdbath. Can you tell me what might be happening to make the robins flock like this?

  122. Grapevine Texas…never seen this before today. January 25, 2021 ..flocking robins in back yard…on bushes and trees…just flying in an around tall bushes and trees…so beautiful! Usually, I see one walking around in early spring…here…but it is January! I did some reading…and realize now…it is possible..and yes, luckey to see them in such a way. My daughter, Karen, died four months ago…she loved a garden… this is a joy.

  123. We have noticed an abundance of robins here in South East Texas. We always thought it was a sign of spring. Lots of them on the ground together. We’ve had quite a bit of rain so we think they are getting worms. We live in Silsbee, Tx. The weather is so changeable from hot to colder every other day. Today it’s in the 70″s and sixties at night. We enjoy watching all birds.

  124. Milton, Wisconsin here. We go birding as often as possible and noticed two weeks ago about 20 Robins on our drive. Now today we saw 100! Same general area. It’s January and still cold. So hard to believe.

  125. I live in Easton Md and robins are everywhere under my bird feeders. I have not seen them before this early.

  126. My sister lives in Chardon aOhio and she njust called and told me she had a flock of robins in her yard. Then there was a flock of red birds in the trees just chirping away. Amazing cite

  127. In mid central Florida, Robins flock at the end of January to start their migration north. Normally they arrive in South Ontario (Windsor area) about the first of march however I have one, perhaps 2 that have wintered here and I hear them cherping in the morning when I go outside. One of the main sources of food here for them is the Sumach tree, I call it the Red cluster of seeds/flower. But definitely they are starting their journey north in Florida by the end of January. I have witnessed this for many years.

  128. we are in the northeast corner of Georgia, Clayton , Georgia. We have a number of holly bushes that produced a very bountiful harvest of red berries. I’m not sure how many robins are in a flock but we have a very large number of robins feeding on our berries. It’s an amazing sight.

  129. Just had 2 robins in my tree. It’s the coldest day of the year in Manchester CT today. January 29, 2021

  130. It is 11 degrees(F) in Quincy, Massachusetts and a flock of about 50+ Robins came to a small park to eat some berries. Some were across the street as well, hanging out on the roofs and porches of some houses, Ive never seen so many together!!! Wow

  131. I just saw about 20 Robins in my backyard, I have several feeders and bushes with fruit. I was amazed to see Robins this early and had to research about seeing them in the winter.

  132. Robins have invaded our yard this week in Hurst, Texas. We love them, and we enjoy seeing so many of them. I believe they are eating berries, but the ground is not frozen and it has been raining, so maybe they are eating bugs and worms too.

  133. Just saw a flock of a dozen + males and females in Warren, Michigan. 30 January 2021, noon, 5 miles north of Detroit. They were flicking dead leaves, sticks, & debris. Thanks for the great article!

  134. Sunday, Jan 31 around 2 PM. I hear what sounds like a ton of birds around my house. I step out onto my front porch and see hundreds of a robins flying around the trees and especially around my neighbors house. I sit down to watch then realizing that they are all flocking around a big berry bush tree at my neighbors house each going down and out of the bush quick. I run to grab my iPad to record as I was interested in the bird. I landed on your page was researching what I saw.

  135. Starting mid January noticed very large flocks of Robins in the trees Kalamazoo Michigan . Never seen such large active masses before and I’m always in the trails

  136. jan 31, 2021, portsmouth,nh, 15degrees.
    i was out filling birdfeeders when i heard the robins, my heart sunk!
    i already have a mockingbird, a flock of tufted titmouse, anuthatch and the usual winter birds.
    went back to the house and got more meal worms, fruit and berries and tossed them around
    neighborhood. two of the birds were already on one of the water stations.

    Sorry for the typing, my typing hand is in a sling.

  137. I started seeing male robins yesterday here on my 2.5 wooded acres. This morning, February 1st, I must of had 40-50 in my front lawn. I do have a lot of fresh water and black oil sun flower seed out and keep it out year round. I live in NE corner of Parker County Texas. Beautiful to experience this moment in time!

  138. I live in the Jonesville area of Florida. It is February 1, 2021 and I have seen groups of Robins coming to my birdbath latelly. They had white dots around their eyes.

  139. It is so fascinating to see the bands of robins going back and forth in neighbors yards in 33 degree temperture and eating red holly berries. I’m glad you shared info because I at first wondered if they were robins thinking you don’t see them until early spring and warmer weather. I was very excited and I put out a container with water.

  140. I live just north of San Antonio, Tx. We’ve had hundreds of robins for several weeks now. I have 2 bird baths & tubs of water for other animals. As beautiful as the robins are; I have to say their poop is horrible. It’s bloody red. I have to clean bird baths several times daily. They look like blood baths! Craziest thing I’ve ever seen. The red poop is everywhere. I’m assuming the poop is red from eating worms & cedar berries.

  141. As I read your article it’s February 2nd and I’m observing a flock of 20+ robins here in Iowa City, Iowa. I’ve noticed them off and on all winter. We have had about 12” of snow on the ground for about 6 weeks now. Perhaps I should set out a pan of water.

  142. Today February 2 2021 I posted on FB seeing flocks of what I estimate to be hundreds of Robins all over my 4 acres. We have a pond and active stream( man made) they are bathing and enjoying the running water. I put mealy bugs out but they do not seem to be interested. No one else is either! Trying to encourage the Blue Birds I saw recently at the stream. I live in SW Michigan between Battle Creek and Kalamazoo. About a quarter of a mile from Gull Lake. Others have seen big flocks of Robins at the north end of the lake, and in our little town of Richland. Never seen so many especially in February. I’d like to think Spring will come early but I am not getting my hopes up!

  143. 2 days ago our backyard looked like a bird freeway in New York!! Never have I seen so many Robins in our yard. I filled our birdbath up 3 times that first day! They seemed so happy to be in our back yard! I was flattered. They boosted my mood too. They seemed so happy. We had an unusually heavy crop of berries on our holly trees and our Nandias so I guess that is what brought them our way. It was a pleasant experience!

  144. It is Feb 4 in southern Wisconsin and we have hundreds of Robins in our trees! They are flying all over the place and a couple have run into our windows. We noticed a few about on Feb 1. Today it was about 34 degrees and I actually heard a Robin sing! We are having a snow storm right now and the temps are dropping between 0 to -13 for the next week during the night. We have never seen Robins so early and definitely not this big of a flock! We live on a lake but it is frozen over. Can’t figure why there are so many so early.

  145. For the first time ever in my 71 yrs, I saw a flock of robins fly into our trees, at least 30 of them. I had no idea they would ever show up in our freezing cold , blustery , snowy days. I loved it!! 2-5-2021

  146. We live in Western North Carolina and around this time of the year flocks of robins come and eat the last berries of the Holly Trees/Shrubs. I can’t really say that I notice them any other time of the year. I would like to have some input whether or not it would be worth the effort to make a nest box, designed for robins, before spring arrives.
    Thanks in advance for any input.

  147. Feb 5, 2021 I saw a flock of robins, around 15 or 20 birds. First time I’ve ever seen flocks of them. Always robins in the summer and many nests, but never saw a flock before. Also heard one singing! Has been warm/cold/warm here in Central NY.

  148. this is the first time I have ever seen a flock of robins in the dead of winter and during this snowstorm. they are eating the dried up fruit from my ornamental crab apple tree. I hope they will survive this very cold February.

  149. January 31, 2021. First real snowfall (4+ inches) in about three years for Ladysmith, VA. My wife and I took a walk after the snow, and at the same time that a light sleet rain started to arrive. Anyway on one street, we saw hundreds of robins; two to four dozen per tree, amongst about fifteen trees. (There were smaller numbers among further trees.) Knowing that robins don’t feed from feeders, we felt bad for the robins, since the ground was covered in snow/slush. We assumed that these robins were simply unfortunate to encounter snow during an early migration or something. That said, reading this article has made me feel a lot better regarding the robins’ fate. We love watching the birds at our feeders (and on walks); since we are originally from MI’s U.P. (yes, we are Yoopers), robins have a special place in our hearts.

  150. February 6, 2021
    Guelph, Ontario, Canada
    Yesterday my husband noticed a large flock of fluffed up robins sitting in our oak tree in the front yard – at least two dozen.
    Today we noticed a few flirting in and out of the cedar trees in the back yard.
    Afternoon temperature minus 8 Celsius with a stiff cold North West breeze.

  151. for the last month I have seen only one robin in the yard across the street. Not another one anywhere?
    Just wondering why?

  152. There are lots of robins here in Sioux Falls, SD!! We feed the birds and hv a warmed source of water for them and hv seen robins drinking!! I love it, but hv never had them stay thru the winter or arrive this early!!!

  153. I started hearing Robins just a couple of days ago! Kicker is, it’s 2/7/21, 20F+- daytime , single digits over night AND 15+ INCHES OF SNOW ON THE GROUND! I realize that they’ll feed on wild grapes, sumac and other wild fruits, but WHY SO EARLY? I’m an avid bird watcher and nearing 65 years of age and it seems like this scenario seems to be repeating itself every year with flocks of robins seen on bare lawns that are not providing earthworms, not even, “wormsicles”, because the ground is frozen solid! At this very moment I have a Female Red-winged Blackbird at my feeder, but, I was under the assumption that the males returned first, but I could be wrong on that. At least she can gorge on bird seed, suet and Extra-Crunchy Peanut butter to survive…yum! How much of an affect does climate change have on this behavior of birds, like the Robin, to appear in the heart of Winter? Concerned, Frankie, “The Bird Nerd”!

  154. Just a message today 8 th February Day-10. Night-15 I have seen a flock of Robin this morning out the kitchen window, the birds were odd as the colour for winter bird, but it was Robins , I live in Montreal Ahuntsic area

  155. Okay, so I’ve seen robins for about 2 weeks. It seems so pathetic that they have little to eat. They actually sit on the bird bath for extended periods. Is there anything we can put out for them to eat?

  156. Thanks i was so worried seeing Robins in my yard 2 weeks ago was afraidvthey would freeze to death i was all wasys told they come back in spring so glad to hear they are ok

  157. I looked out my home office this morning and a huge flock of robins eating berries off the tree in the front yard. I’ve never seen this before. We live in Little Rock, Arkansas.

  158. We suddenly have 11 robins in our yard even though its 15* and dropping to 7* at night. They are flying back and forth to a pile of leaves I disturbed when shoveling snow near my garden. They are busy kicking up more leaves!

  159. I have lived in Rockport/Fulton, Tex for 8 years and I don’t recall seeing ANY Robins. This year they are everywhere and I noticed they seem to stay together in a group. I wonder why so many came down to South Tex this year. Does it have anything to do with the global weather changing.

  160. Im in North Texas and have a flock of Robins (possibly 50-60) feeding on my Savanah Hollies. They’ll hang around for hours just circling the yard. Temps have been in the low 30s this week. I assume they’re feeding on the berries. What a sight.

  161. I’ve lived in San Antonio for nearly twenty years. In all those years combined, I’ve never seen the number of robins that I’m seeing right now as I write this! There must be at least 50 between my yard and the two yards to the left, flying in and out of the trees, drinking or eating from the neighbor’s gutter, and a few taking sips of water from my birdbath. It’s truly amazing and something I’ve never seen before! They chose an interesting time to show up- it’s colder than usual here today, about 45 degrees in the middle of a string of 70s. I hope I can get a good photo!

  162. 2-11-21 Rogers, AR

    Robins all over and the weather is ice cold and will go below zero tonight. About 20 or more up. How can they survive? Will they move on or stay. About 10 on the wood fence in back. On the ground near bushes close to the house. A cluster of 8 or so sitting on the round cover for the city water.

    I am afraid of birds but feel sorry for these robins. Can I do anything?

  163. I see Robins all year long. In 2015 I had about 500 at once, feasting on the holly berries in my yard and my neighbor’s yard. A friend who lives about 2 miles from me witnessed a similar phenomenon, yesterday. I have video of the event in 2015. I am an animal behaviorist and have searched for other accounts of this. Have you seen or hear of it?

