How Can You Live Without Power?

Eric Kripke is the creator and executive producer of NBC’s new drama REVOLUTION airing Mondays at 10pm, starting tonight, on NBC. He is also the creator and executive producer of the TV show SUPERNATURAL.

Greener thinking can mean all kinds of things, from planting a veggie garden to walking instead of driving. For REVOLUTION, we have to envision the world 15 years after a permanent global blackout — a world without power — where nature has reclaimed the earth. This absence of power draws our awareness to the many ways we use — and sometimes take for granted — our modern conveniences.

Adapt to a life without power like the citizens in NBC’s REVOLUTION with these seven, smart energy saving tips from NBC’s Green is Universal and The Nature Conservancy staff. Will you be ready when the lights go out?

  1. Turn out the lights and find out! Don’t want to go completely dark? Change one bulb to a CFL. If every household in America changed just one light bulb to a CFL, we’d save enough power to light every home in New York City.
  2. Turn your lawn into an organic veggie garden. You could produce over 100 pounds of food per year. Don’t want to go that far? Support your local farmers by shopping at the farmers market and buying local.
  3. Shut off your water and use a rain barrel. Don’t want to catch your own water? Save some water by taking a shorter shower – the average American family of four uses 400 gallons of water a day.
  4. Walk or ride instead of driving. 25% of trips in America are under a mile. Instead, make these little trips by bike, or walk – it’s green and fun.
  5. Give up your cell phone. Well, maybe just recycle it when you upgrade. If everyone recycled their cell phones, we would save enough energy to power 18,500 homes for a year.
  6. Shut down your computer. Don’t want to go completely dark? Set your computer to hibernate after 15 minutes, and save energy and money!
  7. Be well-grounded. Coffee grounds make great fertilizer for your backyard.

[Image: Revolution. Image source: NBC]

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  1. I’ve been ready my whole life for this challenge knowing this day would come. I’m good.

  2. CFL are crap ! LED lights baby!! They rock,and they dont have Mercury in them.

  3. The rain water barrel may sound like a good idea, but it is illegal in many states, especially in the west. You’d better read up on state laws before attempting it.

  4. Would love to see the popbottle light idea in an episode. Also works during the day in barns.

  5. Great advice. We love our organic lawn (which requires little to no watering)and have (finally!) made the change from driving to walking our kids to school.

    Oh, and I’m already addicted to Revolution…looks like I’m up past my bedtime on Mondays from now on.

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