Bioacoustics for Conservation Land-Use Planning

Conservancy scientists are using innovative acoustic sampling data to inform conservation land use planning in Papua New Guinea’s rainforests.

Justine E. Hausheer

Obsessed by Nature: The World of Fishy Life Listing

Most anglers are content with their bass and trout. But some want to catch…everything. Welcome to the world where fishing meets life listing.

Matthew L. Miller

Recovery: Rare Turtle Gets a Second Chance

Only 300 Plymouth redbellies remained – making them arguably the continent’s rarest turtle. They were confined to one county. And they weren’t breeding. What saved the redbelly from extinction?

Ted Williams

Epic Birding Fails: Lyrebirds in Australia

Birders Justine E. Hausheer and Tim Boucher set out to find the Albert's Lyrebird in Australia. One of them succeeds, and the other adds another nemesis bird to their list.

Justine E. Hausheer

Camera Trap Meets Studio Lighting: Stunning Images and the Story Behind Them

Camera traps provide important scientific evidence of creatures that we seldom see, but the usual camera trap pictures are not quality wildlife art. Enter Jonny Armstrong.

Matthew L. Miller

Adventures with Bowfin, North America’s Underdog(fish)

The bowfin has proven tougher than T. rex. But is it tough enough to survive humanity?

Solomon David

Recovery: The Return of Native Fish, Victims of Bucket Biology

Restoring arctic char; they are rarely seen, even by anglers; they are furless, featherless and cold. But they are wildlife – ice-age relicts as important to our nation as California condors.

Ted Williams

Indigos Return: A Florida Breeding Program Raises Eastern Indigo Snakes for Reintroduction

Meet the captive-bred eastern indigo snakes destined for release at the Conservancy’s Apalachicola Bluffs and Ravines Preserve.

Justine E. Hausheer

Your Field Guide is Wrong: A Bird’s Eye View of the World

Birds see the world differently than we do, seeing a whole range of colors that are literally unimaginable to us.

Joe Smith

Deer Management Solutions: It Takes a Village. Literally.

Our communities have a problem—one that is trotting on four hooves from woods and fields right into our neighborhoods at an astonishing rate: white-tailed deer.

Meredith Cornett

Wolf? Coyote? Coywolf? Understanding Wolf Hybrids Just Got a Bit Easier

Gray wolf, red wolf, coywolf, coydog. Wild canine taxonomy can be confusing -- and often comes with a heavy helping of folklore. But what does the science really say?

Matthew L. Miller

This Fur Seal is 4,000 Miles From Home. Here’s Why.

A Subantarctic fur seal sets a new distance record. How did this critter get so far from home?

Matthew L. Miller