  164. I see Robins all year long here in Colonial Beach VA. In 2015 I had about 500 at once, feasting on the holly berries in my yard and my neighbor’s yard during a snow storm. A friend who lives about 2 miles from me witnessed a similar phenomenon, yesterday, during a snow storm. I have video of the event in 2015. I am an animal behaviorist and have searched for other accounts of this. Have you seen or hear of it? Ah, yes, I see other accounts posted in the comments here!

  165. It’s mid-February, 2021 and I’m noticing hoards of big, fat robins flying everywhere. They’re darting and flying haphazardly, drinking up the water in our pool then leaving a little thank you splat. I’ve never seen anything like this except in the movie The Birds.

  166. 2/12/21 Navasota Tx
    This morning I am observing Robins visiting my yard and my neighbors. They scratch and eat and obviously know something I do not. The ground was frozen this morning yet those lovely birds are everywhere. Spring coming? I hope so. Thank you little birds. geny heywood

  167. I live in Ocoee, FL near Orlando, FL, and there is a flock of robins dwelling and flying throughout the apartment complex where I live. It is February 12, 2021, and it is currently 82 degrees.

  168. We had hundreds of Robins visit our yard Sunday February 7,2021.Tulsa Oklahoma

  169. Saw my first robin today. Don’t remember seeing robins this time of winter. He is chasing all the other birds away from the feeder.

  170. We have 30 or more Robins in our tallow tree every day right now. They eat the white berries, we think.

  171. February 12,2021- two flocks of robins! Holland,NY and Wales, NY. First time ever seeing robins this early. Temps have been in teens for almost two weeks and heavy snow cover.

  172. Last 3-4 days we are seeing literally hundreds of robins in our neighborhood. Not norm for this area. We are on edge of polar storm heading our way with below freezing and snow to come in a few days. Any explanation for this? Allen, Texas February 13, 2021

  173. We live in Plano, Texas, just north of Dallas. Yesterday, February 12, 2021, we had more than 50 very fat looking robins in our backyard. We have a pond with a waterfall running and they were drinking from it and also pecking at the ground. The temperature was cold, about 25 degrees and we are expecting snow on Monday due to the four storms circling the nation at the moment. They are back again today, although not as many. We’ve lived in this house since 1998 and this is the first year this has happened.
    Lori Putchinski

  174. We have thousands of robins in DFW area right now eating berries and pooping everywhere! Never seen so many here. 2-13-2021

  175. Just yesterday the first time in my 61 yrs of like I saw a flock of Robins out my window. Upper Yoder Johnstown Pa. Matt B

  176. I live in the Dallas area and I have never seen so many robins. I am wondering why.

  177. We have just noticed some in our yard this year. We keep food out for the Cardinals that come every year, but this is the first year I’ve seen the Robins.

  178. There is this very tall red berry Holley tree four doors from my house that red breast robins are feeding on.
    I have noticed that there are 30-40 red breast robins that has perched in my red maple tree for the last two days. They even bathe and drink melting snow in the gutter. They are very fun to watch. There is one problem. They poop a lot, leaving berry filled poop under my tree in the snow and on my lawn and on my sidewalk. I have also noticed worm like substances everywhere. This is very interesting to me. 2/13/21

  179. I live in Scurry TX. We’ve had dozens of Robins the last few weeks. They are very curious. I was sitting quietly on my porch and one came within 5’ of me looking me over.

  180. Sunday, Feb. 14, 2021. It is snowing in North Texas this morning, and we are seeing literally hundreds of male robins flying from tree to tree or just sitting on the ground, feathers all poofed out, making them look huge! We have some yaupon holly trees around, and they are feeding on the berries in the trees and those that have fallen on the ground. It’s a beautiful sight, as we don’t see big flocks of robins in the area. I am 65 years old, and I have never seen this many robins in one place! Even my dog seems amazed.

  181. Huge flocks are swarming our chinaberry trees. It’s Feb 2021 extreme cold, large males. We are in north Tx unusual cold, snow and very low temps predicted tonight. Its Valentine’s Day. Very interesting to watch.

  182. Hi Lisa, My husband and I live in Deephaven Mn near Lake Minnetonka. On thurs. Feb 11th we were sitting out on our south facing front porch getting some fresh air on a sunny day. We’ve been having about a week of below zero weather with -25 windchill. It’s 11am in the morning and suddenly we noticed lots of activity in a tree around 20 ft from us. we couldn’t believe our eyes, it was a flock (at least 6-10 ) of Robins. Lots with red bellies and some females. They kept flying over us and soon we realized that because the south facing roof was wet and dripping, they were drinking! of course we wondered where are they sleeping let alone eating. Now today is Sunday Feb 14th (Happy Valentines Day) and yes they are still here. I did some looking up on my computer and ended up with you. So I hope this helps you out in regards to migration and your project….your info was very informative. Minnesota -10 with a -25 windchill and it appears the males are staking out their territory and we are blessed with witnessing all of it!

  183. I live just north of Dallas. We’ve have a nest in the Laurel bush by our front door. A pair of robins has been around most of the winter. Right now we’re having the coldest weather we’ve had in years (18 and below) with a blizzard like conditions ahead. I’m glad I read this article because I was worried about their survival. We have holly berries in our front yard. I hope they can eat them.

  184. We live in the Ft. Worth area of Texas. There are flocks of Robins all over the place. We have lived here for 11 years and I have never seen so many Robin’s here. They are eating tge berries in the trees and drinking water out of the swimming pool. They are beautiful and fun to watch.

  185. This week before the arctic front hit, I saw male robins in flocks all over Graham Texas! I kept saying I need to research this so finally I did. Its an amazing sight

  186. Dallas is cold, 15 degrees, on Valentines Day. Many robins have come with the finches to clean berries from the Savanna Holly. It’s the coldest week of the year and amazing to see this large flock of robins looking so fluffy and full of energy. Glad to know they want lots of water to wash berries down. Enjoyed their visit!

  187. Thanks for the nature lesson! My husband and I noticed what seemed like a hundred or so robins in the live oak, magnolias and savannah holly in our backyard here in Dallas, Texas, just a couple of days ago – right before the big winter blast that has since arrived. It was amazing to watch!

  188. It is February 14 in Tulsa, Ok. We’re having an arctic storm. Very low temps and snow. Flocks of Robin’s arrived before the storm. I have 1 male robin that has decided my backyard is his territory. He won’t let any of the other birds eat or drink. He is on guard all day long. I’ve never seen this behavior before, and it seems a little early to stake out territory. It’s been interesting to watch him.

  189. I am amazed at the large number of robins in my yard. I’ve never seen so many at one time before. And we are having one of the coldest times we’ve ever had in Texas. I especially enjoy watching them from my bedroom window. They like eating the berries from the bushes and sit under our trampoline all fluffed-up. My cat sits in the window and I have enjoyed watching him watch the birds. Now why are so many of the birds in North Texas?

  190. Yes, my husband and I have really enjoyed watching a lot of Robins in our front yard the past few days. I first noticed one on top of my Holly bushes outside our front window, eating the red berries, I told my husband that was the biggest Robin I’d ever seen!! Then we started seeing dozens of them resting on the branches of our Japanese Maple tree, in our front flowerbed, and on the Holly bushes eating the berries, we also have lots of snow. One of the big Robins flew into our glass storm door, maybe he saw his reflection? Is the best way to put water out for them, in a bird bath?

  191. Pearland, TX has been seeing Robin’s for a couple of weeks. First time I’ve seen them. Beautiful sight.

  192. There were 13 robins at our bird bath, drinking. The first time we have seen them here in February!

  193. We have a flock of Robins that have been around all winter, which is unusual but up until this past week we’ve had a very mild winter. This past weekend and through the beginning of this week we are in an Arctic freeze, with wind chills going to -20, which is extremely unusual and lots of snow. Haven’t seen the Robins or Sap Suckers in a day or two and hope they are hunkered down in their nests. Saturday, prior to this snow storm, they were all in a feeding frenzy. I mentioned to my husband Saturday that we were in for a bad storm because the birds were filling up and sure enough usually we might get 2” of snow and we now have 6” and it is still falling. More to come Wednesday. Putting out seed and suet so they have some extra food.

  194. We have a male robin hopping around our little courtyard in NW Arkansas!! ( Very unusual!!). Its below zero and snowing here. We placed a cardboard box under the deck with a warming pad. He has claimed it! He is very calm, almost tame. He loves blueberries and dried cranberries. ❤️❤️❤️

  195. I just saw a group of 10-11 robins on a tree in my backyard in the greater Lansing area of Michigan. I’d noticed one several days ago, but wasn’t positive it was a robin because of the distance and how much it fluffed itself up. Thank you for this informative post that answered so many of my questions!

  196. Just before our big near record breaking freeze here in College Station, TX which started Sunday, February 14th for the last several days I have been seeing flocks of robins. Here in Texas I only see 1 or a handful in the spring but never flocks. I wonder if somehow they knew this sever wether was coming even before we did?

  197. This information has added so much to my knowledge of Robins . Thank you for allowing us to read And Learn how to care for our Robins

  198. In Oklahoma we are having very, very frigid temperatures, (-2, and feels like -21) two snow storms back to back, 1,5 ft. yesterday and electricity will be limited starting today. This is the coldest in history for our State.

    Yesterday during the very heavy snow storm, I looked out my front window on the south of my home, and there were fifty (50) birds in my large tree and ten (10) in the tall Azalea bush. A real flock! I was so surprised!! The birds are Robins, and some larger than others. Their orange breast feathers were all extremely fluffy. I had never seen the feathers so fluffy. When the snow storm was over, the birds left. Today the sun was out for a very short period of time, still extremely cold, and all the Robins were back in their two “favorite” spots!!!! The next snow storm is due tomorrow. Thank you for your nice article.

  199. We had at least two of these huge flocks come through NW Arlington TX a week ago. They stayed in our yard several days and seemed to eat the berries and seeds that the Cedar Wax Wings had missed. I think we saw only males judging by the coloring. And now the Polar Express has plunged us all into the deep freeze. Temps in the teens and sub zero. Many thanks for your great article. We’re going to try fill the bird bath with warm water. ?

  200. Winter here in OK. We’re in the single digits which I’ve never experienced here in Stillwater, OK. And yes, all the robins I’ve seen are in large groups, but in strange–to me–places. Like in the shrubbery that lines the lanes right in front of the strip mall stores. Usually those areas are full of the grackles (?) that live in parking lots.

  201. It’s below zero with wind chill, but single digits during the day. Last week, 2/7-8 / 2021 saw the first robin in southern Wi. Caught totally off guard. Just don t know how this bird can survive these temps. Yesterday bird #2 arrived

  202. Last week there hundreds of Robins that descended into my yard and trees. The next day there were less and now they are gone. It was below freezing and icy. I live in Muskogee, Oklahoma

  203. Literally more than 100 in the trees and sitting on the hedges close to my home. Harker heights, TX. They started showing up today, the morning after a night-long freezing cold snowfall.

  204. Had six Robbins at my heated birdbath Feb. 14th. I live in Grand Haven Michigan along the lakeshore. I am curious as to what they are eating. I have no bushes with berries nor do I see them in the near vicinity of our house. I do live out in the country. Also, is there any thing I can put out for them that they will eat?

  205. We have been seeing a larger number of robins than usual in Norman, Oklahoma. With the sub freezing temperatures we are having right now they seem to be present than usual. I had one out back the other day that was sure a little “chunky” trying to get inside a bush and having a hard time spotting a spot open enough to wiggle in! Thanks for your research into these beautiful birds.

  206. I live in South Oklahoma City, today’s temperatures never got up to 2 degrees. My back porch had ten to twelve Robins most of the day. They were very messy. Not sure where they were feeding but they sure left the remains behind. First time I’ve ever had so many Robins in one spot. They sat in the sun most of the day all puffed up and eating snow! It was interesting to read your post and explained why so many at one time. Thanks Karen Nydick

  207. The temp in southern Oklahoma is a record setting 10-0 degrees for the next week. There were 100’s ravaging my holly berry trees and bushes. They wiped out the red berries all around the house, which has never been done in the past 26 years that I have lived here. Beautiful to watch.

