Wildflower Watching as a Source of Solace and Diversion

Trout lilies and other wildflowers are blooming. A backcountry expert and author reflects on the solace of the season.

Lisa Ballard

Tree Tapping Isn’t Just for Maples

Maples aren’t the only trees that yield tasty syrup.

Ken Keffer

Create Wildlife Habitat Around Your House

Tips and resources turn your yard into wildlife habitat – without bothering the neighbors.

Charles Fergus

Can Cities Replace Wildlands for Pollinators?

New research shows that green space in cities could provide vital habitat for pollinators.

Christine Peterson

Recovery: How Herbicides Can Save Fish and Wildlife

Many times, the best tool in fighting invasive plants is strategically deployed herbicide.

Ted Williams

Saving Conifer Strongholds in the Northwoods

Facing a warming climate, conservationists issue a call to action to save northern conifers.

Meredith Cornett

The Weird Sex Lives of Orchids

Orchids are lovely, but the strategies they use to reproduce are weird. And diverse. And sometimes horrifying.

Justine E. Hausheer

One Square Meter of Prairie

What can be found in a square meter of prairie? You’ll be surprised. (Photographs included!)

Chris Helzer

The Seed Collectors

Seed collections have helped us understand biodiversity for decades. Now they’re also helping us understand climate change.

Kris Millgate

Winter Warmer: Make Tea from Local, Wild Plants

You can find the ingredients for a tasty wild tea on your next hike or ski trip.

Lisa Ballard

The Mystery of the Dying Mesquites

If a tree dies in the desert, will anyone notice before it’s too late?

Matthew L. Miller

A Feast of Fiddlehead Ferns

Everything you need to feast on ferns.

Lisa Ballard