Can Toads Heal Themselves of Deadly Chytrid Fungus?

New evidence suggests some toads bask in sun to heal themselves of chytrid fungus.

Christine Peterson

A Breakthrough for Chronic Wasting Disease?

A new paper finds for the first time a way to deactivate Chronic Wasting Disease prions, using a common household product.

Lisa Ballard

Time to Bust the Silos: Coral Reefs, Human Health + Sewage Pollution

The human health and marine conservation sectors are fighting the same root causes and effects of poor water quality. They’re just fighting them separately. New science says the opportunities for collaboration are there and it's past time to bridge the gaps.

Cara Cannon Byington

Story type: TNC Science Brief

There’s a Plague in Our Oceans. Can Ecosystem Services Help?

Big disease outbreaks are making our ocean biota sick, from corals with spots and halos to starfish melting away

Drew Harvell

Seven Wildlife Diseases You’ve Never Heard Of

Wildlife diseases are an often-overlooked threat. We give you the short details on seven little-known bacteria, fungi or viruses threatening wild species.

Justine E. Hausheer

Chronic Wasting Disease: What You Need To Know

Chronic Wasting Disease is now found in 26 states. What does it mean for deer, and for you?

Lisa Ballard

The Mystery of the Dying Boreal Toads

Boreal toads are disappearing in some areas, thriving in others, despite the same disease presence.

Kris Millgate

Could Red Wiggler Worms Eliminate Stinky Campground Toilets?

The least fun part of summer camping? Smelly toilets. But a scent-free future may lie with a humble worm.

John McCoy

Urban Leopards Can Save Lives By Eating Feral Dogs

Having a leopard as a neighbor has risks, but it may also reduce rabies risk.

Matthew L. Miller

Threatened Bats Find a Slice of Paradise in New Jersey

Protected forests, like the one at High Mountain Preserve and others yet to be found, give bats that were devastated by white-nose syndrome room to reproduce and recover.

Lisa Feldkamp

The Quest to Restore American Elms: Nearing the Finish Line

The quest to restore the American elm has been underway for more than 50 years. Now success is closer than ever.

Suki Casanave

Poisoning Vultures Will Come Back to Bite Us

Killing off the world’s vultures can come back to bite people — literally — in the form of rabid dogs.

Lisa Feldkamp