Studying Challenges to Cozumel’s Coral Reefs

National Geographic Society and TNC extern Sophie Dellinger examines the impacts of poor water quality on Cozumel's coral reefs.

Sophie Dellinger

The Value of Words + Pictures

Think nature-based tourism is only tied to wildlife watching and hiking? New science says we need to think again—especially in the Eastern Caribbean.

Mark Spalding

Stayin’ Alive at the Seabird Disco

Seabird discos - complete with fake birds, mirrors, and a sound system - help restore breeding bird populations in the Caribbean.

Justine E. Hausheer

Mapping the Way to Better Conservation in the Caribbean

For the first time, scientists have mapped all the shallow underwater habitats across 30 Caribbean countries and territories.

Cara Cannon Byington

Bahamian Queen Conch: Fishers & Scientists Share Knowledge for a Sustainable Fishery

Queen conch are at risk. Bahamas fishers and scientists are helping.

Serena Lomonico

Recovery: New Hope for Caribbean Coral

An effort to restore coral reefs finds its hope in fragments. Literally.

Ted Williams

Recovery: The Salvation of Desecheo National Wildlife Refuge

Invasive rats, goats and even monkeys had overrun the national wildlife refuge, turning it into an ecological wasteland. But there’s hope.

Ted Williams

Kids, Drones & Science at the Water’s Edge in Grenada

The future of Grenada is in good hands because kids like this — who can plant mangroves and test water quality without even wrinkling their clothes — kids like this can probably do just about anything.

Cara Cannon Byington

Wiring Up the Caribbean: Designing Marine Protected Areas for Coral Reef Connectivity

New research shows how conservationists can better incorporate coral reef connectivity into marine protected areas.

Justine E. Hausheer