The Conservation Story of the Kenya Black Leopard

The first scientific confirmation of a black leopard in Kenya is a story of conservation, community and coexistence.

Matthew L. Miller

Want to Try Camera Trapping? Check Out This New Guide

Camera trapping combines old-fashioned field skills with the latest technology. A new guide will get you started.

Matthew L. Miller

Feed the Bears to Save Them?

Everyone knows we shouldn’t feed the bears. But what if, in one instance, it’s necessary to save them from extinction?

Matthew L. Miller

Electrofishing Threatens A Rare Dolphin-Human Partnership

Myanmar’s river dolphins have learned to fish cooperatively with humans. But illegal electrofishing threatens this rare partnership.

Justine E. Hausheer

Possum Terrors and Rediscovering Urban Wildlife

How a move across the world - and a terrifying possum - helped me rediscover urban wildlife.

Justine E. Hausheer

Ghost Bat: Meet Australia’s False Vampire

The pale bat with a soft but deadly embrace.

Matthew L. Miller

The Incredible Adventure of the Pooping Sloth

There was absolutely no mistaking what was about to happen. This sloth was about to poop. And we were going to watch.

Justine E. Hausheer

Meet the Takin: The Largest Mammal You’ve Never Heard Of

Meet the 700-pound mammal that resembles something Luke Skywalker would ride.

Matthew L. Miller

Tips for Seeing Wolves and Bears in Yellowstone

Want to see a gray wolf, black bear or grizzly in Yellowstone? Expert tips for making the most of your predator spotting adventure.

Matthew L. Miller

The Cutest US Mammal You’ve Probably Never Seen

Meet the ringtail: the off-the-charts cute critter that could be hiding in your neighborhood.

Lisa Feldkamp

Where to See 10 Impossibly Elusive Mammals

What mammal do you most want to see in the wild? You can see many cryptic creatures, if you know where to travel and look.

Matthew L. Miller

A Brief History of People Behaving Badly in Yellowstone

Attempted baby bison rescues. Tourists falling into geysers. Do people no longer know how to behave in national parks?

Annelise Eagleton