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Green is Good: Science-Based Conservation in the 21st Century

Written by | May 5th, 2014


What does it mean for The Nature Conservancy to be “science-based” today? To always be casting a wider net for better solutions supported by evidence, write Mark Tercek and Peter Kareiva.

The Green Buzz: Friday, August 23

Written by | August 23rd, 2013


  • Colorado forest fires captured in stunning time lapse VIDEO. (HuffPo)
  • There’s nothing devilish about these little guys! Tasmanian Devils to be released back in Australia. (Guardian)
  • The truth about bees & National Honey Bee Day. (Guardian)
  • All of the lights! All, of the lights! Northern Lights forecast (HuffPo)
  • Ever wonder where Whale Sharks come from? (National Geographic)
  • Bison Bellows & Bones: Student-Scientists on the Prairie

    Written by | October 10th, 2012


    Follow bison herds; record bison as they fight, bellow and urinate on themselves; collect bison bones; repeat. It’s just another “day at the office” for these student researchers from Gustavus Adolphus College.

    Do More Trees = More Water?

    Written by | August 27th, 2012


    Replanting forests to improve water supplies only works depending on the type of tree, according to a new study. Conservancy scientist Eddie Game explains the findings.

    Peter Kareiva: ‘Conservation in the Real World’

    Written by | July 13th, 2011


    From “bad GMOs” to “fragile nature,” from the dark sides of conservation’s heroes to the positive effects of technology…watch Nature Conservancy Chief Scientist Peter Kareiva puncture some of your cherished myths about nature and conservation in this video.

    Is Something Wrong with the Scientific Method? Part 2

    Written by | January 27th, 2011


    When scientific study results get harder to reproduce, does that mean science is in crisis? Conservancy scientists Rob McDonald, Doria Gordon and Joe Fargione respond to a New Yorker article.

    Is Something Wrong with the Scientific Method? Part 1

    Written by | January 21st, 2011


    Are scientific studies proving harder and harder to replicate — and what does that mean for conservation? Conservancy scientists Jon Hoekstra and Jensen Montambault respond to a New Yorker article.

    Hitting the Target…But Missing the Point

    Written by | August 19th, 2009


    Conservation is often a game of numbers. Numerical goals, such as protecting 10% of all habitat types, often form the backbone of both international and national conservation policy. Within The Nature Conservancy, numbers like these appear in our 2015 goal (to effectively conserve 10 percent of every major habitat type on Earth by the year […]

    Conservation, Policy and (Deliberate) Blogging

    Written by | January 14th, 2009


    In my role as director of U.S. Government Relations for The Nature Conservancy, I have been asked to blog on my perspective on national conservation policy issues. And so, with some anxiety, this is my first installment. I understand that the Internet and new media have become an important part of discussions about U.S. public […]

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