Watch: Eastern Screech Owl Cam

We’re officially on hatch watch!

Our colleague in Texas, Cathy Howell, has brought us one step closer to the fascinating world of owls by installing a web cam inside an owl box she built in her backyard. Cathy has been following Hoot ‘n Annie, a pair of Eastern screech owls, for over five years. In that time, she has seen this chirpy duo lay and hatch 21 eggs.

At publication, there are four eggs in the box — just days (if not hours!) away from hatching. So start watching for pipping and listening for the “churr-churr” sounds from the eggs.

Watch the livestream »

[Image source: Cathy Howell/TNC]

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  1. we love watching the families of Hoot ‘n Annie come and grow! Cathy placing the Owl box in her yard was such a simple gesture . . . one that takes wing and flies!

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