Squirrel Parkour? The Science Behind Squirrel Acrobatics

Your bird feeder doesn’t stand a chance. New research shows squirrels combine incredible physical abilities with split-second decision making.

Christine Peterson

Meet the Raptors That Eat Avocados (and Other Fruit)

We think of raptors as exclusive carnivores, but at least 29 species also consume fruit. Including avocados.

Justine E. Hausheer

A Survey for the Chihuahua Chub

On New Mexico’s Mimbres River, a survey for an endangered fish species.

Martha S. Cooper

Kouprey: The Ultimate Mystery Mammal

Do you know the kouprey? Meet the forest ox shrouded in mystery and rumor.

Matthew L. Miller

What’s Up With White Squirrels and Black Squirrels?

A guide to squirrels of a different color.

Matthew L. Miller

8 Fall Nature Experiences to Enjoy

It’s a great time of year to be outside, and here are 8 natural spectacles to enjoy.

Matthew L. Miller

The Love Stories of Sleepy Lizards

Meet the world's only monogamous reptile - the sleepy lizard - and the dedicated scientists who study it.

Justine E. Hausheer

An Introduction to Bird Banding

Bird banding has become one of the most useful tactics in bird conservation. Here’s what you need to know.

Lauren D. Pharr, Annie M. Lindsay, and Christopher E. Moorman

Have You Seen A Weasel Lately?

Where have all the weasels gone? The small carnivores are in decline, and you can help.

Matthew L. Miller

How Citizen Science Aids Horseshoe Crab Conservation

New research shows just how useful citizen science is for horseshoe crab conservation.

Christine Peterson

The End of Trash Fish

It’s time to put the idea of “trash fish” where it belongs—in the trash.

Matthew L. Miller

50 Fish, 50 States: Freaks in the Hot Springs

When the water is not too hot, not too cold, expect fishy weirdness. Exhibit A: Matt Miller catches giraffe cichlids, native to Africa, in the desert. In Utah.

Matthew L. Miller