  208. By In Oklahoma, Temperatures are below zero and 23 below zero wind chill right now and I’m seeing huge gatherings of robins in my backyard and around the area. | Reply

    Temperatures are below zero and 23 below zero wind chill right now and I’m seeing huge gatherings of robins in my backyard and around the area.

  209. Tulsa Ok. Friday February 12th 2021 while looking out into my backyard from the sunroom I was in disbelief what I was seeing maybe 100 robins all over my garden. I was so excited and began taking pictures. We had about 1 /4″ of ice on the ground and extremely cold temperatures. I Jump into action got a container and offered water, I was so very happy what I was seeing about 13 Robin’s drinking at the same time 1 taking a bath some leave and others came. I thank God for this amazing privilege to see this beautiful site in my yard which lasted all day.refill the water 3xs .and the next day they were gone. Pictures available.

  210. According to this, I’m seeing over-wintering robins. I’ve seen an increase lately, in general, but the last few days we’ve had severe, freezing, snowy, (unusual for us) winter weather. Today I’ve seen dozens, maybe even 100 or more in my yard, in the trees, on my front porch, eating seeds from outside plant—it’s been pretty great! I’m 5 miles into Oklahoma across the Arkansas River from Fort Smith, AR.

  211. Had about 10-12 robins at my birdbath and friends reporting a lot of robins around our area. Arlington ,Tx

  212. We had a flock of about 30-50 of the most beautiful Robins visit our flowering crab apple tree. After reading I realize now they were all males. They were the biggest, fattest most robust Robins I’ve ever seen and I’m no spring chicken! It was just a day or two ago before this cold hit Oklahoma. It’s -1 now. I’m worried they’ll freeze! I’m so glad to read that their feathers were puffed up and they’re probably warm and safe. Thanks for the article ! I thought they had just way overeaten!

  213. We have been having flocks of deeply colored male robins for two weeks, They go for the berries on the Bradford pear trees. They come before a storm is predicted. Locally folks call them Canadian Robins,
    location: Portland , ME last flock: Feb 12

  214. I’ve never before noticed flocks of robins in deep winter. Last week, skiing in a brushy area of the Fingerlakes Forest near the pond area, there were several robins, flying from shrub to shrub, calling to each other, eating the few remaining berries on these bushes. They were not at all troubled by our intrusion. As I’d never seen this before, I doubted they were robins, but the Merlin app on my phone suggested they were. Now I’ve read your site and am happy to have some new knowledge of the birds in our area in winter. Surprising!

  215. We’ve had HUNDREDS of big, fat robins eating all the berries from our holly bushes in the past week, they’ve been really busy. We’ve been putting water out but with our record-breaking cold weather (3’f this morning in Fort Worth, TX) it freezes before any robins notice it.

  216. Never in 50 years living in Oklahoma have I seen so many robins in winter. Currently, we are besieged by polar vortex. Record low temps (below zero!). Very worried about all our birds. Why are the robins here so early?

  217. There is a single male at my feeders, probably the same guy as last year, and he likes not just the heated bird bath for water, but also the cracked sunflower seed.
    Last year I saw him take a bath with a starling, a couple of times. They didn’t mind sharing.
    Something I am noticing for the first time is his standing erectly and flicking his tail a lot. I think they do that in the summer but it seems more noticeable as he sits on our deck rail.
    Why do they do their tail flick?

  218. Valentine’s day I noticed as many as fifty robins in my back yard!! They were hovering around one tree!! It is shaped like a bell and they were on the tree and some going inside the branches. I think it is some type of holly.
    I have never seen them in the past!! Some were on other trees and a few on the ground!! It was an amazing sight!! They were there most of the afternoon and then disappeared!!
    Glad to get the information!! I live in Ardmore, Oklahoma!!

  219. February 16, 2021. Today the temperature here in College Station, Tx at my front door is 16 degrees. We have 4 inches of snow and it dropped to 6 yesterday. I saw my first robin 2 weeks ago and how they survived this unusual winter’s blast , I don’t know. I have water and bird seed feeders in my back yard and I noticed a robin eating and drinking and scratching in the leaves uncovered by my footsteps in the snow. I am amazed that the robin survived the nights and another wintery blast is predicted.
    Lois Carpenter
    602 San Benito Court
    College Station, Tx 77845

  220. The robins returned in late January. It is 3 degrees right now with more snow coming. Definitely not spring weather! They are eating the berries on our nandina bushes.

  221. We are in North Central Texas in Ennis (25 miles south of Dallas)and for the past few days have had single digit temps and today we noticed LARGE flocks of male robins in our trees, drinking water from our fountain (we pour hot water in it to keep fresh water), drinking in the street where cars have driven over and melted the snow.
    They aren’t eating out of our bird feeders in our back yard too much (yet) but hanging out in the front yard

  222. Hi from Ponder Texas! We are in the middle of a crazy winter storm (February 14 th , lasting about a week) and a flock (maybe 100) were eating our holly berries for a day along with some bird seed we put out. The next day they were gone. I enjoyed the article and information!

  223. Hundreds in our yard. Front, back and roof. Trees covered. Fence lined. One degree and foot of snow. Never seen anything like this before. O KC. OK.

  224. I live in Edmond, Oklahoma and have been seeing robins during our snow storm! Did not see them this past spring or summer yet here they are in the middle of a historic blizzard!

  225. We have had flocks of robins all over Plano TX in the last week even with snow and freezing temperatures

  226. I have flocks of them in my yard. We just had record freeze in Mansfield TX at 0 degrees. They are eating all the berries off the bushes.

  227. We have been seeing numerous flicks of robins (males) in our front yard for weeks now. (LaGrange, GA) never noticed so MANY before! What’s that about????

  228. In NW Wichita,KS a male Robin over winters and eats the crabapples from the tree in our backyard! I never see a female!

  229. We have at least 50 in our front yard eating berries. It’s the first time we have had Robins. It is 4 degrees here. I have put out water, but it freezes within minutes.

  230. On Feb 7 of this year, in a snowstorm, I had a flock of robins arrive at my privet hedge. For the next 2 hours they proceeded to strip my huge holly of all its berries. It was amazing to watch!
    A week later Facebook posted a memory that I had posted 4 years earlier documenting a similar situation.
    I live in Southwestern CT.

  231. I live in Blue Springs, MO. Boy, it is cold. A couple of days ago I saw a robin, just one. Then this morning, it was next to my house, just one. It didn’t fly off, it just ran along the front of the house. I just felt bad for it. Because it’s cold outside. Will robins eat those dried worms you can buy in the store?

  232. For the last two days during these frigid temps,I have watched dozens of robins descend on my holly bushes,which have been picked clean of holly berries. I should have videoed it but was too busy watching them. Must have been really hungry !

  233. Couple of weeks ago flock stayed in my front yard almost undeterred and neither people or cats moved them, I do have 3 Bradford pear trees.. they made a mess, spreading leaves and berries.. since then I’ve seen an occasional one

  234. I saw a tree full of robins the other day in North Dallas! A guy and his dog walked by and they all scattered and then settled down again! I took a video on my phone I can send it to you if possible!
    Also had 5 robins on our feeder/birdbath area the other day! Such a surprise.

  235. I reported to Journey North. Edmond, Oklahoma had sub zero temps one day of wind chill -31. A large group of robins were in our trees, flying around and around, attempting to roost, but could not. This went on for also the next day. The robins would puff out their feathers, and had labored breathing. It was hard to watch.

  236. I live in Fort Worth, TX and we are in the middle of an ice, snow and low-temperature winter storm. As such, there has been an increase in Robin sightings. It is such a nice surprise to look out the window and see such beautiful birds. We are, at the present moment, homebound because of the icy roads. If not, we may not have noticed the influx. There really is a silver lining to everything.

  237. Im in Tulsa Oklahoma and about two weeks ago I started seeing alot of them.

  238. I live in Keller , Texas. We just had the worst snow storm in 10 years (Down to 0 ) I looked out in my backyard by a Yaupon Holly tree and there were 50 robins in the tree eating those red berry’s . I was so shocked. Never seen that many robins . We see the cedar waxwings come in and clean the trees in less than a hour ,but this was amazing. Then I read this article – understand now – I have been feedings all the birds and giving them water about every 3 hours because it freezes Thank you

  239. About a week ago we saw at least 100 of them in our yard and wondering why they were here so soon. We also observed that we hear lots of bird sounds in the last month that is not normal for around our parts!

  240. Had a massive flock of Robins mixed with Waxwings yesterday feeding off the last berries on a lugustrom bush/tree that the Waxwings had not stripped the last few weeks. I’m in Fort Worth, Texas, sw side of town. And, the date was 2/16/21.

  241. I’ve lived in Texas all of my 61 years. When I was a child, I remember seeing robins every spring in my northeast Texas town. I moved to Dallas as an adult, and I’ve seen fewer and fewer robins over the years. It has become exciting to see one. Yesterday, during this crazy winter we’re having, an entire flock appeared in our neighborhood! They are EVERYWHERE! I wonder what brought them here this year. So exciting!

  242. We have had two or three land in our back yard looking for food. We have snow on the ground so we scattered some crumbled crackers out for them. Looked like males, red bellies. I was worried about them, we have coldest temps and treacherous conditions ever in Texas. I live near Dallas, my sister lives in Burleson, Texas and she saw droves of them eating red berries on shrubs.

  243. This was helpful information. There have been several “fat” robins all over the place in my yard.

  244. Had a hugh flock of Robins today engulfed a berry ladened Yopon tree in backyard. Completely ate every berry. I have video of this event. I have never witnessed this before. February 17,2021, Mesquite,Tx

  245. This was very interesting. Very educateing information, never knew that a robin temp. was that high as Oklahoma has cold winters. I too thought that when you first seen them that spring was right around the corner.

  246. I live in the Dallas/North Texas area. There are hundreds of Robins in flocks landing in my yard and nextdoor yard. The neighbor’s dense, berry filled tall shrub caused a lot of noise thus morning. Then caused a big mess on the snow in my front and back yard. Needless to say, I loved seeing this very unusual activity.

  247. Now we know whats going on, Here in Oklahoma City 2/15/21 – 2/18/21 Just had three big snow storms with temps as low as -10 with wind chills -25. And our home and trees are like something out of Hitchcock’s Birds with Robins. Flocks of 25 or more everywhere all trying to attack the several holly bushes. Just an awesome sight and all the red berries are gone. Took some great pics .

  248. It Feb 18, 2021 near Fort Worth Texas. I have about 30+ robins in and around my yard. I have observed them eating berries, eating snow and looking around for any insects. It has been the most amazing thing because I have never seen so many all at once.

  249. Feeding and watching birds in Louisiana. Red birds, bluejays,
    Mourning doves, etc. Today,02/18/21
    the yard was invaded by blackbirds?
    Fruit-n-Nuts, black oil seeds, last bought some millet & black oil seeds,
    due to the cold and number of birds.
    Thought the corn chops might help keep them warm. Fill the squirrels.

  250. I have had robins for two weeks. They stripped all of the hollys in the neighborhood and then the snow came. I keep food and water out so they have stayed. Today I could count 30+. Between the feed tray and the tree. It is warming today so I’ll be interested to see if they stay. There seem to be a few less brightly colored but not sure if they are females.

  251. We’ve always had a few robins around but here in East Texas, in the midst of the Texas snowpocalypse of 2021, we’ve had 15-20 at a time for the last 4-5 days. I read that they don’t eat bird seed and have trouble digesting it but these are gobbling it up like crazy. Will they be okay??? I’ve put out over 100 lbs of food for a wide variety of birds during all this snow and ice, along with fresh water, to try to help them. Many in our community are reporting lots of frozen birds but my backyard visitors seem to be doing well.

  252. We live in Texas North Dallas. Before this big winter storm hit us the robins were everywhere in big flocks. Everyone was commenting on this. Many started feeding them with Meal Worms. I don’t think I have ever seen that many at a time. Did the robins come because of the artic air coming. It is still freezing temps out side during the day. I have not seen flocks since all the snow came. Is this all natural for them.
    Thank you

  253. Plano, Texas – We have been thrilled to have a huge group of robins in our fair city for a week now even though we’ve had the coldest snowy days in 71 years! From all over our city, flocks of 100s of male robins have been seen! I’ve lived here 44 years and have never seen them in large numbers!!

