Be It Resolved: Giving Thanks to Palau

The Republic of Palau's Jellyfish Lake

Charles Bedford, Director of The Nature Conservancy’s Asia-Pacific Region, just found out that the Republic of Palau’s National Congress passed a joint resolution in appreciation of the Conservancy’s long-standing partnership. He was a little excited and drafted up a resolution of his own.

WHEREAS, 22 years ago, the Conservancy’s Chuck Cook arrived in Palau with a fax machine and some office stationery, prepared to open TNC’s first outpost beyond the Western Hemisphere in a place boasting some of the world’s highest levels of biodiversity; and

WHEREAS, Chuck found kindred spirits in Noah Idechong and other key Palauan conservation champions, who recognized that the natural resources that filled their islands and waters were both key to their identity and served as a crucial bulwark of an economy that depended—and still depends—on fisheries and tourism; and

WHEREAS, TNC came to realize that the key to long-term conservation in Palau depended upon its people’s commitment and dedication to the environment and set about helping to establish a local entity to protect natural resources; and

WHEREAS, TNC helped get the Palauan Conservation Society off the ground in 1994, creating a powerful conservation organization in its own right that has done tremendous work in the past two decades to make Palau a more sustainable place; and

WHEREAS, in helping to forward a wide variety of different conservation causes—including designing and establishing a resilient protected areas network, launching the Babeldaob Watershed Alliance, conducting scientific research on a wide variety of subjects, and creating the finance mechanisms that will support and prolong the conservation progress we’ve collectively made—TNC has always found the people of Palau to be passionate and prudent defenders of some of the world’s most breathtaking natural treasures; NOW THEREFORE

BE IT RESOLVED, The Nature Conservancy is honored to be recognized as a partner of the Palauan people; and let it be known that we’ll continue to do all that we can to help them achieve their conservation mission. Given their passion and commitment to conservation, we know that Palau’s list of environmental accomplishments will be twice as long in another 22 years.

[Image: The Republic of Palau’s Jellyfish Lake. Image credit: Ian Shive.]

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