Quality Time with Pocket Gophers

Most North Americans have heard of gophers. But what about the elusive pocket gopher?

Matthew L. Miller

Can Regenerative Agriculture Benefit Potato Farming?

A project in Idaho demonstrates how nature-based farming practices can benefit soil and the environment. And potatoes.

Matthew L. Miller

In These Cheatgrass-Infested Hills

How do we approach degraded lands? What role do they play in our conservation conversations? How do we value them? And does it matter?

Matthew L. Miller

Witches’ Broom and the Conservation of “Ugly”

Should we kill trees because they’re ugly? At one point, conservationists did.

Matthew L. Miller

In the Field with Wolverines

A biologist’s memorable experiences tracking wolverines in central Idaho.

Mary Terra-Berns

Moose in the Morning: 20 Years of Silver Creek

Twenty years of conservation writing, and a creek runs through it.

Matthew L. Miller

Giving Wildlife Room to Roam in the Face of Climate Change

Why Idaho’s Pioneer Mountains give wildlife room to roam in the face of climate change.

Matthew L. Miller

50 Fish, 50 States: Silver Creek Preserve

The legendarily difficult trout stream is not always so difficult.

Matthew L. Miller

Snow Rollers: “Spontaneous Snowballs” at Silver Creek Preserve

The fields looked like a busload of kids had been busy rolling large snowballs. But this was not the work of human hands.

Matthew L. Miller