Review: Eating and Conservation

Four books that explore sustainable eating in ways that are humorous, thought-provoking and even infuriating.

Matthew L. Miller

The Fish Nerd’s Holiday Book List

Five book picks for the fish nerd on your list, whether an angler, freshwater conservationist or shark fan.

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The Cool Green Holiday Book Review 2017

Our reviewer picks his favorite nature books, perfect for the naturalist on your holiday list.

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Two Great Fish Reads

A review of Stephen Sautner’s Fish On, Fish Off and Mark Spitzer’s Beautifully Grotesque Fish of the American West.

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The Nomad’s Bookshelf: Essential Reads for the Traveling Naturalist

The Cool Green Science staff brings you their list of essential reading for the wanderlust-struck nature-lover.

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Three New Books Showcase Science Storytelling

Looking for a great read? We review new titles by three of the best science writers working today.

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The Skeleton Revealed: Vertebrates As You’ve Never Seen Them Before

A remarkable look at vertebrate skeletons via the stunning displays of biologist Steve Huskey.

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A Birder’s Bookshelf: Essentials for the Well-read Avian Enthusiast

There should be more to your birding library than just field guides ... read on for our list of essential reading for the bird-brained bibliophile.

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Ten More Field Guides and References for the Serious Naturalist

Ten new and classic field guides and wildlife references to add to your collection.

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A Field Guide to Tracking in Your Neighborhood

Tracking is one of the most family-friendly wildlife activities. Our guide to some common and interesting tracks will get you started.

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Three Great Fall Reads: Natural Page Turners

Our fall book review features nature and conservation reads that will keep you on the edge of your seat.

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Nature Books Have Never Been This Fun: 6 Great Summer Reads

Looking for a fun read this summer? Here are 6 nature books as entertaining as any bestseller.

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