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  1. I still recall my Dad & his Dad telling stories of Musky and Pike basically skimming the top of the water like a catfish the bottom but for baby ducklings… whole… and the sound of the snap, snap .. pop , pop … clapping… taking a whole bunch. I know everyone tells you the fish was 100 foot or 3 foot long,, but I have pics somewhere in our storage in an album and even the ones I personally pulled outta ice in January past Kapuskasing were 2 footers. As round almost as the hole. My uncle landed a 45lb Musky up there in a river by total error, a mis throw of a lure some 2 foot from the shoe in a river, and shallow water. It was out on grass in 10 seconds. Surprise. No way it would have been that quick if he hooked it farther and deeper. No way.

  2. Wow, That fish really did have a sweet tooth for shrews! I have seen trout eat mice a lot, but it looks like small mammals are the only thing on this trout’s menu.