Why Sick Bats Self-Isolate

Research shows that normally social bats self-isolate when sick.

Kris Millgate

Invasive Wild Pigs = 1 Million Cars Per Year of Carbon Emissions

Australian scientists estimate that invasive wild pigs release the carbon-dioxide emissions equivalent of more than 1 million cars per year.

Justine E. Hausheer

Story type: TNC Science Brief

Buffered by Bears: Why Foxes Hang Out Near A Top Predator

A new study suggests gray foxes use bears as a coyote buffer.

Kris Millgate

Giving Black Rhinos Their Space in Northern Kenya

In Kenya, black rhinos need more space, and a community conservancy offers hope.

Matthew L. Miller

There’s a Wolverine in My Neighborhood (App)

The peril (and promise?) of wildlife misinformation on social media.

Matthew L. Miller

Tiger Selfie A Reason for Optimism

Recently an endangered Bengal tiger was seen by villagers at Surajkund, Madhya Pradesh in an area near one of the […]

Ashok Biswal

Strange and Surprising Facts about Opossums

Death fainting! Walking embryos! And other weird facts about the underrated Virginia opossum.

Matthew L. Miller

Beaver? Otter? Muskrat? A Field Guide to Freshwater Mammals

Think you saw a beaver or a mink? Here’s how to tell for sure.

Matthew L. Miller

When Mammals Glow in the Dark

Scientists are discovering dozens of mammals that glow under ultraviolet light, from flying squirrels to wombats to African springhares.

Justine E. Hausheer

The Mountain Beaver That Is Not A Beaver

The mountain beaver is a rodent like no other. Just don’t call it a living fossil.

Matthew L. Miller

Chipmunk Quest

A chipmunk is a chipmunk, right? Nope. There are 22 species in the United States. Here’s how to find them.

Matthew L. Miller

Easy Nature Adventures to Enjoy Near You

Our guide to fun and family-friendly nature activities, no special gear necessary.

Matthew L. Miller