Edge of Field Practices Enhance Benefits to Farmers and Nature

Ohio farmer takes a whole-farm approach to conservation During heavy spring rains, Allen Dean watched a 60-foot tree float down […]

Meg Wilcox

Science Shows Cover Crops Increase Soil Health

Soil scientists find evidence of soil health improving in the first few years of cover crop use on farms.

Soil Carbon: Complexity, Context + A Way Forward

Researchers highlight agreements and uncertainties around soil carbon and argue that “action can happen despite unanswered scientific questions.”

Cara Cannon Byington

Story type: TNC Science Brief

Dirt to Soil: A Farmer’s Tell-all Puts Soil First

North Dakota farmer Gabe Brown’s journey to regenerative agriculture.

Dustin Solberg

Like to Eat? Then You Should Care About Biodiversity

Farming and ranching can be converted from a global environmental problem into the leading edge of an effort to avert looming biological disaster – and farmers themselves can become more productive and profitable.

Ginya Truitt Nakata

What is Permafrost?

With global climate change, the northern latitudes are warming on a large scale, and permafrost soils have begun to thaw at an unprecedented rate.

Sophie Parker

Can Grasslands, The Ecosystem Underdog, Play an Underground Role in Climate Solutions?

What role can grasslands play in climate change solutions? The answer is in the roots.

Marissa Ahlering

Attacking Invasive Cheatgrass at Its Root

Not much can stop cheatgrass from spreading. That's why scientists are turning to a solution in the soil, a microbe that inhibits the growth of cheatgrass roots, giving native plants a chance to return.

Lisa Feldkamp

A Dirty Solution to Cleaning the Atmosphere

Soils have twice as much carbon as the atmosphere. Which means there’s a lot of interest in figuring out if soil can hold even more carbon—to help fight climate change.

Stephen Wood

Wake Up to Blue Carbon

Climate change is a portfolio problem, and we need carbon-storing coastal wetlands to help solve it.

Mark Spalding and Emily Landis