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  1. Why have you left out the west coast? My first Gray Catbird was located in central Washington at the Toppenish NWR. Where do THEY winter?

  2. We have nesting catbirds in our yard and we were curious when their fall migration starts . We live in Poughkeepsie New York 12603. Today is August 27, 2016 and we no longer see or hear Cat Birds in our yard.

    We own property in Naples, Florida 34120 and in November and February, they are always in our yard down there.

  3. I live in Key Largo, Florida. For many years I looked forward to the catbirds that arrived in my yard and neighborhood every October and stayed until spring. It is now mid December, 2016 and I have not seen one. Any data about this?

  4. I have had catbirds for two years in Maine. I am in central Maine and I am assuming that it’s the same pair. Some doubters in Maine Birds club i have gotten pictures and verification of them. They like my raisons, and fruit suet .

  5. May 13, 2018 -Clive, Iowa

    a grey catbird is eating grape jam next to orioles in our backyard.