  254. On February 17th, during the worst winter storm here in Garland, Texas (outside of Dallas), my home was overrun by hundreds if not a thousand American Robins. Most of them were perched in my neighbors trees across the street. They seemed to coordinate swooping down on the snow covered yaupon holly trees in my yard to eat the berries. It was like a scene out of Hitchcock’s “The Birds” movie flying into the bay glass skylight windows. Included in the same group of birds were Cedar Waxwings too (on a smaller scale but very unusual I thought to see them together). After about 45 minutes of eating and resting in the trees, they moved on. I have lived here 35 years and have never witnessed anything like it. The cedar waxwings are not unusual to see in the winter devouring the berries. We never see robins in the winter months.

  255. Hundreds of Robin’s came thru BedfordTX while we are having rare below freezing temps and snow. Feb 15, 2021.

  256. My husband and I saw a flock of robins on the road outside of Angelica, NY on Feb. 13th. We had never seen a robin, let alone a flock, this early. There were hundreds of them! We had to slow down because they were feeding along the road. We were concerned because we have had frigid temperatures. This article helped us understand that they know what they are doing!

  257. We’re seeing 6 to 8 robins at our heated water dish. They’ve been around for about 10 days. They seem to enjoy peanuts in the shell. We put out raisins and cut up apples but no takers. My husband saw them go into one of the birdhouses. Is that common? We enjoy all the birds.

  258. Robins are here in Southeast Texas! They don’t mind the snow and freezing temps this week!

  259. Hundreds of robins reported all across Arlington, Texas. Many, many Facebook posts. I saw them out our window tues feb 16, flying east, in trees, wave after wave in the air. Then yesterday Wednesday same phenomenon but they were flying west . We’ve been in the middle of extreme cold and snow.

  260. This past freezing week (Feb 15- Feb. 19, 2021) I have had a flock of Robins all over my back yard in Tulsa, OK. I’ve counted at least 30, but there may have been more. They’ve been eating the holly berries and seem to be digging around in the garden next to my house. They have made a huge mess of leaves and their droppings on my back patio, but have been fun to watch.

  261. Yes we live in Benton Arkansas and just noticed a very large amount of Robins flying around late in the afternoon next door to a friend that lives on my street. I mean there were tons of them! We were surprised and also enjoyed the show they put on !

  262. Yesterday a large flock of robins (about 25 or more) swarmed my heated bird bath in mid-Michigan. This with 14” of snow from the previous day. They stayed for about an hour.

  263. I live in Kittery, Maine and for the first time ever have a flock of Robins in my yard, most likely due to the unfrozen water I have provided this year. This piece has answered all the questions I had when I first saw them since I only ever see solitary Robins, so thank you for writing it. It was a sight to behold, twelve Robins in and on the edges of my bird bath and countless others in the bushes around it and on the ground, waiting for their turn. Just beautiful.

  264. I observed a flock of robins that came into our yard during our really cold weather here in north TX. Swarmed around some our holly bushes. Never seen robins in mass, and really can’t recall seeing any during the rest of the year. I’m sure they are here, but I don’t see them. Is there a particular way to draw robins in yard? We have not put out any bird food in years. We have feral cats that live in our yar d (I captured and neutered them, so they stayed) and felt when we put our food that we were luring birds to their death. Our last cat is aging now, and we will once again feed the birds. Love to see robins and cardinals. Those were the most common birds of my childhood and my grandmother’s favorite. So, they are special to me. Thanks for posting this piece. Brought me joy this morning.

  265. I feed insectivores in my backyard year round. Right now, with the arctic blast encompassing the southwest, my offering of live mealworms are the difference between survival or not. (Writing this on the 10th day of sub freezing temps 24/7 in Tulsa, OK) I observed the arrival of a robin shortly into the 10 day freeze. That robin was dominant, of course, and would back off when other birds arrived. In fact all of the birds, regardless of species, would eat and then head to the edge of my yard where I have oaks and deep thick bushes. But for about 7 days now, and increasingly, the robin will just camp out on or next to the warming plate of mealworms. He will literally attack bluebirds brave enough to try to fly down and grab a bite. He fends off the phoebes, but doesn’t fly after them or the wrens like he does the blues. And now? A second robin has arrived. I must admit to shooing them off, or even using my home fashioned/not very well working pea shooter at them. I don’t want them to starve, I only want them to back off and allow the others a bite of food. The behavior is very distressing to me.

  266. I have lived in Forney, TX for going on 15 years and for the first time we have had huge numbers of robins in our trees, along our fences and in both our front and back yards. They are all over our neighborhood in great numbers. It was surprising because we just had an unprecedented long period of temperatures below freezing and more snow lasting longer than just a day or two. It was nice to see the birds and I am glad to know they can survive these weather conditions. Thank you for the information on these beautiful birds.

  267. I’m in central Texas , Smithville to be exact. The date is February the 19th and fir the last two weeks I’ve been seeing Robin’s for the first time in 30 plus years. At first I wasn’t sure, then it was more the one at a time. Today I’m 12 miles in Bastrop, Texas and we’ve been seeing Robin’s around here as well. For the longest time I’ve been under the impression that the fire ants killed the all off. They are indeed here and it’s extremely nice to see them again.

  268. Last week there were probably 30-50 robins in my yard, I saw them a few days but haven’t seen any this week. I live on Cape Cod, MA. My daughter told me today she saw a bunch in her yard today, she lives in RI. I do see Cardinals all the time.

  269. I live in Arlington TX and I have seen flocking red breast in my holly bushes. It was such a beautiful site. They have just about eaten all the red fruit berries off the bushes. GOD MAKES ALL THINGS BEAUTIFUL .

  270. We’ve just experienced unusually cold weather (as low as -1* ) just North of Dallas in Allen, Texas and for a couple of days had hundreds of Robins in a wooded area by our home. Have never seen them so early and in this weather,…your article addressed that…thank you!

  271. On Tuesday February 16, 2021 we had about 50 or more of these Robins in our yard on or trees and found our Bushes full of berries and they were swarming them in front and ate every last one. Many of them in the ground and in trees and sitting on our back fence. Where the snow had melted some were pecking the ground in search of other food and some just eating the snow off our sidewalk in back. We took several photos of them as we watched.
    Renee’ James-Gilbert
    Fort Worth, Texas 76118

  272. With the big ice and snow storm in Texas this week, we’ve had a multiple instances of robins feeding!

  273. have you seen lots of robins it’s been so cold here in Texas about 25 miles south of Fort Worth. On Wednesday a huge flock of robins coming to the yard I would say there was probably over 100 red breasted robins. They were here for quite a while roasted in the trees I noticed that they went to the bathroom all over the fence it was all black look like black tar head hit the fence and my dogs food bowl was bombarded. They’re still here I see them forging around and there was a lot of snow it was very cold I thought why are they here it’s so cold because we had light below zero freezing temperatures for for five days. I just learned thatThe Robin can survive in really really cold! i’ll have to clean up my fence I hope it warms up and melts all the snow and ice and that our winter cabin fever is gone. This storm affected a lot of people in Texas no power no food no water I hope that the next time we have such an event our state is better prepared and our infrastructure is sound if our legislators in our governor will make sure then the next timeWe get a bad winter storm it’ll be a lot easier on us I pray. No just as the red Robin is the survivor so are we! We will continue to fight for freedom and each other even in the midst of the storm the anchor holds, In spite of the storm the red red Robin goes Bob Bob Bob in a long. Only a creator like God can all all his creation with his Genius and Beauty amen

  274. The robins in this area of North Texas are eating berries Nd then flying in a frenzy! Then they cover everything with bird poop! Some are saying they are intoxicated from fermented berries!!

  275. I’ve had a robin bashing into my window pane (french doors) for two days now here in Dallas; I’ve tried putting things in front of the Windows to discourage this but nothing is working! Been here 23 years and have never had such a determined bird.

  276. We have about 100 robins devouring the red berries of a big bush 8 inches of snow on the ground. Sulphur Springs Texas

  277. In the past we felt fortunate to see four Robins during any season. HOWEVER, this year there has been an exciting abundance of them. They first appeared January 10, 2021, and have remained . . . even during our unexpected ‘Blizzard’ this week. They’re generally seen in groups of 30 – 40 of the sweet birds.

  278. We have hundreds of American Robins in Keller, Texas. I’ve lived in this house for 21 years. I rarely saw Robins. I’ve been wondering why there is such an abundance this year.

  279. We have been seeing male Robins in Frisco, TX for a couple of weeks before the snow & freezing temperatures that started February 13. Just saw a big male outside the window on the ground where snow had melted. They are being chased by the Mockingbirds. Haven’t heard them singing.

  280. Yesterday afternoon, I was in my office, looked out the east window because I had heard a large fluttering sound. I see hundreds of Robins in my yard and in every tree. My yard has maple, oak, sycamore, and three holly trees covered with red berries. They stripped those holly trees in an hour or so.

    L. Pat Dunn, 615 E. Proctor, Weatherford, Ok 73096

  281. We had about 100 or more robins in our backyard early one morning this week during our cold weather. Our pool was not frozen, so they all sat around the pool. Some would swoop in. I live in Carrollton, Texas. It was fun to watch them. I wish now I had taken a picture.

  282. As I’m reading this article we have a flock of about 40 in our back now. They have eaten all the red berries off the Hollies and have enjoyed the pool/spa water. We live in Parker, TX and have enjoyed watching them all this week through the snow and frigid temperatures.

  283. There are American Robin’s noticed every where in Anna, Tx.
    From: Rhonda Simmons.
    Thank You Jesus.
    The storm is over now.

  284. On Valentine’s Day a flock of robins appeared at my heated bird bath. I have never seen them this early with about 24 in of snow on the ground. They do like drinking the water from the bird bath but I’m so worried if they’re getting enough nutrition. I live in Southeastern wisconsin.

  285. Last spring, a robin’s nest was built on our front porch, in the (new) hanging pansy plant. I am wondering whether to hang another plant in the same location this year.

    We watched both parents feed the three hatchlings and watched their progress, until they flew away.

    In past years, we saw robin nests, as well as hummingbird nests, in the cedars.

  286. This week in Dallas, during the huge winter storm, our neighborhood had hundreds of robins in a flock show up, and go en masse from street to street looking for berries. We put out water for them and they drank like they were very thirsty. What a sight that was!

  287. I live in Watauga Texas and I have had a flock of 15 to 20 Robins in my yard the past week. Today the snow has melted pretty much and they’ve evidently been getting worms and bugs out of the ground. When they take off flying they zoom from place to place then land and search for food again. First time I’ve seen so many in one place at the same time.

  288. Last summer we had a robins’ nest in an evergreen tree in our front yard. When I was watering flowers nearby the robins would dive-bomb me. Ouch! Is that unusual? That had never happened to me before.

  289. I saw tons of robins flocking in trees on February 17 here in Fort Worth. It was a sight to see! I’ve never seen flocking robins before. Prior to Feb. 17 I would just see 1-2 eating near my bird feeder and hanging out in the snow. They are the biggest I’ve ever seen. So interesting. They seemed to enjoy the VERY cold temps from our tragic cold front/artic blast. Didn’t see any today – Feb. 19 — it warmed up to over 32° today! WHERE did they go so quickly?
    North to Oklahoma?

  290. Robins have been in our yard in Wharton, Texas, for two weeks now. They were first spotted around February 1, 2021.
    They are working under the piles of leaves and in our winter vegetable garden. I have seen them eating one of the apples I put out for the birds. Have really enjoyed watching them. Have not had them in over 15 years.

  291. All winter long, people have been astounded by the number of robins around north Texas (flocks of 20- 60). Today, the sun came out in Plano, the temps rose just above freezing for a couple hours, and the robins went crazy, preening in the little puddles of melt water on the sunny side of the street. They also mobbed my Savannah holly trees.

    No other birds seem to like these berries and they last all winter long. Today, the robins were chowing down on them and then warming up on my south facing roof. These particular berries may have a more waxy coating than others. When I wash them off the patio, it actually gets sudsy!

