How Hyenas Sanitize The City

In an Ethiopian city, spotted hyenas provide the garbage disposal.

Kris Millgate

Squirrel Parkour? The Science Behind Squirrel Acrobatics

Your bird feeder doesn’t stand a chance. New research shows squirrels combine incredible physical abilities with split-second decision making.

Christine Peterson

Kouprey: The Ultimate Mystery Mammal

Do you know the kouprey? Meet the forest ox shrouded in mystery and rumor.

Matthew L. Miller

How To See More Wildlife

Wildlife watching is a skill that can be learned. Here are some tips to get you started.

Matthew L. Miller

Meet the Muskrat: Push-Up Champion of Cattail Marshes

Meet the small semi-aquatic mammal of the cattail marsh.

Lisa Ballard

What’s Up With White Squirrels and Black Squirrels?

A guide to squirrels of a different color.

Matthew L. Miller

Moose in the Morning: 20 Years of Silver Creek

Twenty years of conservation writing, and a creek runs through it.

Matthew L. Miller

8 Cool US Mammals You Haven’t Seen

Search for these cool but cryptic mammals across the United States.

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Have You Seen A Weasel Lately?

Where have all the weasels gone? The small carnivores are in decline, and you can help.

Matthew L. Miller

The Disturbingly Long Tapeworms of Alaskan Bears

What’s that trailing from the bear? (It's not the cute cub)...It's an overlooked (and gross) creature of salmon ecosystems.

Matthew L. Miller

How the Fallow Deer Took Over the World

The fallow deer is rare in its native habitat. But it has spread across the world. Here’s how.

Matthew L. Miller

Why Sick Bats Self-Isolate

Research shows that normally social bats self-isolate when sick.

Kris Millgate