What’s That Weird Duck In The Local Pond?

Have you seen a weird duck you can’t identify? We’re here to help you sort it out.

Matthew L. Miller

One Square Meter of Prairie

What can be found in a square meter of prairie? You’ll be surprised. (Photographs included!)

Chris Helzer

Winter Warmer: Make Tea from Local, Wild Plants

You can find the ingredients for a tasty wild tea on your next hike or ski trip.

Lisa Ballard

A Presidential Pardon for A Thanksgiving Raccoon

The true story of a U.S. president, Thanksgiving dinner and a raccoon.

Matthew L. Miller

A Quest to Document the World’s Flowering Plants

They’re on a mission to document and photograph every flowering plant family on Earth.

Matthew L. Miller

Magpies: Murder, Mischief and Myth

Accused of eating cattle alive from the inside out, the black-billed magpie was once one of the most vilified birds on the planet. Discover the tangled history of humans and magpies.

Matthew L. Miller

Meet the World’s 10 Most Endangered Sharks

More research is urgently needed to support improved conservation measures for world’s ten most critically endangered sharks.

Lisa Feldkamp

How Did Birds Get So Colorful?

Help scientists answer questions about bird plumage like, how colorful are birds? How quickly does plumage color evolve? Are changes in plumage color associated with the origins of new species?

Lisa Feldkamp

Thanks Dad! Five Surprising Ways Wildlife Fathers Play Outsized Roles

Five stories of unusual wildlife “dads” in honor of Father’s Day.

Christine Peterson

Cool Green Summer Book Picks

Three great reads on invasive toads, local wildlife and Gombe.

Matthew L. Miller

Spring Break Goes Wild(life)

Looking for some nature on your spring break? Go where the wild things are.

Matthew L. Miller

The Pileated Woodpecker in Winter

Even in the harshest winter conditions, you can count on seeing the spectacular pileated woodpecker.

Matthew L. Miller