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The Green Buzz: Thursday, June 20

Written by | June 20th, 2013


Trust me, if you’re from Massachusetts, Maryland or New York, you’re going to like today’s green news.

  1. How solar-friendly is your state? Bay Staters earn bragging rights! (TreeHugger)
  2. Talk about an extreme nuptial gift — see what male fishing spiders “give” their mates. (National Geographic)
  3. Naked mole rats may hold cancer-fighting clues. (NY Times)
  4. Batteries of the future: environmentally-friendly, efficient and made out of wood? (Clean Technica)
  5. This fishing method is wiping out bluefin tuna. (Huffington Post Green)

Cool Green Morning: Monday, June 13

Written by | June 13th, 2011


Start your week with a heaping helping of greens.

  1. Biodegradable plastics may not litter the ocean or land, but they do contribute to climate change. (EcoGeek)
  2. Batteries will convert formerly wasted energy into subway-moving power. (Green)
  3. Skipping showers: the green thing to do, or just plain gross? (Grist)
  4. Check out these animals‘ amazing acoustic feats. (Wired)
  5. Rocky Mountain snowpack is on the decline. (Treehugger)

Cool Green Morning: Monday, April 11

Written by | April 11th, 2011


Cure your case of the cool green Mondays:

  1. Scientists discovered a new species of rhino…and it’s already close to extinction. (Mongabay)
  2. The operators of a Japanese nuclear plant say now it will really stop pumping radioactive water into the ocean. (Reuters, via Huffington Post Green)
  3. Is goat meat a “more ethical” alternative to beef? (Treehugger)
  4. Don’t toss or recharge batteries– wear them. (Green House)
  5. Crops for animal feed are destroying Brazilian savanna, says a new report. (Guardian Eco)

Cool Green Morning: Friday, March 13

Written by | March 13th, 2009


Lucky Friday the 13th for tree kangaroos! But not so much if you live in California and/or want to recycle that cheese-smeared pizza box. (And double bad luck if it were a California-style pizza…) Read on for the five green links you must click on — and watch those cracks in the sidewalk… Great Leap […]

Apple Does It Again (and That’s Not a Good Thing)

Written by | January 9th, 2009


First, a bit of full disclosure: I work exclusively on two Apple laptops (an iBook G4 at home and a MacBook Pro here at the office); I carry an iPod with me virtually everywhere I go; and My wife gave me an iPhone for Christmas – a device that is far and away the best […]

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