Kestrel Cam: A Story from Egg to Falcon

It’s an intimate moment. On this mid-morning in late May, the sun is just creeping through the hole in the […]

Larisa Bowen

Bald Eagle Cams Are Active. Here Are 4 of the Best

Baby eagles are hatching: it’s time to tune into nest cams!

Kris Millgate

More Nature Cams You Need in Your Life

When the pandemic lockdown first began (in the US) in the spring of 2020, I found myself turning to nature […]

Cara Cannon Byington

In Conservation, Sometimes It’s the Small Things that Inspire

Join Nikolaj Lasbo as he bands American Kestrel chicks in Utah.

Nikolaj Lasbo

Life, Death & Bird Cam Drama at the Great Salt Lake

Season two of the Utah kestrel cam returns, with more drama than ever. Tune in now to see chicks in the nest!

Larisa Bowen

Fall in Love with the American Kestrel on Our Nest Cam

Bird cams are a lot of fun, and kestrels in particular are fiercely cute and fascinating. A sneak peek into the lives of American kestrels.

Sara Wetmore

9 Animal Cams You Need in Your Life

From an African watering hole to bison, otters, penguins, naked mole-rats, pandas and more, these are 9 animal cams you need in your life.

Cara Cannon Byington