Elizabeth Mcleod

Dr. Lizzie Mcleod is the Conservancy’s Climate Adaptation Scientist for the Asia Pacific region. She has spent the last decade focusing on the impacts of climate change on tropical marine ecosystems. She helped to develop TNC’s Reef Resilience toolkit, coordinates science for resilient marine protected area (MPA) network design (e.g., global climate change modeling, coral reef vulnerability assessments), and leads workshops to develop adaptation strategies for sea level rise and ocean acidification. She is currently focusing on expanding resilience principles to address other systems (mangroves, seagrasses, turtle nesting beaches) and working to integrate these into MPA planning and management. She develops tools and guidance for assessing the vulnerability of tropical marine ecosystems and coastal communities to increasing SSTs, sea level rise, and ocean acidification. She conducted her PhD at the University of Hawaii and has published extensively on building resilience into MPA design and management, climate change and ocean acidification impacts on communities and ecosystems, and modeling the impacts of sea level rise on coastal communities and habitats.