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Impact Investing Goes Green

Written by | September 17th, 2012


The Nature Conservancy has a lot of important strategies in our conservation toolbox. President and CEO Mark Tercek blogs about one buzz-worthy topic: impact investing.

The Future Is Bright

Written by | July 29th, 2011


Our New York state director looked at the future of conservation and saw something younger, more diverse, urban, and very bright.

Follow Nathan: Recap of a Remarkable Journey

Written by | November 11th, 2009


In August, we blogged here on the extraordinary cross-country bike journey of Nathan Winters (AKA, “Follow Nathan”) to raise money for The Nature Conservancy and raise awareness for climate change and sustainable agriculture. At that point, Nathan had just crossed the Wisconsin-Minnesota border, halfway through his journey from Maine to Washington State — a trek […]

Conservation and Sustainable Forestry: A Match Made in the Adirondacks

Written by | March 31st, 2009


The Nature Conservancy is selling 92,000 acres of protected forestland in the Adirondacks to Danish timber investors.  Sound a little strange? The catch is that the land will continue to be used for sustainable forestry and recreation like snowmobiling, hiking, hunting and fishing. It will also be managed under a binding conservation easement that protects river corridors, wetlands […]

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