  292. We live in north Texas, Denton, and just before this storm hit we had a flick of 6 Robin’s perched in front tree w one very territorial and eating berries. Mostly males. Beautiful site. We sit in a migration pattern for many birds. The robins use our bird seed in back but this was first time big group out front to enjoy as I worked. Then the storm hit! Hopefully we see them soon again. Only Cardinals n Grey sparrows right now. Enjoyed your article.

  293. I live in Fort Worth, Texas and this week we have had terrible snow storm I have seen 50-100 robins in my yard where in the past I would maybe see a couple. I did keep food and water out 2X per day.

  294. On February 5, 2021, I saw a flock of robins feasting on my crabapple trees during a snowstorm in central Michigan. There were at least 30, although they were hard to count as they flew from branch to branch. Then while I was watching them from my kitchen window, a flock of cedar waxwings joined them. My small trees were quickly being picked clean. I’m so glad I planted them now that I know they are such a good source of winter food for birds. This is the second time I’ve seen this phenomenon. The first was in Minnesota, also during a late winter snowstorm.

  295. They are in Sugar land Texas during our unprecedented freeze. At least 75 to 100

  296. We’ve had Robins all last week in Texas during the snow. I was amazed to see them outside during the one degree temperatures. Then I noticed all the other birds that swooped in to eat and left. The Robin stayed in the yard for a while and then left. It was so cool!

  297. Live in suburbs North of Dallas, Tx. This week during our super cold weather and snow event here we observed huge flocks of Robins swarming around homes with holly bushes. They stripped all the berries in no time. It was kind of bizarre but interesting to watch. We’ve never seen so many Robins at once! This was happening all week in our area.

  298. Margaret Gill Dorsett Feb. 19th, 2021
    Kingwood, Texas 77339. Feb. 19, 2021

    I had two large flocks of Robbins eating yaupon berries
    from large yaupon trees in my back yard. The flocks came
    twice while I was watching. The trees are almost cleaned
    I was so surprised to see they were robbins! Texas had
    The terrible power outage durring this time, we had freezing
    weather for several days.

  299. Very interesting! I have always wondered where they were before Spring and after- it’s a pleasant, reassuring sight of Spring!

  300. Hundreds of Robin’s flocking into my yard and eating the berries off my trees and bushes. This behavior lasted for about four or five days.

  301. I live in Michigan and have two heated birdbaths, last week we observed our first male! What a treat, but I was concerned about his survival. Your article put my fears to rest! Thank you!

  302. I live in Dallas, Texas, and right in the path of the storms that caught Texas off guard. After three days of power outages and freezing in the dark, the fourth day — which was Thursday, February 18th — brought temperatures into the 30-degree range. The first joyful sight I had was observing at least 100 or more Robins eating the fruit from the trees in my yard and my neighbors’ yards! It was beautiful. One of my fruited trees is right outside my window in one of my rooms. I sat there watching the Robins for almost a half an hour. Prior to the Robins’ arrival, my tree was beautiful and full with red berries. Knowing the birds were getting nourishment from my trees made me so happy! And now my trees are just green. Oh, well. But your article answered the question in my mind of how can they withstand such freezing cold temperatures! Oh, they were also lined up across mine and my neighbor’s roof drinking the water that was melting from all the icicles. It was fascinating and beautiful.

  303. Large flocks of robins have been seen this week in Burleson, Tx area. I had not seen robins in large groups like this except when we had figs on the ground in the summer. They didn’t stay long at my house but others have reported them feeding on berries for a day or two.

  304. Irving, TX – spotted about 20 Robins feeding off of berries in my neighbors yard. Snow and single digit temperatures. This was a first time observation. A most beautiful and surprising event. I captured video from a second story window.

  305. Saw a small flock on my country Rd here in Southern N.Y.
    Also, heard one in my yard singing, but couldn’t get my eye on him.
    We’ve always had robins, but this is the first time I’ve seen any in early February.

  306. When I was teaching in Munising, Michigan a pair of robins built their nest on the window cell under a huge pine tree right outside my bedroom window. I drew the shade to give them privacy but checked on them from time to time. One day the eggs began to hatch. I brought my class of 10 year olds through the convent and we all silently watch the newly hatched babies being care for by their parents. We made several trips to see the progress of the birds as the little ones grew and finally flew away. . That was in 1959 yet the memory if still fresh. Sister Noella McLeod., OP

  307. We live in upstate New York, in the Town of Richmondville, NY. We had a flock of robins in our backyard over a week ago . ( Mid February 2021) . I heard them before I saw them . They were around for a few days eating berries off our crab apple trees. They were a sight to see/hear!

  308. I’ve seen what I think is the same robin at my feeding station in Columbus, Ohio, for the past three weeks or so. I thought it was a female, but now realize it was a male with his feathers all fluffed out. We had single digit morning temps this week, but the robin was here every day. (Also have recognized a cardinal pair, lots of finches and sparrows, some starlings and crows, and a couple of big bluejays. My squirrels are happy, too.)

  309. Does the male being territorial explain why the robin throws itself at its reflection in my windows… a habit difficult to discourage?

  310. After several days of snow and temps in the teens, snow started to melt. Today is 4th day we’ve had a huge flock of robins eating under our cedar tree .Seldom even see one robin here in SW Oklahoma pastureland.

  311. I live in Crosby, TX. Before February 14th the robins were everywhere. They were here during the cold blast this week but boy did I see them in the yard again today. It was in the 50s instead of the 20s. This is more than I’ve seen since I moved here in 2016. I’ll definitely keep my eyes out for other signs.

  312. Many questions have been answered. I love feeding birds and taking pictures of them. I will start setting up a water source for. Thanks again.

  313. Thank you! We found this article most enjoyable and informative, as we have seen “big, fluffy” robins in our yard this week (earlier than we’ve ever remembered), feasting on the red berries from our barberry and holly bushes …in the coldest temps. and most snow accumulations we’ve had all winter, in northern Indiana!

  314. 2/20/2021, Abilene Tx. I had 6 robins in the yard today. 24” of snow had melted and grounds saturated. Went to the door and there they were digging in the ground. Took photo but opening the door scared then so I threw bread. Other birds came not the robins. Then I read the article that they do worms. Learned a lot from the read.

  315. Well just about a week ago before we had our really bad and the worst snow storm we had ever experienced, I noticed out in my ditch was a real fat robin so I felt sorry for the bird because the weather was so icy cold, so I proceeded to get a blanket and reach down and I was going to cover the bird with the blanket because it looked like she was pregnant because she was so big and fat! But I didn’t know the difference or anything about this until I read this wonderful article here! But I thought she was injured or something but when I approached the bird, the bird just flew off but then to my surprise when I came in the house and looked out the window the same bird was sitting in the exact same spot where I tried to help the bird because I thought the bird was freezing to death! And then the next day I heard a bunch of singing going on and I thought what in the world is going on? Because normally the birds do not sing when it’s ice all over the ground and snow about 3 ft deep out here! And now I have a better understanding since I read this wonderful article and I would like to thank you for bringing this to help me to better understand the life of the robin birds! Thank you so much and you have a blessed day and I will keep my eyes out for the beautiful robins coming to my house so I guess I need to put them out some water and I have not been able to get out to get them some food for all my birds and my squirrels that comes to visit me because I’m snowed in and the bird food has gotten out of hand because I buy the premium nut and fruit mixture for the birds and then the squirrel wants to eat it all up and it’s about $25 a bag so my poor little birds and squirrels has not had anything to eat in quite a while! But I will try my best to put out some food for these wonderful babies that keeps me happy and looking out the window and enjoying my birds! Thank you so much yours truly Pamela Manning

  316. 2-20-21..enjoyed perhaps 15 male robins in the warmer day after several very cold snowy days in North Little Rock. Odd how comfortable they are around human activity.
    What a delightful article..tnx.

  317. Robins are here! With all the rain we have had, worms would be swimming… Seems still too cold to be making nests, but the boys are here. Chesapeake, VA.

  318. Can you comment on the robins’ being more plump than normal? Do they store fat more so in Winter than normal to keep them both energized and warm?

  319. Just before the freezing weather we had here in Texas we saw what had to be thousands of robins at a local park in La Grange. They were all walking around on the ground eating. Then the next day they were in trees about a mile away. The cars that were parked under the trees were COVERED in bird poop the next day. Once the freezing weather was over they were all on the ground again.

  320. I live in Smithville, TX and am seeing many robins. We just came out of a freeze, and the robins sometimes would sit in the snow for several hours. I thought they were dying, but when I went out to rescue them, they flew away. I do not have a bird feeder. The robins were just pecking around on the ground. I still have a few grasshoppers around, so perhaps they caught some. I don’t think I have seen any females.

  321. We saw a flock of about 30+ Robins in a field across from our home outside of Hot Springs, Arkansas 2 weeks ago. They were here for about 2 days and we have not seen any since. Just got over a 16″ snow which lasted two days and is just melting now with 40+ temps. Thanks for sharing this well written article.

  322. The last week of January 2021 we saw 20 robins at a time , a sight in Ft. Worth ,Texas we are nut use to. I have a friend in Mississippi who mentioned these sightings also, and this started people reporting the same across the southern part of the nation.

  323. We had robins around our place central Texas (Bartlett Texas) I believe just what you wrote about,the weather was very cold here ( February ) but it was great to see them every where.

  324. For three weeks now,I have observed a lone fat Robin in my backyard feeding among the many other species, it turns it head side ways close to ground looking for worms,it doesn’t seem all that interested in the seeds.

  325. I live outside of Houston.yes, it snowed and was cold. I have seen flocks of Robin in and around where I live. They started showing up about 2 weeks ago. I remember my mother always said “Red Robins are in the yard so we will be done soon with the cold”.

  326. Dozens and dozens of robins here in southeast Texas and they’ve been here for many weeks. I see them eating the dry berries left behind on tallow trees. I usually dread those berries falling on my driveway but the robins have been a real help with that nuisance.

  327. Thousands of robins all over Texas in this horrible weather we just had. They’re in flocks, eating juniper berries in trees, drinking snow. We never see them here until much later. Thanks for this article. It explains a lot. They’re having a HUGE bird party on our land.

  328. I saw my first robins on Feb 15th. They were in a protected area by a fir tree. Snow had melted in an arc away from the tree. The robins were on the grass between the tree and snow. There were about seven of them. Love to see the first robins of the year.

  329. I live in Bellville, TEXAS and I’be never seen so many Robins in my 72 years on this earth. They look like grazing cattle, but smaller. All females.

  330. Wow finally an answer to the groups of robins messing with my brain. I thought I was seeing things when I first spotted these flocks of robins by open water area of my frozen pond. They were hanging out in single digit temps during January in Michigan. I couldn’t believe it. I’d never seen this behavior before now. I can now rest assured I’m joined by others who are seeing such amazing sightings

  331. We received 5-6 inches of snow in McKinney, Texas this past week. One day, as the snow was melting off of the roof of the house behind us, I noticed a flock of over 20 robins flew onto the roof. They seemed to be sunning for about 10 minutes! I’ve never seen them this early before Spring !

  332. I live outside of Medina, Tx and we had an unusual snow event last week and now there are red breasted robins all over our property. Since it rarely snows here it is something I have just observed this year. We have about 50 acres and they are everywhere. All the snow has melted and our temperatures are rising to the 60’s- 70’s. Thought you might like this info. Leslie

  333. Yesterday morning, Feb 20, 2021, I was awakened by birds. Flocks of birds swirling all around my home chirping loudly. I viewed an awesome sight! A berry shrub was being shaken by a flock of these birds. It was crazy, but after reading the article about the robins, everything made sense!!! I was in awe for sure. The Robin is my Michigan state bird. I viewed this event in Texas. I’m so glad they come to visit me and my yard!

  334. From Central Ohio, we’ve seen several robins, haven’t see large flocks though, throughout this cold, snowy winter. They have been the only bird we’ve seen eating chokeberries that were plentiful for the first time this year. We keep two heated bird baths going all late fall, winter and into spring. The robins love to bathe and drink from them, especially in the mornings. We have tray feeders with homemade suet cakes containing seeds, lard, peanut butter and mealworms. They like those so much. They also clear our serviceberry bushes of all berries in late spring. Robins are wonderful! Thanks for your helpful information!

