Did You Know Sandhill Cranes Dye Their Feathers?

Sandhill cranes add a rusty-brown color to their gray feathers each spring.

Matthew L. Miller and Chris Helzer

Did You Know Pronghorns Shed Their Horns? 

Let’s take a look at the extraordinary life of pronghorns, the only animal that sheds its horns.

Matthew L. Miller

Where Did Pigeons Come From?

The story behind our most ubiquitous urban birds.

Justine E. Hausheer

What’s That Weird Noise in the Night?

You’re laying in bed, sound asleep, or counting leaping sheep as you drift off into dreams. And then, a scream.

Justine E. Hausheer, Cara Cannon Byington, and Matthew L. Miller

8 Bird Migration Myths, From Past to Present

Bird migration has long fostered strange myths, some that persist to the present day.

Ken Keffer

What Damaged That Tree? Probably Not What You Think

What ate the bark off that tree? This may answer what bears really do in the woods.

Mary Terra-Berns

Why Do Flickers Knock on Your House?

Knock and roll: Get to know the northern flicker.

Kris Millgate

Why You’re Seeing Hummingbirds in Winter

You’re not seeing things. Hummingbirds are showing up at more feeders in winter.

Ken Keffer

Squirrel Parkour? The Science Behind Squirrel Acrobatics

Your bird feeder doesn’t stand a chance. New research shows squirrels combine incredible physical abilities with split-second decision making.

Christine Peterson

Seeing Red: What the Color of House Finches Can Tell Us

What can house finches teach us about coloration and ornamentation in birds?

Lauren D. Pharr

Why Are You Seeing Lots of Vultures Now?

Large flocks of vultures are circling, but it’s probably not because something is dead.

Christine Peterson

The Disturbingly Long Tapeworms of Alaskan Bears

What’s that trailing from the bear? (It's not the cute cub)...It's an overlooked (and gross) creature of salmon ecosystems.

Matthew L. Miller