Pigeon Predictors & Turtle Backpacks: How Tracking Wildlife Can Aid Climate Change Research

Wildlife tracking can provide humans with critical information to predict our weather and climate patterns.

Christine Peterson

Lost and Found: A Story from Palmyra Atoll

When you work in a place remote as Palmyra Atoll, if equipment fails, there won’t be a midweek run to Bass Pro Shops.

Kydd Pollock

A New Future for Mine Lands in the Central Appalachians

In Central Appalachian, mine lands can be restored to forests in ways that benefit biodiversity, carbon storage and local economies.

Matthew L. Miller

Animal Hoarders: How Creatures Feast for Winter

The strange and surprising ways wild animals prepare for winter.

Christine Peterson

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Meet the Bison: North America’s Most Famous Mammal

For all their fame, you’d be surprised by how much you don’t know about North America’s largest land mammal.

Justine E. Hausheer

Why Flamingos are Showing Up in the U.S. this Fall

Ken Keffer

Quick and Dirty (Really Dirty) Guide to Bison: Keystone Species Edition

Cara Cannon Byington

50 Fish, 50 States: Bartram’s Bass

Matthew L. Miller

Predator at the Pond: The Backstory of Wolves Ambushing Beavers

Kris Millgate

The Disturbingly Long Tapeworms of Alaskan Bears

What’s that trailing from the bear? (It's not the cute cub)…It's an overlooked (and gross) creature of salmon ecosystems.

Matthew L. Miller

What’s That Weird Noise in the Night?

Justine E. Hausheer, Cara Cannon Byington, and Matthew L. Miller

Wild Hamster: The Intriguing Story Behind The Household Pet

Matthew L. Miller

A Field Guide to Commonly Misidentified Snakes

David A. Steen

Black Deer: Have You Seen This Rare Color of a Common Animal?

Matthew L. Miller

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