    QUESTION: I have some old feather pillows that if tossed about my yard would any birds use them for nesting?

  336. Feb. 21, 2021. We moved back into our house on the 18th of February after spending a couple of nights with our daughter who had not lost power during our most unusual period of very cold temperatures and heavy snow. I opened the miniblinds that opened into our backyard and saw a most unusual sight…… The leafless tree in our backyard was covered with what appeared to be many fluttering leaves. Then as I watched, the “leaves” took flight. A large number of small birds flew out across the neighborhood. One chubby little one stayed on top of the fence long enough for me to see the coloring and feel sure these were robins. I am 83 years old and do not ever remember seeing this same event before, certainly not in this area in North Texas where we have lived for over forty years!
    I was so happy to have this article pop up on my Kindle this morning and give Lisa’s explanation to me!

  337. We saw lots of Robins during the extreme cold weather here in kirbyville, Tx. The Robins were all very fat. I enjoyed reading your article because I was wondering why i was seeing so many in the cold weather.

  338. I live in Richmond, Texas, just west of Houston, and saw a Robin visit my backyard during our snow / ice storm and 5 days of below freezing temperatures.

    I put out extra birdseed, which attracted birds that don’t typically visit our backyard.

    It was the first time I have ever seen a Robin in this area.

  339. Today is 2/21/21 and in my 81 years this is the first time I have ever saw a male robin in the winter. We live in Williamston, Michigan where the temperature was below zero two days ago, and today’s temp only reached a high of 32 degrees. The robin was sitting in a flowering berry tree that the squirrels eat from all winter. The tree is about picked clean, but the robin was eating one of the few berries left. We have very little open ground in our yard, only a place we shovel out for the dog to do her business, the rest of the yard is three and four foot snow banks so I was really, really stunned to see a robin sitting in a tree .I will put out some fresh water as you suggest. We do have several bird feeders that we fill a couple times a day,some suet blocks, as well as food for the squirrels that the deer help themselves to also. I sincerely hope this robin finds enough to eat, and a warm place to sleep.

  340. 2/21/21 Flock of robins around my Okemos home, drinking from heated bath about a week ago, yesterday and this morning, from the thawed water in gutter yesterday afternoon. Last week bright red scat, lumpy–probably seeds, probably from wild honeysuckle berries? Today brown, lumpy scat plus some more ‘traditional’ bird looking.

  341. I saw a female robin this morning. I’m in Austin, Texas and we just came thru the worst freeze we have had for I don’t know how many years. Yesterday it got up in the 50’s, today the 70’s, and the previous week we were in the teens and single digits with 8 to 10+ inches of snow. This robin stayed just far enough from me in a yard, didn’t try to fly away, but hopped around the yard. Makes me wonder if she is planning on nesting in the nearby trees. Her pictures are on my fb page.

  342. I’ve seen robins here in St. Louis in the county along a river bed near our home all winter in the past but this is the first time they have hung around our neighborhood. This is definitely a change in their habits. After the robins ate all the berries around here, I have put out dried chopped cranberries and fruit and dry mealworms, and they eat that. Also have a heated birdbath that all of the bite enjoy.

  343. I live in FtWorth,Texas and we are having a terrific amount of robins in February 2021. so happy to have them ?

  344. I live in north Texas, Dallas/Ft. Worth area. The number of robins this winter is amazing. I noticed the large flocks about 2 weeks ago. Texas has had an unbelievable winter with extreme lows. The robins flock on the roofs and on the ground. I have never seen so many at one time.

  345. I saw roughly 15 Robins on Friday, Feb 19, 2021, in Flint MI on Miller Rd by Genesee Valley Mall. We have quite a lot of snow still and the weather is very cold. It is very odd that they are here this early. Usually after the snow breaks. Late March or early April. Just seems like a weird sign that they are arriving in this cold.

  346. Saw our first robins yesterday, Feb. 20, in Fort Worth, Texas. Three of them. Right after the multi-day hard freeze (teen temperatures).

  347. During this Texas winter freeze, snow on the ground and below freezing temps, I found a group of robins in the snow and under the carport. I threw out cranberries for them and bread it’s peanutbutter on it. Feb 2021. One day a robin came onto the porch to eat wild birdseed.

  348. We have so many in our backyard every morning even this week when temps were historically below freezing. I’m in Dallas, TX

  349. Somerset MI, Feb 15th. Noticed a flock of 20 + robins scrounging for insects under a 2ft pile of dried oak leaves. The pile was in the sun and out of the wind, temperature was in the high teens.

  350. So funny I came across this! There have been so many robins in my yard it’s crazy!! There will be 40 of them at once eating the berries in my youpon holly bush. We just had that terrible freeze here in Texas last week and I was so worried they would freeze that I threw bread and set out slightly warm water for them. (So it wouldn’t freeze as fast) Yesterday I noticed two robins going at it! It must have been a territory fight that you mentioned. It got rough! And we keep marveling at how fat the robins are! I figured it was to help them stay warm. It’s all so interesting and beautiful to watch.

  351. I’ve been seeing them here since the first part of February here in Genesee County, Michigan….And many others have reported them in their areas too around here……THANX MUCH for the Explanation!!!

  352. We had a flock of around 50 robins go across the street and wipe out all the berries in the bushes there that a mockingbird had been defending all winter (we’ve had mockingbirds in those particular bushes for as long as we can remember and we’ve lived here 27 years–they sit on top of a particular whisteria bush as they survey the territory). The poor mockingbird tried to defend his berries by chasing the robins but he was no match for the whole bunch. Since they left, he has come across the street to our feeders, which we are happy to supply with mealworms, suet and other treats. Our problem is that he has now decided our feeders are his territory and is chasing all the other birds away. Luckily, the other birds seem to not pay too much attention.

  353. We have seen many robins in Eastern North Carolina this past week and it has been very cold. I usually consider that spring has sprung when the robins appear so I was confused until I read this article!

  354. During the snowstorm we had in Texas last week, I noticed literally hundreds of Robins all over our three acres. We have several yaupon trees and bushes and they picked them clean of their berries. I didn’t mind at all as it allowed the Robins to get some food. I put out a bowl of fresh water in the front and haven’t seen a single one take advantage of it. We do have a couple of creeks close by. I don’t know if that makes a difference with them, but was thinking they’d like some fresh water. The Robins are back this week, but not in the numbers they were last week. Interesting behavior all the way around. We’ve enjoyed seeing them!

  355. During our crazy winter blizzard here in Texas last week we saw hundreds of robins flying through our neighborhood eating berries off our trees. They were beautiful. Mostly males.

  356. I live in San Antonio, Texas. I’ve never, ever seen robins before. A few weeks ago we had hundreds, upon hundreds of them. While they are certainly beautiful, the mess that they left behind on all of the cars and patio furniture was disastrous! We had a winter freeze last week, which we haven’t had in over 30 years, and I thought they were gone. But here they are, back again!

  357. We have flocks of Robins in Fort Worth right now. Feb 2021. Our big freeze didn’t slow them down. I understand now, after reading your article, why they looked so big! Beautiful birds!

  358. Huge flocks invaded the entire neighborhood mid February. On roofs, trees, in bushes, all over the yard, everywhere. Nice to watch but those birds must think they’re egrets! Crapped all over everything.

  359. I live in Mesquite, TX. Last week we had abnormally cold and snowy weather. The bad weather started on Sunday, Valentines Day. On Friday, 2/19, I noticed very unusual bird behavior out my front window in the trees. I couldn’t believe how many birds were out there. I watched for a while. They were constantly flitting around. There was so much energy. It almost looked choreographed. They were moving around mostly in groups. I kept watching. Suddenly I realized that they were almost all Robins. I couldn’t believe it. I’d never seen anything like this. I’d never seen this many Robins together, ever. It was amazing.

  360. Robins spotted in Rockport, Texas (along Aransas Bay on South Texas coast) on February 3, 2021. I went to see if wildflowers were beginning to bloom in a cemetery that protects wildflowers which are spectacular in the spring, and they were coming up (a few Bluebonnets, Coreopsis and Louisiana Phlox already beginning to bloom), but it was REALLY exciting to see Robins feeding on the ground since none have been sighted in this area for many years. I posted a photo in Facebook’s Rockport-Fulton Living group, mentioned that it was quite a surprise, etc., and got many many comments from others indicating that Robins were all around this entire area, and all indicating that they hadn’t seen any for years as well. It seemed that all were delighted with this brief treat. Your article clearly explains what we considered a rather rare phenomenon. Thanks for sharing all the information. I may post a link to your report on R-F Living. … have to believe many would enjoy reading it.

  361. My husband and I live in Lansing, Michigan. On Friday, Feb 19th we heard what sounded like hail on our skylights in our kitchen. We went to investigate and saw approximately 20 robins moving back and forth across our skylights. We have never seen a flock of robins and we were AMAZED!! We have always associated robins with spring and did not know they could survive so well in colder temps. It has been fun to learn more about our beautiful state bird. Winter can be a little long in Michigan so seeing them renewed our hope that spring is not that far away.

  362. San Antonio Texas — February 21 — after our Snow/Ice Storm, we noticed 4 or more Robins scratching in our back yard— First ones we have seen in years here in our yard?

  363. We had our first winter freeze storm in south Texas in more than 30 years last week. Even though there was snow on the ground I was surprised to see a flock of male robins in the yard. I had placed feed in the bird feeders but didn’t see any of them around the feeders. They were on the ground looking for insects & worms. As the snow disappeared they were in the muddy parts of the yard. I was excited because I had always understood that if you see robins, then spring is just around the corner.

  364. When the Artic fron reccently visited Texas with Frigid temps, large flocks arrived ahead of it. Most were all males as they had the red breasts

  365. B C Crawford
    Our neighborhood has (well, had is more accurate) many hollies loaded with red berries, but February is the month when robins arrive in our zone (7) to eat them. It happened with our hollies in Lenoir, North Carolina and this year in Oxford, MS. I would say we saw thousands of robins descend last week and the week before. The swarms would settle in trees to take a break and then descend on the hollies. [Today’s date is February 22, 2021.] Now the hollies are ready to blossom again and produce more berries this year. Fortunately for me and the robins, hollies are my favorite native plant, and I have several hybrid varieties. Two holly hybrids that produce many berries are Nellie Stevens and her glossy sister Mary Nell. This year was the most prolific for holly berries and must have been for robins and a few other birds occasionally mixed in.

  366. Just watched two Robins outside my window today in Michigan. The female waited in the tree while the male searched through leaves up against a brick wall. We warmed up some today so I believe this was their motivation to find some food.

  367. I too had noticed flocks of Robins, before I had read your article. We just had the worst Winter Storm in Dallas in 100 years (-2 degrees) and I saw flocks of Robins everywhere. It was crazy. I loved your article. Thanks for the info! DCnTX

  368. I had a flock of robins eating berries off my bush about 3 weeks ago, in northern Oklahoma. They ate all the berries and moved on.

  369. Feb 22, 2021 Dallas, TX – We saw hundreds of large bellied robins. I’ve never seen robins that big. They say things are bigger in Texas!!. We had snow and below freezing temps but they were flying all over the place enjoying their flight. It was amazing.

  370. I live in Davison Mich 48423 and on February 13 2021 I saw a flock of robins. Most people didn’t believe they were robins

  371. On one of the coldest day in the history of Texas, a huge flock of robins congregated on my neighbors holly tree ( where a mockingbird resides) and there was quite he ruckus! By the time I got out there, the robins were in my front yard maple tree! Big and fluffy with white bottoms that I’ve never noticed before. This was in North Richland Hills.

  372. Two weeks ago, prior to the freak series of storms that crippled the Dallas area, we saw a huge flock of robins outside our windows. Our yard is adjacent to a dog park which is rimmed with 6 ft tall holly bushes. These bushes had a bumper crop of bright red berries. This huge flock (70-100 birds) picked these holly bushes clean of berries and deposited their remains all over our tiled patio. We could almost see the robins growing bigger as they ate their way through the berries!
    The following day after the berries were eaten, the storms started and we haven’t seen a robin since!

