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As part of Picnic for the Planet 2012, thousands of people joined our Guinness World Records™ attempt to set the record for the largest multi-venue picnic in 24 hours. While we fell short of reaching the number needed for the official record, Picnic for the Planet was an incredible event celebrated by tens of thousands of people around the world. 

Thanks again to everyone who participated and made Picnic for the Planet a worldwide Earth Day celebration. While we can’t highlight them all, we can’t help but share some of the most extreme Picnic for the Planet events. 

Windiest Picnic: Columbus, GA

The picnickers at the Oxbow Meadows Environmental Learning Center in Columbus, Ga., endured winds of around 35 mph on Earth Day. An outdoor movie showing was almost foiled due to the wind, which collapsed the screen the first time it went up.

Most Wild Animals at a Picnic: Tarangire National Park, Tanzania

These students from Olasiti Primary School had quite an Earth Day adventure. On a Picnic for the Planet trip to Tarangire National Park, the students spotted elephants, wild dogs and even lions!

Coldest Picnic: Palmer Research Station, Antarctica

Once again the folks at the Palmer Research Station held a Picnic for the Planet on one of the coldest spots on the planet: Antarctica. Temperatures this time of year hover around 0 degrees Celcius, but that didn’t stop Janice O’Reilly, Perri Barbour, Eddie Quintanilla and Gregorio Campo from enjoying some ice cream!

Hottest Picnic: Salt Lake City

Ok, it may not have been the hottest picnic, but it was hot for them! A suburb of Salt Lake City hit 86 degrees Fahrenheit  – that beat the previous record set in 1934 by three degrees!

Most Yoga at a Picnic: Depok, Indonesia

Picnickers in Indonesia participated in some early morning senam, an Indonesian version of yoga. They also planted trees and participated in a jungle hike before having a picnic lunch.

Most Picnic Tables at a Picnic: Birmingham, Alabama

The nearly 2,000 picnickers at the Picnic for the Planet in Alabama enjoyed checking out more than 50 picnic tables decorated by local businesses. After the event, the benches will be displayed around the city.

Biggest Battle at a Picnic: New Haven, CT

Whose cuisine reigned supreme?  On Earth Day the answer is chef Bun Lai of Miya’s Sushi  who went head-to-head with Jason Sobocinski of Caseus Fromagerie & Bistro and the Cooking Channel show “The Big Cheese” in a 15-minute cooking battle beets, goat cheese and baguettes.

Most Invasives Pulled at a Picnic:  Baraboo Hills, Wisconsin

Picnickers in Wisconsin earned their lunch by pulling 20 bags of garlic mustard. This invasive species spreads rapidly and, if left unchecked, can displace most native wildflowers and other herbaceous species within 10 years.

Best Free Snack — Alexandria, Va.

Runners in the Pacers’ GW Parkway Classic 10-miler had something yummy to look forward to at the end of the race – Nature Conservancy logo cookies provided by Bittersweet Catering.

Wettest Picnic – Three-Way Tie: Palmyra Atoll, Sargasso Sea and New York City

All 12 residents of Palmyra Atoll (including 4 from a visiting vessel) attended this “floating” Picnic for the Planet.

Students and staff aboard the Corwith Cramer held a Picnic for the Planet in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean.

But the hero award in this category goes to the picnickers in New York City who, despite 2.5 inches of rain and temperatures in the 40s, were in great spirits.

Thanks to everyone who participated in the 2012 Picnic for the Planet. And don’t forget: it’s not too late to share your photos!


[Images: Georgia – Jason Crawley; Tanzania – Marunda/Flickr; Antarctica – Eddie Quintanilla; Utah – Bob Rampton; Indonesia – CJHudlow/Flickr; Alabama – Larry O. Gay; New Haven – Kate Frazer/TNC; Wisconsin – Flickr/CateH2010; Alexandria – Courtesy of Bittersweet Catering; Palmyra – Courtesy of Palmyra Station; Sargasso Sea – Nicholas Steinbauer; New York – Axel Baumann/TNC.

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  1. What a positive thing to do among all the negativity that is going on throughout the world.

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  4. how very enjoyable to view the photos. not aware of this event but peaks my interest for next year. thanks for sharing!!

  5. Thank you for sharing the picnic pics and all you do to help preserve our natural resources.

  6. What a wonderful way to create awareness and hopefully greater participation. Enjoyed the pics. Thanks.

  7. We badly need more and more cities across the world to do this every year! There should be a goal set each year to add a certain percentage more, say 10% more in the state of S.C. and N.C., as just an example. The more people that are educated the better off the future of our species and the planet will be.

  8. Thanks for the pictures. A great way to celebrate Earth Day with work and play.

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