A Q&A With Daniella Alonso of Revolution

REVOLUTION airs Mondays at 10pm on NBC. 

Eric Kripke is the creator and executive producer of NBC’s drama Revolution, airing Mondays at 10pm. He is also the creator and executive producer of the TV show Supernatural.

When the power goes out, you live a little closer to nature—whether you want to or not. No one knows this better than the characters on NBC’s Revolution, who have no choice but to exist in an electricity-free world reclaimed by nature, thanks to a (seemingly) permanent global blackout. Charlie, Miles and the gang must rely on the planet for food, water and shelter.

Lucky for most of us, we don’t have to live without power, but that doesn’t mean we can’t show our appreciation of all the great things that nature provides.

In honor of Earth Month, we will reveal a weekly green-themed Q&A with Revolution cast members featuring their favorite eco-friendly tips, tricks and nature encounters. This week, we’re talking with Daniella Alonso who plays Nora Clayton.

Conservancy Talk:  What’s your favorite movie set in nature?

Daniella Alonso: Growing up one of my all-time favorite movies was Out of Africa. It was and is still to this day one of the most beautiful movies ever shot. The landscapes for this film were one of a kind. Growing up in NYC the concrete jungle, I’d never seen a place like Africa and only read about it in books. I remember watching the film and being in awe of how beautiful the world and nature could actually be. I remember watching all the fields and trees and animals and sun and earth and feeling like I was watching a real life fairytale. I was too young to understand the politics of the film but for me watching it was like going through an art exhibition so not only was the story stimulating but visually as well!

Conservancy Talk: What’s your favorite energy-saving tip?

Daniella Alonso: My favorite tip would be to unplug anything that is not being used especially when I leave the house. I make sure lights are off when I leave the house and I unplug things like phone chargers and coffee makers for example. Not only will this help you save money (which does add up over time) but also saves energy.

Conservancy Talk: What’s your most memorable experience in nature?

Daniella Alonso: My most memorable experience in nature would be walking through Central Park every day after school. Growing up in NYC the only time you really get to experience nature is when you walk through one of the parks the city has to offer such as Central or Riverside Park. Walking through what feels like fields of green in one of the busiest cities in the world I’d get a sense of peace. It’s as if you’re in a different world. In the summer everyone is out on their towels in places like the meadow and in the winter all you see are sheets of white snow untouched and that is also quite beautiful.

Conservancy Talk: What do you do to go green in your daily life?

Daniella Alonso: I do several things. I recycle my garbage. When I buy groceries I use recycled bags I own to put them in so as not to waste plastic (which are terrible) or paper bags. I turn off all lights and unplug all unnecessary items in my house when I leave. I also drive a prius in order to cut down on gas consumption. When on set I use the real plates and forks and knives for meals rather than the paper and plastic ones. I also use filtered water in a bp free water bottle for drinking water rather than buying and throwing away plastic bottles. These are all little things but in some way I feel like I’m trying to do my small part to help.

Revolution - Season 1

Conservancy Talk: Where’s your favorite Revolution shooting location?

Daniella Alonso: We’ve had the luxury of shooting in so many different locations in Wilmington, NC inside and outside such as an abandoned amusement park in Myrtle Beach, SC, or the woods of North Carolina, or abandoned historical buildings, to a WW2 battleship (all levels from the top deck to the bottom), to a small boat on the cape fear river. It makes it almost impossible to choose a favorite location as all of these make up the journey of our show. Without one the show wouldn’t be the same. That’s one thing that makes Revolution so visually stimulating to watch our locations and they put us actors immediately in the role. There are many great reasons to shoot in studios but I’m grateful every day to have had the luxury of shooting outdoors in such beautiful locations on Revolution!

[Images: Daniella Alonso as Nora Clayton on Revolution. Courtesy of NBC; The cast of RevolutionCourtesy of NBC]

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  1. Great interview; I love that Alonso is pretty nature oriented, and lives in ecologically friendly ways even while shooting Revolution. I love the show, too, and watch it every week. I can’t usually watch it live because I work at DISH when it airs, but I catch it on my DVR. My DISH Hopper auto-records it along with everything else on NBC during primetime, so I never have to worry about missing an episode even if I forget to set a timer for the show.

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