  373. On Jan 18-19 about 40-60 Robins were all over a bush I have with berries. Never seen such movement or that many Robins. Fighting I guess. This happened the day Abilene, Texas began to get out of the snow and freezing temps.

  374. Hundreds on the west coast of Central Florida right now! Feasting on the berries of the female Brazilian pepper trees.

  375. Two weeks ago I saw so many of them 50 to 100 flying around my neighborhood. Like a game they were flying in circles. Then last week during the snow storm so many of them on the ground i guess looking for food. The must have been males. They are adorable ?.

  376. I have yet to see a robin in our area. Usually we see nuthatches in Springbank Park, London, but there haven’t been any thisyear. The grandchildren liked to feed them out of their hands. Possiblyit’s because there has been more activity on the pathways because of Covid? Thank you foryourreply if you have any informationI enjoyed your informative article on robins, Thank you.

  377. Through your research for this piece, did you learn anything about the Robin’s unusual winter migration into South Texas this season? Observers, such as me, began seeing large numbers of them in regions where they have not been observed in many years. One anecdotal explanation repeated among the birding community suggests that widespread wildfires in the Robin’s usual winter habitat resulted in inadequate food/shelter, forcing the birds to migrate eastward. Does any of this found familiar? I’ll pose this question to Elizabeth Howard as well. Thanks.

  378. We have been having flocks of robins near our home I would love to attract them to our trees to observe and watch them do their thing what are some tips for that besides water? Will seed attract them too

  379. In Kalamazoo County Michigan I have been seeing a Robin since January. He appears more and more and I find him sitting on my crab apple tree which has quite a bit of fruit left on it even though it’s very near to March. I did put out some raisins some cut up grapes and some apple slices in a platform feeder I haven’t seen him feeding from that yet. I was happy to read in your article that often Robins stay through the winter and I do have a lot of very thick hedges around my home and also a lot of Pines in the area so I do believe this Robin stayed throughout the winter. Thank you for such an excellent article.

  380. We have had Robin’s nests in the same spot every summer for 3-4 years, then not for a few years, then back on again for 3-4 years. Is this the same bird coming back year after year? There are usually eggs in the nest 2-3x each summer.

  381. Our backyard is full of Robins right now and it’s such a welcome and wonderful sight to see. We had temperatures last week of 4 degrees and I was so afraid they would be harmed by the extreme cold. We had snow and ice and no way for them to reach the ground. I put saucers of wild bird seed out and they loved it .
    They are still here and I love watching them.
    At one time a few days ago I counted 53 of them in the yard eating.

  382. 2/24/21 at 5:00 p.m. We saw a flock of about 50 to 60 Robins. They were in our yard and driveway. We live in a rural area about 50 miles northeast of Binghamton,NY. WE have never seen them in February before.

  383. I had a very large flock of robins in my yard and the neighbors’ last week. 02/15-02/19. Do not remember exact day. At least 75 though seemed like much more. Was the worst cold weather in 20 or more years. Daytime temps were 5-10 degrees F with 7-9 inches of snow and ice. Nighttime temps below zero. Have never seen such a large flock before and have lived in Oklahoma all my life. Norman, OK. Hope that information helps your data.

  384. Wow, yes we saw a large flock on Valentine’s Day, the coldest day, flying around our back yard here in Madison, Wisconsin. We have a large mulberry tree.

  385. February 22, 2021 saw my first Robin in the Michigan High cranberry bush looking for berries. Sorry, a Group of starlings had cleaned out the white berries in the fall, so very few red berries in the spring. The next day a flock of robins came to that same Bush. Finished up a few red berries at the tips of the branches! What a sight!

  386. We had a big group of robins in our yard, on a crab tree, in the first week of Feb. They only stayed a short time, then flew west. There must have been 25 or 30 of them. We live in the southern most part of Lower Michigan.

  387. Thank you, I was thinking I was losing my mind. I love bird watching and I have never seen so many Robins in my life. The joy & blessing is listening to them and seeing so many at one time.
    My morning and after noon walks has been such a joy. Can’t wait to see what Spring has in store for me
    watching all my bird.

  388. The week of Feb. 14-20 (freezing temperatures) in the Dallas Texas metroplex, I saw 100s of robins in my backyard & in trees. Was amazing!

  389. I saw a flock of robins on Feb 7th in Jerome Hillsdale county Michigan. We were having below zero temps

  390. This morning I heard a Robin singing. There is at least 2 feet of snow on the ground, with much higher drifts. The temperature has been -16c to +2c . I am in Parry Sound, Ontario, Canada. This is the earliest I have ever heard or seen a Robin this far north. Today is February 27th, 2021. Typically there is snow on the ground here until the very end of April.

  391. We live on the coast of Maine. On January 1, 2021, we spotted a flock of robins on a farm. I was shocked to see them in the winter for the first time. Since then, I have had a few more sightings of groups of robins.

  392. I live in Arkansas and I have saw a lot of robins in my yard enjoy watching them

  393. February 28, 2021
    A flock of at least 14 robins landed for an hour long rest in the large tree in our Edmonton backyard; they huddled together in pairs, and seemed exhausted. Soon after landing, our local nuisance of cheeky house sparrows started harassing them, luckily to no avail; then three overwintering blue jays joined in the pecking order, flexing their bully muscles. Amongst all this a specht arrived, a curious magpie came to see what all the fuss was about, a nut-hatch pecked at the bark, and a chickadee joined the crowd. And to crown it all, a large flock of bohemian waxbills landed for a crabapple feast across the alley. It was a special moment to be witness to nature’s fellow creatures going about their lives.

  394. BTW, I forgot to add that we are in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada; there is at least one Edmonton in the US that I am aware of.

  395. March 1, 2021. Observed a small group of male Robins (~20) . First male Robins of the year. Located in Stoney Creek, Ontario.

  396. My daughter saw a huge flock of Robins and she lives about 150 miles away. Within a day or so I saw a huge flock in my yard, then my friend saw them in her yard about 15 miles away. I am still seeing many more Robins than I have ever seen. I live in the Dallas area.

  397. I was shocked when a flock of Robins appeared in my yard a week or so ago and began eating the berries from our Youpon Holly shrubs. They only stayed around for a couple of hours, but it was the first time I got to see them in a flock. A wonderful sight.

  398. During a 2 week period in February of below zero temps in southern WI (-30 one day), I had at least 25 robins eating dried mealworms and using the heated birdbath. What a thrill and what a mess they made! I have pictures as well.

  399. I have recently witnessed the same thing as in the article. Huge flocks of Robin’s in the trees,as many as 30 or 40 to a flock.This is happening right now in my state of Delaware. Also large gathering of cardinals, male and female. Very colorful. I might add that I have been feeding the birds and squirrels all winter.

  400. Large flocks of ~50 robins came to our place about a week ago in Philly suburbs. They return near the end of February annually and congregate in our cedar trees to eat the blue berries that are filled with seeds.

  401. We have hundreds of robins in the hay field directly behind our house in early spring. It’s the first week in March and there is a small group pecking the ground for something, we don’t know as it would seem too early for worms. I’ve been attempting to get a good photo of them when they number in the hundreds but so far have not succeeded. I’ll keep trying and enjoying just the sight of them gathering here in eastern Nebraska.

  402. I have had a robin visit me everyday now for two weeks…he sits on the railing outside and looks in the window…I get up and talk to him thru the glass and he cocks his head….I have started to give him some raisins he seems to love them….Are they good for him?

  403. I just witness a flock of about 16 Robins in Mono ont . I have never witnessed this many atcon time ! March18th 2021

  404. The flock arrived today. The 25 foot mountain ash will be stripped in two days. This repeats every year. Thanks for the blog explaining this phenomenon. Gary in Blackfoot,Idaho.

  405. Hello, I live in Sherwood Park, Alberta Canada. Thought I heard our first Robin Mid-March but nothing since then. We have always had Robins in our neighbourhood.My Dad in a small town north east of us, Smoky Lake, watches and feeds his birds notices the lack of Robins. Love and truly miss their beautiful spring song.
    Has something happened to the Robin population 2021 to mark such a drastic decrease in their population. Can you help us explain where did the Robins go??

  406. 10/23/21 suburbs of Chicago. I have fruit trees in my yard and I see many male robins with the redish breast. Where are the females? Have they migrated already?

  407. 10/30/2021
    Findlay, OH
    We had a day this week of a gentle all day rain. There was water flowing out of the downspout and making a medium size puddle in the dirt. My daughter notice several robins using the puddle like a hot tub, taking turns frolicing in it, drinking and fighting for space, thoroughly enjoying this new water source. What surprised us is they enjoyed this dirt puddle over the two bird baths we have out with clean water in them! It was a small flock of not more than ten bathing, and eating the abundant earthworms the rain had brought to the surface. We hadn’t seen this many at one time all summer. We think they must have been traveling through on their way south and stopped for dinner and a bath. Glad we could oblige!

  408. I’ve seen large flocks of Robins lately are they getting ready to fly South? I read your column. But didn’t see any last winter.

  409. We were delighted with a robin’s nest appearing just outside our window on our NYC fire escape, witnessing two hatchlings get raised in early Spring. The nest was amazingly resilient holding shape through hurricanes and nor’easters. Then in late October, the robins returned and have been dismantling the nest, picking out strands and flying off with them, it is half-gone. What could be a motivation for this?

  410. Lisa,
    We rescued a baby robin off the ground in an ice storm this spring that has been returning almost daily of late (Nov 21). She (?) was hand fed with foods we purchased since the ground was completely devoid of worms and bugs due to extreme dryness and exacerbated by local forest fires. She had been associating with wild robins but now is solitary since the others have moved on. I am worried that she may not have enough wild skills having been separated from her parents to survive our frigid winter. Am I being overly concerned? She seems to be finding food somewhere but wonder about later when snow covers everything. I hope you can allay my fears for her.
    Thank you

  411. Today, 12/15/21, we had probably thousands of robins in our yard, eating berries and worms and singing for several hours while it rained heavily. We’re in Willits, CA, Mendocino County, Brooktrails. This was a wonderful first time nomadic flock sighting. They were singing spring-like songs. We’ve lived here almost 60 years.

  412. I was walking thru the park this morning and to my surprise I saw a flock of male robins feeding. WOW!! I have never seen robins in the winter. I had done some research and learned that some robins do winter over. I was so excited to see the flock of males. I live in Malden MA.

  413. I live in Montreal, Canada where we now have snow on the ground and it’s getting quite cold. Yesterday, December 24th, 2021 I was doing some last minute Christmas shopping and I couldn’t believe my eyes. I saw two robins on the ground and another in a tree. The temperature was around -4 celsius which in farenheit would be about 24 degrees. I was so excited to see them as they are one of my favourite birds, but at the same time I was worried for them. It’s the first time I’ve seen robins in this temperature. I have seen robins in January when we’ve had an exceptionally mild winter (which isn’t that often). I’m glad I came across this article. I feel much better now, knowing they’ll be okay.

  414. Thank you so much for the info. It explains why we are seeing flocks of robins using the bird baths and eating apples and berries from the urban landscape.
    A nice surprise at Christmas time.

  415. We have lived in the same house in Toronto, Canada for 34 years. In the spring, I have always seen a lone Robin looking for worms. A year ago, during the pandemic, I saw 2 spring Robins
    Yesterday, Christmas Day we observed 5 Robins in our backyard tree. Our neighbors have a cherry tree and maybe that was the attraction. It was a mild 7 celsius degree day.
    Your blog explains exactly why this unusual sighting may have occured.
    Thanks for explaining so clearly.
    I love the picture of the juvenile robin. I will keep my eye out for them.

  416. Robin frequently on my feeder for the past few days,it must be far too early for breeding. They bred early last year ,but not as early as this,also bought 4 babies back to our garden to be fed,then they fed themselves,and stayed for several weeks.

  417. IT IS THE last week of December and has be very warm but robins and swarms of black birds are just every warm and winter has just started. I KNOW ROBINS never go south but deep in to the woods and some abandoned bldgs. They left last summer the first week in august and do know they do not like people, but think our warm weather is fooling them for this time of the tear and winter has just started.

