50 Fish, 50 States: Rudd of South Dakota

Many invasive fish are well known and well publicized. But you might not have heard about rudd.

Matthew L. Miller

Palmyra’s Fishing for Science Program Tags 1,000th Fish

Launched in 2018, the program tagged its 1000th fish on December 5, 2022—a significant milestone in a challenging environment.

Matthew L. Miller

For the Love of Cutthroat Trout

Why go to the trouble to catch 8-inch trout in remote streams?

Matthew L. Miller

Cool Green Book Review: Fish Edition

Six books about fish, fishing and fish conservation for your summertime reading.

Matthew L. Miller

How Scientists Fish: The Hand Line

On Palmyra Atoll, getting big fish on board quickly relies on an old fishing tool: the hand line.

Matthew L. Miller

Stories from Palmyra: The Recapture

The highlight of giant trevally fishing at Palmyra Atoll isn’t the size of the fish. It’s the recapture.

Matthew L. Miller

Fishing for Science on Palmyra Atoll

Tagging trevally on a remote island with rod and reel.

Matthew L. Miller

Passing FAD: Partnership Protects the Reef at Palmyra Atoll

An industry/conservation partnership tracks Fish Aggregating Devices (FADS) at Palmyra Atoll.

Matthew L. Miller

Giant Redfin: Conserving South Africa’s Native Fish

Meet the overlooked South African wildlife: native fish. Can invasive species removal offer hope?

Matthew L. Miller

Big Gulp: Blue Catfish Eats Wood Duck

Blue catfish will eat just about anything. Including a duck.

Matthew L. Miller

Can Offshore Wind Development Enhance Fish Habitat?

In addition to providing clean energy, a new report demonstrates that wind turbines can also enhance fish and marine life habitat by incorporating nature-based design principles.

Matthew L. Miller

Story type: TNC Science Brief

A Survey for the Chihuahua Chub

On New Mexico’s Mimbres River, a survey for an endangered fish species.

Martha S. Cooper