The Field Herper: Finding Reptiles and Amphibians for Fun

Herping, finding reptiles and amphibians, is growing as a hobby.

Kris Millgate

There’s a Python Living in My Rain Gutter

Pythons in the house?! When a birdfeeder attracts more than just birds.

Justine E. Hausheer

An Encounter with Mating Gopher Snakes

Observing snakes is sure to wake you out of a trail-run trance.

Matthew L. Miller

Book Review: Secrets of Snakes

David Steen’s Secrets of Snakes will put to rest some of the myths you keep repeating.

Matthew L. Miller

Hellbenders Need You to Stop Messing With Their Bedrooms

That streamside rock cairn you posted on Instagram? It’s killing ancient salamanders.

Christine Peterson

The Iguana Invasion

The green iguana invades Florida’s natural areas – and swimming pools.

Lisa Ballard