  418. It’s January 2nd, after two days of rain, our yard is saturated and muddy. This morning there were at least a dozen male robins searching for worms in the mud. When I left the house, I saw an accumulation of nesting material strewn beneath their favorite nesting local under the eaves on my front porch.

  419. Hi. it’s January and it’s about to snow. I looked out my window in Shrewsbury, Nj and saw a dozen or so Robins foraging on the shrubs that line my walkway. I just moved here from north jersey where I never saw a red breast in winter.

  420. Flock of at least a dozen robins now in backyard tree. Two feet of snow on the ground. Cheney, WA.

  421. We have a beautiful Robin around our bird feeders and it’s about 20 degrees today, January 7th, 2022, in Silver Creek, New York. We hope he stays all winter.

  422. I had to move my bird feeders to the side of my yard and today with the snow there must have been at least 30 birds in my trees. They were almost all robins! That is why I am looking up robins In Winter, in Massachusetts. So Fun! Just love my birdies. Thanks for the info!

  423. January 7, 2022…….Robin sited in St. Alban’s, Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada……This robin was feasting on some frozen mountain ash berries on my yard. First time I have ever seen a robin in this area in January.

  424. This morning (January 8, 2022) I observed a large group of robins in the yard flying from bush to bush and tree to tree. They appeared to like the magnolia tree the best for food. They are very busy and active. We also saw them on Christmas Day and observed the same activity. I had to cover some windows as they kept flying into them and injuring themselves. We suspect that they take shelter in the gorge of Taughannock Falls in Trumansburg NY.

  425. We currently have a large flock of robins in our yard eating from our holly tree. They are wonderful to look at but are terrible to our cars and outside furniture with their droppings.

  426. We have been watching a robin for two days. We live in Connecticut and our wind chill has been minus 15 F. I have seen them in January before but in much milder weather.

  427. We live just outside Ottawa, Canada. This winter we have 10 Robins that are staying around and they seem to be eating red berries from the small trees ,which are plentiful in our area.
    the weather has been around 0′ F these last few days. They have really fluffed up their feathers which makes them look very fat . This is the first time we have seen Robins in the winter.

  428. January 18/22 – Just saw a large flock of robins on my lawn and in the trees in Port Greville N.S. Such a pleasant sight in Troublesome and trying times.

  429. I leave in Quebec and I never seen a robin at mines 30 in my area only this week, can the robin survive -30 at night and I don’t know if I can feed it?

  430. I saw 2 Robins in the park yesterday. We don’t normally see Robins during the winter in Nebraska.

  431. Today is January 19th, it’s well below freezing and we just saw 3 robins in our backyard! Kind of early, right? We’re just outside of Chicago, so it’s really cold with snow forecasted for the next several days..going to set out some water and buttered breadcrumbs..

  432. Today is January 20th, 2022 . I saw a robin on Queens Rd in Saint Marys, Pa. I couldn’t believe my eyes. I have never seen one this early ever. The weather is calling for below zero degrees the next two nights. I would hate to see these beautiful birds freeze to death. I will say a little pray for these little ones.

  433. Thanks for the information, yesterday in my backyard there were about 25 robin and I thought that was unusual. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing.

  434. Delighted to see a huge flock here in Sea Cliff, NY today. One guy was hopping up and down below a car’s bumper with melting ice. My thought…if s/he held still with its beak open maybe thirst would be quenched?

  435. It’s still January. We are seeing huge flocks of robins in the hundreds flying over our house, in the trees and in our yards. We have never witnessed this before. Is it another sign of global warming?

  436. Just saw a dozen or more Robins fluttering around some trees in the back yard. 1/23, aboout 25 degrees out, about 10 miles south of Boston. All males and they appear to have been eating well. : )

  437. Southern west va , robins hopping around everywhere the areas of grass that the deer dug up outta the snow .
    Hoping for early spring Jan 2022

  438. I’ve seen huge flocks of robins 20 years ago in St. Paul, Minnesota during January. I was shocked, but my theory is that with the popularity of ornamental crabapples, almost every yard has one and the robins now have enough to survive. One day in January, my husband asked me what I wanted to do. I told him I wanted him to find me a flock of robins. He drove me to a neighborhood that we had never been in before and less than a half block in, there they were.

  439. My name is Cyndi Walker I live on PEI an island on the east coast of Canada. It is January 24th,2022 and today I witnessed a flock of approximately ten robin feeding on a bare area of ground. Around this area has nearly two feet of snow. We are still in the middle of our winter and don’t see spring here until well after March.

  440. Hi,
    It’s the end of January and we have started seeing flocks of robins today, in Northern Michigan… My neighbors and I were a little shocked….

  441. Just beautiful, a flock of Robins have joined us in Greenwood Village, Colorado, in spite of our snowstorm and frigid temps. They are seeking fruit left on trees which the squirrels left behind. They seem rather large for Robins, but no they are.

  442. There was a flock of Robins in a tree in front of my apartment yesterday in Columbus, Ohio.

  443. Have spotted a Robin in our back yard 2 days ago! [-13*]. this morning spotted 2 Robins, [11*] It has been a very cold January here, Jan. 22, -29*. Surprised to see any Robins this time of year.

  444. I live in northern NJ and approximately 2 weeks ago, I observed 8 robins flocking to a holly bush in my front yard. It was on a very cold day. That same holly bush is where, each spring for a number of years, robins have built their nest. Blue jays have often challenged the robins for that nest.

    Your article really enlightened me and I thank you.

  445. Live in Raleigh, NC where hundreds of robins are finishing holly bushes on our 20 foot hedge. Turned fountains off and noticed lots of bird poop along edge.

    Your article is very informative. Will listen out for new tunes as spring emerges.

  446. spotted dozens of Robins in N. Smithfield RI on 1-29-22 in my back yard

  447. I have been seeing flocks of Robins in my back yard in Stratford PEI. How do they survive?

  448. I live in Charlotte, NC. Today we saw a group of around 50 Robin’s drinking and bathing in a large dish of water in our backyard at 5:00pm. What a sight!

  449. My neighbour across the street took a picture of a fat male robin on her flat feeder on Friday January 28th 2022 during the day. I live in Cornwall, Ontario in Eastern Ontario region.

  450. Hi I live on Prince Edward Island, Canada. Today Ground Hog Day 2022 I have spotted 2 Robins in my back yard. They are eating Rose Hips. Very strange to see them here do early.

  451. yes a flock of robins. maybe 40=50 flying randoming on my everegreen bush and surrounding yard.
    its a cold rainy day 30 degrees, and robins continued for approx. a half hour then all flew away.

  452. Today is February 5, 2022 and I’m seeing 15-20 robins hanging out together under a huge pine tree, flying up and down in the tree. I have never seen robins this early or seen them flock together like this. Hope they survive the bitter cold we’ve been having in Westchester county, N.Y.

  453. I’ve had two pairs here all winter. I’ve seen them feeding on juniper berries in our front yard, and visiting the porch where a pair nested for the past three years. Very friendly. (near Cornwall Ontario)

  454. Had a flock of robins invade my yard yesterday. The temperature in Reading, PA was 21 degrees. They seemed to arrive with a flock of starlings…must have been 30 Robins and more than 100 Starlings. Is this due to the winter storm bringing them from the south. We are in a cold spell right now.
    Sure, was wonderful to see 4 Robins bathing in our heated bird bath. The heating element has brought lots of birds to our yard. In the 2 hours the robins and starlings were here we also saw a variety of birds.
    There were woodpeckers (Hairy, red bellied, Downy), blue jays, Junco’s, Mockingbirds, House Finches, Cardinals male and female, Tufted Titmouse, Carolina wren, as well as sparrows. They cleaned out our suet and black oil sunflower feeders. Is this the sign of spring or do we listen to the groundhog?

  455. We have been seeing robins up here in Vermont this past week (January 30 – February 6). It has been very cold; 10 to 15 degrees below zero at night and about 15 derees in the day time. We also had 2 days of snowstorm totaling about 15 inches in depth. I first spotted the birds downtown around a snowbank and some small fruit trees. The birds were active and yet not eating. They seemed to be jumping and fluttering about. I think there was about 10-12 birds moving about. Today, February 6th, I saw more in our front yard . They were in our large fruit trees but did not come to our feeders hanging from the same trees. They did not come to the feeders near our house either. There were about 10 birds just jumping around between branches of the trees. I don’t think there was any left over fruit (small cherries) on the trees, but maybe a little though. They stayed for about 15 minutes and left. They also stayed quite separate from the other smaller song bird who were feeding on the feeders. It would be my guess that these were males looking for food and when they found only a little, they left. I was overall surprised to see them in such a cold spell. We live in Poultney, Vermont which is located near the New York border just south ofa frozen Lake Champlain. Thanks, Tom

  456. Just came home today to find a big flock of robins in my backyard I was so amazed I’ve never seen it before probably over 60 mostly males I think maybe I have a lot of mud in my backyard and tire tracks that I’ve gathered water from the melted snow maybe that’s it it’s still beautiful to see no matter why they’re here I hope some of them stay

  457. 2/8/2022
    A large flock of robins (30-40) appeared in Ithaca NY three days ago and they seem to be sticking around. I assume they were all males. I’ll go for a walk and look for them again today.

  458. I always have Robins in February here in Lewiston. They like our crabapple tree’s berries. They just arrived today, a flock of 20-30 and are hanging with the European Starlings.

  459. Eve of Valentine’s Day 2022, Tappan NY, one evergreen, not Juniper or Cedar was alive with what looked to be 50 to 75 robins jostling for space on snow covered boughs. Soon, the tree was snowless, while all around was white after a recent clinging snow. Temps in low 20s, gusty, unpleasant. Was something to watch for an hour or so as members of flock took off, one after another in groups of 20 or 30 in different directions but mostly in southeast direction, but came back almost instantly to regroup. Or was it yet another small flock checking out the neighborhood. Earlier I’d seen a bunch hanging out around a tree with decomosing apples and on the juniper and cedar trees eating berries. ALso the 3 different hollies. Am so glad to have made a point of keeping our yard chemical free and encouraging eco-friendly flowering and foliage in shrubs and trees & by allowing a natural small wetland to flourish.

  460. Location: Montvale, New Jersey
    Date: February 16, 2022
    Have been watching a swarm of robins on the ground and in the trees this morning. The temperature has been sub-freezing these last three days, but a warming trend is supposed to start this afternoon. There are no fruit trees in my immediate vicinity, and the ground is still partially snow-covered. Will take it as a sign of spring, though.

  461. Just seeing a whole flock of Robins in my yard here in Maryland. It’s like an invasion. So cool to see.

  462. It is feb 24 and 33 degrees today with a wind chill feel of 25. There are 20 robins in my front tree, another 20 in my backyard maple, at least 20 to 30 in my.neighbors yard and an unknown amount in my giant holly tree. I live in Lyndhurst New Jersey. Never seen so many robins together like this before

  463. Hi!
    I just saw a male robin (I think) come to our deck. He then flew and brought back two immature robins to drink from the snow melting on the black deck rubber. It is February 28th. I am surprised they nested so early. However, we did just have 2 very warm spots this January. I started seeing a very large flock about a month ago in the field on one of those warmer days after snow melted. It looked like almost 50 robins. This farm is on the South Coast of Massachusetts.

  464. We have had large flocks of Ribins since December 2021, it is now March 2, we have had an exceptionally cold winter in Nova Scotia Canada and many blizzards. I have only ever seen Robins in the spring when worms are moving. This seems odd.

  465. Also a mean temperature of -10 C and lots of Robins, Turkey vultures all winter and yellow finches!

  466. I have seen a small flock of robins here in Vermont! March 3rd 2022. There is 2 feet and more of snow everywhere. I worry about them surviving!

  467. Central PA – we had temps in teens and twenties with a 6 in snowfall the past two days and have been observing a large flock ( round) of 36 or so robins in and around our flowering crab . The fluffy birds are eating the crabapples and hanging out on our driveway and the ground close to the house foundation.

  468. We live in Goderich on the east coast of Lake Huron. Suddenly this February we are seeing a large flock of robins eating through the snow on the ground and eating something in a tree.
    Ralph Smith