Using Artificial Intelligence to Understand Solar Energy’s Impact in India

India has set ambitious renewable energy goals, necessary to address climate change. But given the large footprint projected to meet […]

Matthew L. Miller

Story type: TNC Science Brief

India’s Fantastic Freshwater Fauna and Where to Find Them

From blind mahseers to dancing frogs, meet India’s wild and weird freshwater fauna

Roshni Arora

Tiger Selfie A Reason for Optimism

Recently an endangered Bengal tiger was seen by villagers at Surajkund, Madhya Pradesh in an area near one of the […]

Ashok Biswal

Charting a Future for People and Nature in Post-COVID India

Can science and technology in post-COVID India chart a more sustainable future?

Matthew L. Miller

Backyard Birding in Central India to Beat Lockdown

An Indian nature photographer finds solace in the birds viewed from his balcony.

Ashok Biswal

Biodiverse Forests Capture Carbon Better Than Plantations

New science shows that diverse natural forests with a mix of tree species provide more stable and reliable carbon capture than monoculture plantations in the long run.

Justine E. Hausheer

Story type: TNC Science Brief

Fields on Fire: Can Agricultural Alternatives Mean Cleaner Air in India?

Agriculture burning contributes significantly to air pollution in India, a country with some of the least healthy air in the […]

Priya Shyamsundar and Matthew L. Miller

Story type: TNC Science Brief

Urban Leopards Can Save Lives By Eating Feral Dogs

Having a leopard as a neighbor has risks, but it may also reduce rabies risk.

Matthew L. Miller

Building Drought Resilience in India’s Water Stressed Regions

A holistic approach to improving drought resilience in India has the potential to not only enhance water security but also create healthy wildlife habitat.

Aditya Sood