Restoring an Ancient Nursery for Atlantic Sturgeon

Atlantic sturgeon were once so plentiful that during their spring spawning runs they would upset boats on the Delaware River. Today, scientists are working to bring this ancient fish back from the brink.

Randy Edwards

6 Great New Books for the Fish Nerd’s Library

Looking for something more than the usual fish story? We have you covered with books on gars, sturgeons, freshwater tropical fish and more.

Matthew L. Miller

Unraveling the Mystery of the Western Sycamores that Weren’t

The problem? As trees in some of their restoration sites grew to maturity, they didn’t look like the native western sycamores the scientists were sure they had planted.

Cara Cannon Byington

7 Resources for Natural History Nerds

Want to identify that feather you found on a hike? Or find out what kind of tracks a hermit crab leaves along a beach? These links can help you do that, and more.

Cara Cannon Byington

White Deer: Understanding a Common Animal of Uncommon Color

For millennia, people have regarded white deer with a mix of reverence, superstition and scientific misinformation. And it continues to this day. What’s the real story of these ghost-like animals?

Matthew L. Miller

Holiday Treat: What’s the Difference Between Reindeer and Caribou?

Take a look at the natural history of one of our most popular holiday symbols: the reindeer.

Ronnie Drever

Recovery: The Return of Native Fish, Victims of Bucket Biology

Restoring arctic char; they are rarely seen, even by anglers; they are furless, featherless and cold. But they are wildlife – ice-age relicts as important to our nation as California condors.

Ted Williams

This Fur Seal is 4,000 Miles From Home. Here’s Why.

A Subantarctic fur seal sets a new distance record. How did this critter get so far from home?

Matthew L. Miller

Consider the Catbird: The Surprising Secrets of a Common Backyard Bird

Take a look outside and you may well see a gray catbird. But this common backyard bird is full of surprises.

Joe Smith

Antler Tips: Finding “Sheds” in a Forest Near You

Want to find antlers without bothering wildlife? Here's our guide to finding "sheds" in a forest or field near you. Learn a bit about deer, and it's easier than you think.

Matthew L. Miller

Antler Obsession: Can the Search for “Sheds” Threaten Wildlife?

Finding "shed" antlers can be a fun spring pastime. For some, it has become an obsession. And that obsession at times can pose a serious threat to wildlife. An antler enthusiast explores the strange world of "shed hunting."

Matthew L. Miller

The Hooting Season: Enjoying Great Horned Owls

The breeding and nesting season for most birds is months away. But not so for great horned owls. Here's what you need to enjoy the hooting extravaganza at a park near you.

Matthew L. Miller