Rewind: Top Social Posts of 2012

When we’re not working to save the planet, Nature Conservancy staff can be found sharing the stories of our work with our awesome social communities.

From Facebook and Twitter to Tumblr and Intagram, we’ve rounded up our top social posts of 2012. All the likes, comments and retweets leave us feeling warm and fuzzy inside – and we’re looking forward to an even chattier 2013!

Top Facebook Post
September 10, 2012 – 8,800 Likes, 244 Comments, 378 Shares

Magic happened when we shared Dylan’s story — a generous 13-year-old that donated his Bar Mitzvah gift money to The Nature Conservancy. We continue to be humbled by Dylan’s generosity and by your heartfelt comments.

Top Facebook Post of 2012

Top Tweet
March 6, 2012 — 285 Retweets, 40 Favorites

Sometimes all you need is a hashtag. In honor of World Water Day, @nature_org tweeted one water-saving tip each day for 20 days. Judging by all of the retweets, it’s safe to say our followers saved a few gallons of H20 back in March!

Top Tweet of 2012

Top YouTube Video
Posted March 2010 — 126,000 views in 2012

With the help of Jason Mraz and his catchy “I’m Yours” song, our PSA continues to be our top YouTube video with 126,000 views in 2012.

Top YouTube Video of 2012


Top Tumblr Post
November 12, 2012 — 12,303 Notes

We’ve been having a blast ever since launching our Tumblr page earlier this year. The below cuddly photo of a fox alongside an inspirational quote was our top post. The caption reads, “The answer is dreams. Dreaming on and on.” Haruki Marakami.

Top Tumblur Post of 2012

Top Google+ Post
October 16, 2012 — 40 Reshares, 17 Comments

Cute photography and an important issue, like supporting sustainable agriculture on World Food Day, made for the perfect combo in this Google+ post in October. How cute is this chipmunk?!

Top Google+ Post

Top Instagram Post
December 10 2012 — 251 Likes, 9 Comments

Our Intagram feed puts nature at your fingertips with stunning nature photography, like this serene shot from photography Byron Jorjorian.

Top Instagram Post of 2012

Top Pinterest Post
January 2012 — 32 Repins, 10 Likes

While Pinterest may be the go-to place for tasty recipes and clever DIY projects, Pinterest is also a beautiful platform to spotlight photography. Our desktop wallpaper of Palau’s Rock Islands was our top pin of the year.

Top Pin of 2012

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