Nature’s Madness: Round 2

4/8/13 Update: The Nature’s Madness Championship is on! We started with 16, but only one will claim the title of “Nature’s Champion.” With wins against Wolverines, Tigers and Terrapins the Forest Region Owls have proved themselves a fierce competitor and fan favorite. Will they outsmart the mighty Wolf Pack of the Grasslands? VOTE in the comments and tell us who has what it takes to be named Nature’s Champion!

Massive upsets, nail-biters and early exits. The first round of the tournament showed just how unpredictable things tend to be in nature. Here’s a look back at the games so far (decided by your votes) and our picks for round two of Nature’s Madness.


Terrapins 99, Sharks 43

Oysters 63, Hurricanes 8

Owls 113, Wolverines 75

Tigers 64, Golden Bears 39

Mussels 33, Gators 22

Salmon 40, Ducks 35

Golden Eagle 60, Sage Grouse 27

Wolf Pack 54, Hawks 33

Elite Eight

Marine Bracket: Terrapins vs. Oysters


This match-up will be “Hell in a Shell!” The Oysters are coming off a 55-point win over the Hurricanes. The Terps upset the Sharks by 56.

The Pick: Bivalves have been strong so far but the Oysters and Mussels combined didn’t get as many votes as the Terrapins in round one. Look for the Terps to head to the Final Four.

Forest Bracket: Tigers vs. Owls


Suddenly this is the most interesting match-up of the tournament. The Tigers were our pick to win the whole thing but the Owls have the most votes in the tournament so far.

The Pick: We can’t change our pick midstream (well, we can, and probably should, but won’t) so it’s Tigers in a close one.

Freshwater Bracket: Salmon vs. Mussels


Only one team received fewer votes than the Mussels in round one. Luckily for them it was the Gators. The Salmon escaped by 5 over the Ducks.

The Pick: Everyone loves a comeback and the Salmon are poised to have the next great one. They should out-muscle… err… be strong enough to win.

Grasslands Bracket: Golden Eagles vs. Wolf Pack


This is the only bracket that has gone according to plan, which sets up a fantastic second round game. Now we’ll truly see what’s stronger: fight or flight.

The Pick: The Golden Eagles were our Cinderella pick to win the bracket so we’re sticking with them.

But it doesn’t matter what we think, you get to pick the winners. Find your local Facebook page and vote now.

[Images: Terrapin. © Nathan O. Johnson; Tiger. © Peter Harrison via Creative Commons/Flickr; Salmon. © Ian Shive; Golden Eagle. © Paul Berquist]

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