Trees Tell Us Much About Fire: What Will We Do About It?

In the Pacific Northwest, trees are abundant and wildfire is a constant presence. These days, wildfires are often catastrophic, but historically, fires were integral to a healthy ecosystem.

Robin Stanton, Will Chen, and Erica Sloniker

Can Conservation Provide Water for Cape Town in a Time of Drought?

Can a conservation tool called water funds provide clean water for the residents of Cape Town, while also protecting the region’s unique plant diversity?

Matthew L. Miller

Can India’s Farmers Deliver Clean Air Along with Good Food?

Delhi’s residents live with air pollution and smog every day. Could changing farming practices help change this reality?

Priya Shyamsundar

Camera Traps Chronicle Restoration Success at Davis Bend

Camera traps on Davis Bend Preserve, in the most biodiverse region of the Green River, show the benefit of fire to regenerate prairies and the return of wildlife to the area.

Lisa Feldkamp

A New Life for Bighorn Sheep in the Land of Laughing Waters

Desert bighorn sheep leap into a new life in Aravaipa Canyon Wilderness, the wildest, most remote area of Arizona outside the Grand Canyon.

Tana Kappel

Burning for Biodiversity: How Hunting Promotes Healthy Ecosystems in the Australian Desert

Anthropological research shows that Aboriginal hunting actually increases biodiversity in Australia's western deserts.

Justine E. Hausheer

Attacking Invasive Cheatgrass at Its Root

Not much can stop cheatgrass from spreading. That's why scientists are turning to a solution in the soil, a microbe that inhibits the growth of cheatgrass roots, giving native plants a chance to return.

Lisa Feldkamp

Technology to the Rescue for Foresters in the Thick of It

Managing forests to remain resilient through wildfire, drought, and forest pests in a changing climate is complicated. New technology is helping forest managers to restore forests to a healthy mix of spatial diversity.

Lisa Feldkamp

Maintaining Healthy Forests Takes More than Planting Trees

Conservationists should plant more trees, but that’s not the whole story. America’s forests must be resilient to survive wildfires and invading forest pests in a changing climate.

Lisa Feldkamp

10 Innovations That Are Changing Conservation

Around the globe, conservationists are employing the latest technological advances to make a difference for people, wildlife, oceans, forests and clean water.

Matthew L. Miller

Protecting Florida’s Last Old-Growth Pines

One scientist is on a mission to protect the last of Florida’s old-growth longleaf pines, before it’s too late.

Justine E. Hausheer

Ancient Tree Stumps Shed New Light on Fire in Florida

Ancient pine stumps help scientists and land managers restore fire to the longleaf pine ecosystem.

Justine E. Hausheer