Saving Dixie: 24 Hours Caring for a Wallaby Joey

Writer Justine Hausheer spends 24 hours caring for an orphaned wallaby.

Justine E. Hausheer

Restoring River Oxbows Benefits Endangered Fish

The Topeka shiner is returning to Iowa rivers; restoration offers benefits for water quality and flood control.

Matthew L. Miller

The Curito: Guardian of Orinoquia Conservation and Tradition

This special fish reflects the amphibious cultural identity of the people of Orinoquia, Colombia.

Cristhian Aguirre H

50 Fish, 50 States: Rise of the Redeye

As part of his 50 Fish, 50 States series, Matt Miller visits Alabama in search of Coosa bass.

Matthew L. Miller

Pronghorn Place: Preserve Protects Wildlife Migration Route

On Idaho's Flat Ranch Preserve, pronghorn have room to roam.

Kris Millgate

To Save the Red Knots, Look to Blue Carbon

Six ways natural climate solutions are supporting coastal biodiversity and communities around the world.

Ayla Norris Smith

Swift Parrots and the Heartbreak of Rare Species

Is it wrong for wildlife watchers to seek out a species because we fear its extinction?

Justine E. Hausheer

Meet Lizzie McLeod, TNC’s Global Oceans Director

From religion major to glass blower to leader in global ocean conservation, Lizzie McLeod’s career path has been anything but conventional.

Matthew L. Miller

7 Strange Species from the Ocean’s Depths

Eye-eating worms, crabs that look like a yeti, and eels that help fish hunt.

Matthew L. Miller, Justine E. Hausheer, and Cara Cannon Byington

Six Spectacular Places to Experience the Sagebrush Sea

Six places to visit the stunning sagebrush sea, as recommended by TNC staff working to protect this biologically rich landscape.

Matthew L. Miller

Migration Data Helps Protect Leatherbacks Across Oceans

Data from a TNC-lead tagging study reveals the epic migrations of leatherback turtles.

Justine E. Hausheer

Fisheries Trusts Can Advance Sustainability and Resilience Goals

The first national review of community fisheries trusts in the U.S. shows they can achieve positive outcomes for fishing communities and marine ecosystems.

Serena Lomonico

Story type: TNC Science Brief