Small Land Holders Can Lead the Way in Tropical Tree Cover Restoration

Tree cover restoration provides an opportunity to combine climate change mitigation with the pursuit of other sustainable development goals. Unfortunately, most […]

Cara Cannon Byington

Story type: TNC Science Brief

A Rancher’s Owls

We crouched down, watching the little owls from a couple feet away. They seemed slightly perturbed but made no move […]

Matthew L. Miller

Edge of Field Practices Enhance Benefits to Farmers and Nature

Ohio farmer takes a whole-farm approach to conservation During heavy spring rains, Allen Dean watched a 60-foot tree float down […]

Meg Wilcox

Conservation-Friendly Farming Can Benefit Both Birds and Crops

Is farming in harmony with conservation efforts increasing the benefits or risks from birds?

Olivia Smith

Social Considerations for Diffusing Climate-Smart Practices in Regenerative Food Systems

To improve our soil health, millions of farmers may need to un-learn some prevailing ways of farming and simultaneously embrace new technologies.

Priya Shyamsundar and Michael Misiko

Rebalancing Water and Land Use for Nature and People in California

Examining how ecological restoration efforts – rewilding – could recover the San Joaquin’s natural diversity and ensure the long-term health and productivity of farms and the local communities they support.

Cara Cannon Byington

Story type: TNC Science Brief

Science Shows Cover Crops Increase Soil Health

Soil scientists find evidence of soil health improving in the first few years of cover crop use on farms.

Linking Birds, Farmer Attitudes and Conservation

A new paper examines how farmer attitudes towards birds affect on-farm conservation practices.

Matthew L. Miller

Charting a Future for People and Nature in Post-COVID India

Can science and technology in post-COVID India chart a more sustainable future?

Matthew L. Miller

Agriculture Can Be a Solution for Deforestation in Chiapas, Mexico

TNC's long commitment to conservation in Chiapas demonstrates the kind of place-based approach and creative partnerships required to make ecological intensification work for farmers and conservationists.

Stephen Wood

What is the Best Type of Farm for Birding?

When it comes to agricultural lands, new research shows some are better for birds than others.

Olivia Smith and Christina Kennedy

New Research Shows Healthy Agriculture Means Healthier Birds

What can stressed-out birds tell us about conservation and agriculture?

Christopher E. Latimer and Christina Kennedy