Ice sculpture

Flickr user Bri Condon writes, “I am constantly amazed at what I see when I slow down and actually look.” This sunlit ice sculpture caught our attention immediately — and then we learned that it was photographed on Martin Luther King Jr. Day last year. “A tribute to MLK Jr?” the photographer wonders. We think so. Thanks for sharing this photo through The Nature Conservancy’s Flickr group!

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  1. I wonder about conservation and how it may be beneficially impacted by increasing our children’s connection to nature. I would like to see learning in schools take a more direct appproach by applying real life skills to the cirriculum. Being part of the community and it’s sustainability with more freedom given in selecting an area of interest could be the start of regaining a child’s interest in what goes on around them. Because we are so diconnected from the things we consume, we truly don’t undersand the consequences of each purchase. When things are done for us all the time, we have no desire to do things for ourselves. Why not buy overpackaged goods, all we see is something to enjoy and a garbage service to pick up the empty package. Why not eat unhealty foods, we get sick and there is always a pill or supplement to keep us alive. I am passionate about children, I believe CSN said it quite well, “Teach our children well”. How long do we have to go on fighting to conserve, and when and how is the world going to truly learn?

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