A Quest to Document the World’s Flowering Plants

They’re on a mission to document and photograph every flowering plant family on Earth.

Matthew L. Miller

Going Viral to Restore Damaged Ecosystems

Invasive species populations grow exponentially putting conservationists at a considerable disadvantage. We will have a solution that can go viral.

Christian O. Marks and Roy Van Driesche

Poison Ivy: Busting 6 Myths to Avoid the Itch

Avoid the itch – and learn some cool science – as we bust popular myths about poison ivy.

Lisa Ballard

Could Prairie Chickens Come Booming Back?

Prairie chickens were once so abundant in the Great Plains that they were hunted for the market and shipped by the trainload to New York City. Could prairie restoration bring them booming back?

Lisa Feldkamp

What’s This? Make Searching Rainforest Flowers Easier

Wouldn't it be easier if people could search for plants starting with the things they know, like flower color and similar visual traits? Rainforest Flowers needs your help to make it possible.

Lisa Feldkamp

Sharing Water: How I Met the MacGyvers of Water Use

Conservationists at The Nature Conservancy and USFS are improving spring boxes so that ranchers can easily “turn off the faucet” when they’re not using it. Sometimes we can meet everyone’s needs with a little PVC pipe and a lot of ingenuity.

Lisa Feldkamp

Give Me Shelter

Our writer is in Cape May during fall migration. She could be birding, so why is she climbing around on a roof without her binoculars instead?

Cara Cannon Byington

Tongue Orchids & Corpseflowers: 7 Insanely Weird Plant Species

Meet the plant that eats shrew poo, the orchid that has sex with itself, and the embarrassingly phallic titan arum.

Justine E. Hausheer

Can Conservation Provide Water for Cape Town in a Time of Drought?

Can a conservation tool called water funds provide clean water for the residents of Cape Town, while also protecting the region’s unique plant diversity?

Matthew L. Miller

Recovery: Bringing Back Bumble Bees

Everyone knows bees are in trouble. But, too often, we’re focused on the wrong bees.

Ted Williams

What Happens When You Plant a Pile of Bear Scat?

A biologist plants a pile of bear scat. What pops up surprised even her.

Kris Millgate

Recovery: Prairie Reprise

Hope on the prairie: conservation and restoration chart a brighter future for North America’s grasslands.

Ted Williams